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第十二章 两个月!

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  "Wang Wang Wang!" As Li Batian practiced, the barking of wild dogs in the cave ranged from far to near.
  Li Batian, who is in the state of cultivation, does not pay attention to the barking of wild dogs. Now he is in the cave. If wild dogs dare to come in, they can totally abuse them by virtue of their geographical advantages, so he doesn't need to worry at all.
  In practice, time passes very fast. In a twinkling of an eye, more than two hours pass.
  Li Batian, a close-eyed man, opened his eyes, and two beasts glittered in their pupils. His exhaustion and weakness swept away before, and his spirit returned to its peak.
  The blood lost in the previous battles has been fully replenished under some training. Not only that, but also the mid-term revision of the boiling of blood and gas has made great progress.
  Perhaps because of the activation of the relationship between the blood of the moon bear, his resilience is far better than that of ordinary bears. The wounds bitten by two wild dogs before, under some training, have not felt pain, although the specific situation can not be seen, it should have been no major obstacle.
  "Unexpectedly, like humans and animals, in addition to closed-door practice, more still need to engage in fierce battles, in the fight to stimulate potential, in order to faster upgrade. Feeling the physical situation, Li Batian's heart is secretly happy at the same time, but also emerged a sense of enlightenment.
  When he was a human being, he often consulted with people, challenged the masters from all over the world, and enhanced his strength through battles one after another. This is one of the reasons why he reached the level of a master of national art in his thirties.
  Since the rebirth of the black bear, perhaps because he became a wild animal, there is a sense of uneasiness in his heart, let him gradually forget his original title as a battle madman, do everything with caution, lost that day fearlessly warlike.
  "If a pack of wild dogs can frighten me, what revenge is there."
  Li Batian, with a sudden open mind and a violent shock of spirit, burst out an unruly war in the thick body of a black bear.
  If Li Batian was a rusty iron bar when he was just reborn as a black bear, now he is a sword embryo which has been built. It only needs to be tempered by blood and fire to become a sharp sword again.
  The wild dogs that surrounded the cave and looked covetously at each other did not know that because of their persecution, Li Batian was awakened to the warlike intentions of the past, not to mention that this was the beginning of nightmare.
  After Li Batian's sudden attack, the King of Wild Dogs increased the number of guards, but all this was in vain.
  The awakened Li Batian regained his old tyranny. Almost every day when the wild dogs went hunting, he would rush out of the cave and fight with the wild dogs guarded outside.
  Although every battle is very fierce, while killing a few wild dogs, he will be more or less on his hands, and once he was almost knocked down by the wild dogs, biting the throat, but all this can not stop the rising war in his heart.
  With plenty of food and fighting with wild dogs, Li Batian's Xiuwei has touched the threshold of the later stage of the boiling of Qi and blood. He believes that only a period of silence can make a smooth breakthrough to the later stage of the boiling of Qi and blood.
  The number of wild dogs guarding the entrance of the cave has gradually increased from five to ten, but they still can't resist Li Batian, who is also growing in strength.
  The number of casualties of wild dogs per day is more than that of large animals when wild dogs hunt.
  In less than five days, the herd of wild dogs, consisting of more than forty wild dogs, shrank to less than thirty.
  The great loss of the wild dogs made the King of Wild Dogs realize the difficulty of Li Batian. Although Li Batian was very attractive to him, he finally had to lead a group of wild dogs to choose to leave.
  At first, Li Batian thought that the King of Wild Dogs was playing tricks with him, deliberately false and true. In fact, a group of wild dogs hid in a nearby place.
  He stayed in the cave for another two days until he was sure that the wild dogs had left, and then he was relieved to leave the dark cave and enjoy the warm sunshine he had not seen for a long time.
  Since the departure of the wild dogs, it is like evaporating from the Changbai Mountains. In the following days, Li Batian has been cautious, but he has not met the wild dogs again.
  Without the harassment of wild dogs, Li Batian's life became more comfortable. With the increasing fighting power, hunting is no longer a big problem. Every day, in addition to hunting food, other time is spent on training.
  With a large amount of supplementary nutrition of meat, plus the assistance of the moon's brilliance, it took only one month to break through the peak of blood boiling.
  Only in the following month, Xiuwei was stuck at the peak of the boiling of blood and gas. No matter how he practiced, he could not break through to the peak of blood and gas, such as mercury.
  In the four realms of Chinese traditional art, the boiling of Qi and blood can only be regarded as a preliminary step into the threshold of ancient warriors. Even if one's strength is to stimulate the boiling of Qi and blood, it can only be regarded as general. Only when one breaks through to the second realm, such as mercury, will the body have a nearly qualitative change.
  If the fighting power of the peak of blood-gas boiling is 1, then the fighting power of blood-gas boiling is 10 in the early stage of mercury-gas boiling, and there is no comparability between the two sides at all.
  When practicing Dragon Elephant Pravgong, it took a lot of effort to break through from the peak of the boiling of Qi and blood to the peak of the boiling of Qi and blood such as mercury, but it did not feel like a breakthrough could not be found.
  Although Xiuwei did not break through to the mercury of Qi and blood, Li Batian's figure has changed a lot compared with before.
  In two months, for the average little black bear, it may be only a slight increase in body shape, while Li Batian has grown to the same size as the adult black bear.
  If someone else saw Li Batian, he would not believe that he was only barely half a year old, giving the impression that he was an adult male and black bear.
  Nearly one meter and five long body, covered with dark and thick hair, wide and round head with a pair of round ears, strong limbs like the trunk of a tree, looks particularly powerful, fat bear paw hidden in a sharp claw blade, like a surgical knife as horrible.
  Especially the pupils of the beasts reveal their natural evil spirits. The magnificent figure of the beasts can only creep on the ground, which is enough to deter the common beasts.
  With the growth of body shape, the original cave has been unable to accommodate him. Li Batian went deeper into the Changbai Mountains and found a new bear nest of his own.
  Now he does not need to be as frightened as before to survive. Besides the mutant monsters that swallowed up the treasures of heaven and earth, he is an absolute forest hegemony.
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