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第七章 爆发!

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  In a moment, Li Batian's mind emerged many scenes, including his first contact with the excitement of national art, his own resentment when he was framed, and his unwillingness to be forced to self-explode. Complex emotions filled his mind.
  "No, I can't die. I want Li Batian to dominate my own destiny."
  It seems that after a long period of time, it seems that in the blink of an eye, Li Batian's heart is roaring, the boiling blood in his body seems to be burning, a surging force rushes into his right forepaw, waving space to draw a dark shadow in the air.
  "The dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!"
  At the moment when the leopard opens its big mouth and wants to tear his neck open, the bear's paw expands with emptiness and pats the leopard's body like a giant axe.
  "Crack!" The sound of broken bones sounded, and the blood gushing from the mouth of the leopard flew out again.
  The leopard fell to the ground weakly, and gave a painful but unwilling last roar. It twitched twice and stopped trembling straight.
  The time of boiling blood and gas passed, and the sequelae surged up. Li Batian, who was still overbearing just now, lost all his strength instantly and fell down on the ground without any effort.
  "Whoop!" The breath was exhausted, but Li Batian's eyes were full of excitement.
  Just at the moment of his life and death, he finally broke through the bottleneck of the first floor of the opening palm of the Dragon elephant, showing the power of the opening palm of the Dragon elephant.
  At this time, he finally understood why he had been unable to really cultivate the first floor of Jackie Chan's elephant, because there were no Warring opponents.
  There is an essential difference between life and death in the cultivation of rock walls. Only through the practice of life and death can we truly explode our potential.
  Apart from the effect of increasing strength, the Dragon elephant has a great improvement in speed.
  Just now, when he waved his paw to attack, it seemed that there was a force pushing him to attack faster, so that he could take the lead in shooting the leopard out before it was bitten by the leopard.
  I have to say that the black bear's recovery ability is very strong, lying on the ground for a few minutes to rest, Li Batian's physical strength will recover almost.
  Of course, now he just restored some physical strength, and could not exert blood boiling again, otherwise it would cause permanent harm to the body.
  He dragged the leopard's body in his paws and held the baby goat in his mouth. Although it was heavy, Li Batian was in a very good mood.
  This time, not only a leopard was unexpectedly harvested, but also the opening palm of the Dragon elephant was finally cultivated into the first level. Compared with the previous level, its strength has been greatly improved, and it has an additional chance of survival in Changbai Mountain.
  Previously his periphery was safe, but now with the presence of herbivores, a large number of fierce predators have emerged, making his situation even more dangerous, so every bit of strength, perhaps, can save his life at a critical moment.
  After half a day's effort, Li Batian dragged the heavy cheetah and goat cubs back to his cave.
  Fortunately, there are no other carnivores in the process, or he will have to leave his food and run away.
  The encounter with the leopard made him realize that his strength was insufficient. If it hadn't been for the leopard's front and back legs, he would have already become the leopard's belly food.
  With goat pups and leopards, Li Batian continued to practice near the cave with ease.
  In the daytime, practise the Dragon elephant's opening palm, and several other matching skills, while in the evening, continue to practise the dual-purpose.
  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It is difficult for ordinary people to achieve dual-purpose. For Li Batian, who was a master of Chinese traditional art, and with long practice, he gradually found the knack, and finally made a breakthrough progress.
  At night, the Changbai Mountains plunged into darkness. From time to time, the roar of wild animals rang out. From afar, they looked like giant beasts with open mouths, which made people afraid.
  The moonlight fell on the mountains, as if the mountains were covered with a silver-white gauze.
  A black bear with a Silver Crescent pattern on his chest stood on an open ground in a strange, squatting-horse-like manner.
  The black bear's body is constantly expanding and contracting. Between the surge of blood and gas, it makes a thunderous sound, and a burst of air surges in all directions.
  At the same time, the moonlight poured down, shrouded in the body of the black bear, the Silver Crescent pattern shining on the chest, absorbing the moonlight pouring down around.
  The original dull black bear exudes an agile and cold mood, which echoes the cold meniscus in the air.
  Time passed by, and the black bear stood on the open ground like this. With the passage of time, its breath became stronger and stronger, and even a whirlwind rolled up slightly around his body.
  Towards dawn, the black bear, standing on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes and raised his head to heaven with a thunderous roar.
  The sudden sound frightened the birds that inhabited around them and showed their hegemonic momentum.
  Feeling the surging strength in his body, Li Batian's eyes were full of surprises. With dual-purpose, it took only a dozen days to break through the mid-period of Qi-blood boiling again by practicing the Dragon Elephant Ruogong and absorbing the brilliance of the moon.
  This was unthinkable in the past. At that time, he was also known as a national art genius. It took nearly two months to break through from the initial stage of blood boiling to the middle stage. Now it has been shortened several times.
  Li Batian's confidence has been doubled by the breakthrough of Xiuwei. At this moment, if he meets the injured Money Leopard again, he will never be so confused.
  "Squeak!" Just then, a hoarse voice came to his ear, and his eyes swept forward. A snow-white figure fled quickly into the distance. It was a fat rabbit with snow-white hair.
  A sudden cold light burst out from Li Batian's beast pupil, and a deep roar burst out from his mouth. He boiled up and moved his limbs. He was slightly obese and burst out at a much faster speed than before, just like a dragon out of the sea.
  In a twinkling of an eye, Li Batian's figure crossed a distance of more than ten meters, caught up with the fleeing fat rabbit and clapped it out with one slap.
  Stepping forward to pick up the fat rabbit, Li Batian nodded satisfactorily. Breakfast had fallen.
  The body method he just displayed is the dragon body method of the Dragon elephant's Prajna Gong matching skill.
  Relative to the Dragon elephant's opening palm, the dragon body method has long been practiced to a very high level. Now, although it has become a black bear, it took more than ten days to adapt this skill to the body of the black bear by virtue of its understanding of the dragon body method.
  Relative to Li Batian a dozen days ago, he has made great progress again. He is strong enough to deal with ordinary carnivorous animals. Even if he meets top predators like Money Leopard, he is confident to escape.
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