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第十四章 暴怒(求推荐票!)

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  "What's the situation?"
  Li Batian was shocked and looked in the direction of gunfire.
  After thinking about it for a moment, he could not suppress his curiosity, hiding the boar's body in the weeds and carefully heading for the gunshot.
  Through the pine forest, in front of a mountain range, Li Batian finally found the source of gunfire.
  In sight are two men wearing leather pants, carrying various prey, holding a shotgun.
  In front of the two hunters was a cave entrance, where a tiger with nearly snow-white hair was crawling, covered with blood, and many gunshot wounds could be seen.
  "Haha, well-off, see, did not expect this hunt to meet the Changbai Snow Tiger, which is almost extinct species, we are really lucky, this Snow Tiger can sell hundreds of thousands at least."
  Among the two hosts, the first one was thirty or forty years old, thin, with a scar on his face and a greedy, middle-aged man. He said excitedly, as if in front of him was not a snow tiger in Changbai Mountain, but a pile of RMB.
  A young man named Xiaokang is obviously a novice. His hands and feet are still shaking slightly in the face of the injured snow tiger.
  "Brother Scar, the tiger is a national animal protection. Is it illegal for us to do so? If we are caught, we will be sentenced. I think we should let it live." Well-off swallowed a mouthful of water and hesitated for a moment.
  Excited Scar Man, turning his head and staring at the well-off people in annoyance, said, "Did your little boy get kicked in the head by donkeys? Don't pay for this kind of money. Here are the two of us. Who knows we killed him? That's hundreds of thousands of yuan, half of us, enough for your little boy to build a house and marry his daughter-in-law."
  Faced with the scourge of Scar Male, the well-off look changed a few times, and finally failed to resist the temptation of money, showing a fierce look.
  Li Batian shook his head and faced two killing supporters. The injured Snow Tiger could not resist.
  Having anticipated the outcome, he is not in the mood to continue to see, after all, now he is no longer human, but a black bear.
  Just as he was about to turn around and leave, a deep and tender cry came to his ears.
  Hearing the cry from the cave, the experienced Scar Man was surprised with excitement: "Haha, I said why this silly snow tiger refused to leave the cave to escape. There were cubs in the cave. That's great. It's a great show of ancestors. We're both going to make a fortune."
  An adult Snow Tiger's body plus its cubs can definitely sell for millions, or even more, which is a fatal temptation for a Scar man.
  The so-called death of man-made wealth, birds for food and death, has a million temptations, let alone hunt a snow tiger, even if it is not impossible to kill people.
  The female Snow Tiger stood up, blocked the hole with her flesh and blood, and roared fiercely at the Scar who stepped forward.
  Looking at the body trembling, body dripping blood, clearly has been seriously injured, but still blocked in the mouth of the snowtiger, Li Batian was deeply shocked to leave.
  From the ferocious look of the mother Snow Tiger, he saw a strong motherly love, the kind of motherly love that can pay for the children's life, so that his heart emerged a strong throb.
  Li Batian was abandoned by his parents when he was very young, and later met his master, which ended his days of sleeping in the street and making his home everywhere. So he never really felt his mother's love. For him, mother's love is a very strange thing.
  Until now, when he saw the snow tiger in front of him, he really felt what it was called maternal love. The selfless love shocked him.
  "Ha-ha, well-off, see, this silly female tiger even dared to block in front of the cave, really do not know life and death." Scar man sneers cruelly, raises his shotgun and shoots at the female Snow Tiger blocking the entrance of the cave.
  The loud gunshot will wake up Li Batian in shock. The female snow tiger was blocked at the entrance of the cave. A bloody hole appeared on her forehead, and she fell to the ground powerlessly.
  Staring at the eyes of the snowtiger, Li Batian saw deep reluctance and perseverance.
  Looking at everything in front of him, an inexplicable sadness filled his heart. At the same time, there was a burning anger. For the first time, he was so angry for a wild animal.
  With a roar, Li Batian hardly hesitated at all. He rushed out of his hiding place and rushed straight to the Scar Man and the Scar Man in front of him.
  The sudden roar scarred the two men, and their faces changed sharply when they saw Li Batian running fast.
  "Brother Scar, it's a black bear. Let's run!"
  Well-off people were scared to the ground, and their legs were trembling in alarm.
  "Waste, what fear, we have guns in our hands, go and shoot him quickly." Experienced Scar Man, holding well-off, reached forward and pushed him a drink.
  Hearing the panic, the well-off people reacted and fiercely held up their shotguns and aimed at Li Batian, who was running wild.
  At the moment of being targeted by the shotgun, Li Batian's body instinct sensed the crisis. His sweaty and resolute display of blood boiling, the quality of all aspects of his body increased dramatically, and the dragon body method was displayed to one side.
  The well-off and Scar men shot one by one, and were nimblely dodged by Li Batian, all shooting on the ground.
  See this scene, not only shallow experience of well-off, even Scar men are stunned in place, did not expect the bullet will be shot by the black bear in front of the dodge.
  Just when they were stunned, Li Batian was only a dozen meters away from them.
  The panic-stricken well-off man quickly pulled the casing to load the bullet, while the Scar Man behind him pulled the casing to load the bullet at the same time, cunningly and quickly retreated, not reminding the busy well-off.
  More than a dozen meters away, Li Batian, who displayed the effect of blood boiling, almost blinked his eyes.
  Before the well-off can be loaded, he has rushed to the well-off.
  "Ah, help!"
  Suddenly, Li Batian's cruel figure appeared in front of him. He was so frightened that well-off people screamed and panicked that he wanted to shoot. Unfortunately, Li Batian had no intention of giving him this opportunity.
  With the ferocious roar, Li Batian waved sharp bear claws and slapped his hands on the well-off head.
  The scene of bloody cruelty appeared. Li Batian in rage, with the support of blood boiling, smashed the well-off head with a slap, and the red and white liquid splashed everywhere.
  Headless well-off, weak body fell to the ground, until he was killed, he did not know exactly what was going on.
  As a former master of art, Li Batian has also killed many people. For him, killing people is no different from killing a wild animal.
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