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第六章 对决金钱豹!

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  The sense of crisis of biological instinct surged into Li Batian's mind. The air was filled with danger, which made him nervous.
  Relative to the nervous Li Batian, the three adult goats who screamed and succeeded in front of him were directly frightened and their legs were soft. Their eyes were filled with fear and looked at the grass not far ahead.
  The grass separates, and a colorful figure leaps out. As soon as it appears, it emits the ferocity of a top predator, but slightly staggers when it lands.
  The brown and yellow fur was covered with black spots and rings, and the ferocious face was full of brutality and murder.
  What appeared before Li Batian was a genuine leopard.
  "Damn it, how can there be a leopard here?" Li Batian was shocked to see the leopard jumping out of the grass.
  It is reasonable to say that he is located on the edge of Changbai Mountains, and generally there will be no large carnivorous animals.
  But he forgot one thing. Now in spring, there are many herbivores on the Changbai Mountains who come to eat at relatively high temperatures and low altitudes. Natural large carnivores follow suit.
  Especially after the state prohibited hunting, these carnivorous beasts lost the threat of hunters, and gradually some unbridled.
  Just encountering a rare leopard in Changbai Mountain is enough to show Li Batian's bad luck.
  Monkey leopard is one of the top predators. Its owner has amazing running speed and flexible body. It is a nightmare for other animals in the jungle.
  Three adult goats, when they saw the appearance of the leopard, turned their heads and fled decisively. The speed was three points faster than when they were chasing Li Batian before.
  "Damn, these three guys are bullying the hard guys." Stunned glance at a fleeing three adult goats, Li bully can not help but secretly Tucao.
  The three of them fled, leaving Li Batian and Money Leopard, and a dead goat cub.
  Li Batian also feels some Alexander when he is faced with the money leopard, which is eager to see. After all, the other side is the top predator.
  There was a deep roar in the mouth of the leopard, and a pair of eyes were fixed on the dead goat cubs beside Li Batian, with greed and hunger in their eyes.
  Li Batian could not help hesitating when he found that the leopard was interested in the food he was hunting.
  Now, if he escaped immediately, he might have a chance to escape, but the goat cubs who ate their own meals would have to make a wedding dress for the leopard.
  Seems to see Li Batian's hesitation, the Money Leopard once again growled, and took a step forward, showing a ferocious look.
  Feeling the ferocity emanating from the leopard, Li Batian's heart trembled slightly. This is the momentum that a long-time killing executioner can possess, which is enough to show that the leopard is a good hunter.
  Li Batian has his own pride, but he is not a stunned fool. He is only a young black bear. Even with the help of the Dragon elephant, it is impossible for him to be a rival of a ferocious leopard.
  As he was about to give up his goat cubs, he inadvertently scanned the leopard's limbs, but his eyes were suddenly attracted by what he saw.
  "I said that when the three adult goats fled just now, at such a close distance, why did the leopard not catch up with them, so it was."
  Looking at the leopard's bloody left hind leg, Li Batian's face showed a clear look.
  The leopard's left hind leg has been torn off a piece of meat. The wound has become inflamed. The white bones can be seen through the wound. For the leopard, which grows fast, the injury of the hind leg is absolutely fatal.
  When most animals run, they mainly rely on the strength of their hind legs, and most of the time their forelegs are just to keep in shape.
  Monkey leopard can burst so fast, depending on the developed hind legs, now hind legs have been seriously damaged, Monkey leopard's strongest speed and flexible body shape is useless.
  The leopard once again uttered a deep and deterrent roar, staring at Li Batian with ferocious and hungry eyes, as if to say that if he did not retreat, he would launch an attack.
  In the face of the threat of Money Leopard roaring, Li Batian's eyes are tinged with chill.
  If the leopard is in full swing, he will definitely turn around and run away. The leopard in front of him has suffered a severe injury to his hind legs and his strength has been greatly reduced. He is not without opportunities.
  "Niang, the lame leopard dares to grab Lao Tzu's food, Lao Tzu and you fight." When he landed on all fours, Li Batian looked absolutely determined and gave no sign of weakness.
  Hearing Li Batian's roar, the leopard was apparently stunned. It didn't realize that the black bear, who was not yet an adult, or even a cub, dared to ignore his warning and make a provocative roar.
  "Whoop!" The leopard roared furiously, glanced greedily at the young goat, and rushed ferociously towards Li Batian, but the speed was not comparable to that of the heyday.
  It has not eaten for a long time since its hind leg was injured. Under the temptation of food, it has been unable to take account of the injury of its hind leg and will hunt Li Batian as part of its lunch.
  "Good to come!"
  Li Batian gave a cold cry in his heart, but did not confront the money leopard that rushed up. He rolled towards a lazy donkey beside him and avoided the killing of the money leopard.
  The leopard did not expect that the little black bear in front of him could escape his own killing, coupled with the backward injury, the reaction was naturally much slower.
  Just as he turned to continue his attack, Li Batian had already shown his blood and blood boiling, and his strength surged, roaring at the leopard, which had not yet turned around.
  "The dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!"
  With a soft drink in his heart, Li Batian roared and his blood poured into the bear's paw, carrying a powerful pat on the head of the leopard.
  The money leopard that can't dodge, bear the strength of this palm firmly.
  The outbreak of blood boiling, coupled with the increase of the Dragon elephant's hand power, was so powerful that the screaming leopard flew out directly.
  "You should die." Falling on the ground, defusing the force of the earthquake, Li Batian was boiling all over, looking at the leopard lying in front, and guessing in his heart.
  The attack just now seems simple. For the black bear who is still in his teenage years, he has exerted his strength to the utmost.
  The duration of the boiling blood, even the body of a black bear, can only last less than ten seconds. Although knowing that the best choice now is to wait quietly, they have to venture forward to determine the life and death of the leopard at the fastest speed.
  Careful and vigilant steps forward, eyes fell to the ground in the money leopard, head full of blood, you can see the cleft claws of the wound, the body is also slightly convulsed, a look not far from death.
  Li Batian was relieved to see the situation of Money Leopard.
  Just when his heart relaxed and he was only three or four meters away from the leopard, the leopard lay convulsing on the ground, opened its eyes with ferocity and madness, and bounced off the ground in the moment of returning light, directly attacking the opposite Li Batian. The speed was no less than that of the heyday.
  Bloody and violent breath paved the way, and the amazing speed of Money Leopard caught Li Batian by surprise.
  In a moment he even felt the breath of death.
  Once the leopard has thrown itself to the ground, its sharp claws and teeth can easily tear its throat.
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