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第五章 捕猎进行时!

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  As its name implies, Kaishan palm of dragon elephant is a palm, powerful enough to open a mountain and crack rocks, and can perfectly exert the great power of the Dragon elephant like Ruogong.
  In the introduction of gongfu, there is the saying that the Dragon elephant opens the mountain palm and decides the heavens and the earth with one hand, which is enough to show how powerful the Dragon elephant opens the mountain palm.
  As for the anger of the Dragon elephant, it is totally different from the opening palm of the Dragon elephant. It is a fearsome skill with explosive force. The power of instantaneous explosion is like that of the Dragon elephant, which is enough to surmount the heavy-hit opponent of the training level.
  Of course, while possessing the explosive power of terror, Dragon-Elephant rage also has certain drawbacks, that is, it will cause great damage to the body, which is a taboo tactic of killing an enemy 1000 self-harm 800.
  Limited time, Li Batian concentrates his energy on the cultivation of Longxiang Kaishanzhao. Every day, not far from the cave, he cracks at the hard rock wall and makes a dull roar, which frightens some small animals around him to move away from their old nests.
  Dragon Elephant Kaishan Palm is divided into ten layers, each layer of ascension can enhance the strength of 10%.
  That is to say, the strength of the palm can be increased by 10% on the basis of its own strength, and the growth rate of 20% on the second level. By analogy, if the palm reaches the tenth level, it can produce twice the strength of the palm.
  Perhaps some people say that the 10% increase is not so good, it can only show the foolishness of this person.
  The power of the Dragon elephant's opening palm depends on the strength of the practitioner himself. If one's palm is discharged with the power of 10, then the increase is 11, and the force of the photograph is 100, then the increase is 110.
  Li Batian, who practiced Dragon Elephant Pravgong, was reborn as a black bear with strength. The growth of strength in the future will be limitless, and the power of Dragon Elephant Kaishan Palm will continue to increase.
  In a twinkling of an eye, three days later, Li Ba's initial period of blood boiling was further stabilized. Kaishan Palm of Longxiang has also begun to peep at the entrance, but there is still a little gap between the first level of thorough practice.
  In front of the wall covered with palm prints, there is a hairy, Silver Crescent pattern on the chest. It looks like a lovely young black bear standing proudly, looking like a torch, and sending out a terrifying breath all over.
  A sudden roar, juvenile black bear, showing the hegemony of the forest hegemony, body toward the front of the rock wall.
  Between the sharp claws, they slapped heavily on the rock wall.
  The dull crash sounded, the rubble on the rock wall burst everywhere, and the loose soil around fell down.
  The claws clawed on the rock wall are retrieved, leaving a clear claw print on the rock wall, which is slightly deeper than other claw prints around it.
  Facing the power far beyond the ordinary black bear, the young black bear shook his head humanistically and showed a look of disappointment in his black and white eyes.
  If someone was around at the moment, he would be stunned by the change of expression on the young black bear's face. It's hard to imagine that this is a rich expression that a black bear can have.
  Naturally, this young black bear is not a black bear, but a reborn Li Batian who works hard to cultivate.
  "Well, it's still a bit worse. It always feels like something's wrong. What's wrong with it?" Looking at the paw print in front of him, Li Batian thought disappointedly.
  There was hardly any rest practice in three days. He was completely green in the use of the opening palm of the Dragon elephant, but he was always a little worse in the power path, which made him very puzzled.
  "Come on, I don't think so. I'd better fill my stomach first."
  After touching the hungry belly, Li Batian abandoned his further study and turned to sink into the nearby jungle.
  The weather in Changbai Mountain is changeable, cloudy and sunny, rainy and foggy. It rained a little soon after leaving the cave. Fortunately, it came and went quickly.
  After the baptism of light rain, the air in the forest has become more fresh. Li Batian, who is somewhat depressed, is in a much better mood.
  Shivering the rain, Li Batian emerged from a thick grass and continued to march towards the direction of the river.
  "Well, there's a situation!"
  As soon as he approached the river, Li Batian was keenly aware that something was wrong. He sniffed his nose and smelled sheep in the air.
  In a cautious manner, Li Batian still carefully drilled into the trees by the river, quietly protruding his head, looking forward to the river with the smell of sheep.
  When he saw the situation by the river, he realized why there was such a smell of sheep in the air.
  One strong goat, with sharp curves on its head and long limbs, was drinking by the river.
  There are five goats in Li Batian's sight, three of them are adult goats and two young goats. At the moment, three adult goats are drinking water there, while two young goats are playing in a nearby place.
  Li Batian's eyes glistened when he saw the two young goats. Of course, he didn't see the two young goats being cute. What he was thinking about was how to fill his stomach.
  With the improvement of Dragon Elephant Prajna's meritorious deeds, his demand for food is also increasing. Compared with the fat fish in the river, the two young goats in front of him are undoubtedly the red-roasted meat to improve their diet.
  "Well, today's lunch will be braised lamb leg." Looking at the two young goats playing, Li Batian made up his mind.
  Take a deep breath and hold back his breath. Li Batian approached the two young goats carefully.
  Under the cruel experience of nature, animals are sensitive, even in the face of seemingly no lethal goats, Li Batian dare not take it lightly.
  By means of the ancient warrior's method of restraining his breath, he arrived less than four meters away from the young goats, and the three adult goats were still undetected.
  Glancing at the three adult goats still drinking with their heads down, Li Batian breathed a sigh of relief, suppressed the excitement and tension of his first official hunting, and moved his body to launch an attack.
  I don't know if I sensed the killing machine. The male goat, who was drinking water, raised his head fiercely. A pair of big eyes looked at Li Batian's hiding place.
  "No, it's found!"
  Feeling the goat's direct gaze, Li Batian was shocked, and his blood rushed out of the grass.
  Four metres away, he ran at full speed and in the blink of an eye rushed to the front of two young goats playing.
  Faced with the sudden situation, the two young goats were stunned to the spot. By the time they both reacted, it was too late.
  With the crisp noise, the violent claws of the bear instantly smashed the skull of the young goat, and the neck was broken and paralyzed to the ground.
  The goat cubs didn't even have time to scream during the whole process.
  "Baa!" Another goat cub screamed in horror and fled quickly.
  Killed the goat cub, Li Batian bit it on the neck, picked it up, and ran quickly toward the loop with his limbs moving.
  "Baa Baa!"
  The three adult goats returned to their senses and immediately made a sharp hoarse sound, especially the male goats headed by them. Their eyes seemed red and they hoarsed after Li Batian.
  As a young black bear, Li Batian is not good at speed itself, not to mention a young goat in his mouth. He was surrounded by three adult goats just less than 100 meters away.
  Seeing the hopeless escape, Li Batian resolutely put aside the young goats in his mouth and stared fiercely at the three adult goats in front of him.
  "Damn, it's good to bully Lao Tzu when he's young. Today I'll let the three of you know what it's called the forest overlord." Faced with three adult goats, Li Batian was not afraid of the hearts of uncomfortable thinking, the mouth of a roaring roar.
  Hearing Li Batian's fierce roar, the three adult goats instinctively took a step backward, showing a trace of fear of carnivorous animals in their eyes, only to see the dead young goats, instinctive fear was replaced by anger.
  "Baa!" Howling male goat's forelegs began to scratch the ground, bowing to Li Batian with a pair of sharp horns.
  "Come on!"
  Staring at the opposite goat, Li Batian roared, his warlike mood surged up, and his eyes revealed the fierce fighting.
  Li Batian never conceded defeat when he was young. Even if he rebuilt a black bear now, he would not be afraid to retreat.
  Seeing a battle about to start, a deep roar suddenly sounded, and the sweat of Li Batian and three adult rams suddenly rose.
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