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第十七章 再次进化!

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  At this moment, the dark sky slowly emerged a curve of bright crescent moon, silvery white moonlight poured down, illuminating the original dark earth.
  The buzzing voice came from Li Batian's body. The Silver Crescent Moon pattern, which had been dyed red with blood on his chest, emitted brilliant light and merged with the moonlight of the moon in the sky.
  A cool feeling surged into his mind, and Li Batian woke up in a trance.
  "No, I can't die!"
  With the inner cry, there emerges a strong desire to survive, spiritual turbulence.
  It seems to have heard his cry. Every cell of Li Batian's body emits a pale white light. His weak body suddenly emerges with a surging force.
  "What's the matter, this force?" Feeling the growing strength inside, Li Batian was shocked.
  Careful induction, this force is the usual absorption of accumulated moonlight.
  Under the outbreak of the moonlight, his body's blood and gas boiled up at once, and his dried-up body greedily absorbed the moonlight.
  With the continuous absorption of the moonlight, Li Batian's surging blood and gas began to change qualitatively, stuck the bottleneck for more than a month, and finally broke through at this moment.
  Stepping forward to Li Batian, the wild dog king who wanted to give him a lethal blow was scared by the sudden emergence of momentum on Li Batian as soon as he was ready to start.
  It was this brief hesitation that doomed it to miss the best opportunity to hunt Li Batian.
  Li Batian's breath soared. By the time the King of Wild Dogs responded, the fierce momentum had made him afraid to start.
  If Li Batian was a hard prey to the King of Wild Dogs before, now he, with his strong breath, has made the King of Wild Dogs feel the fatal threat, and his whole body can not help bursting up.
  The badly injured King of the Wild Dog, shrouded by Li Batian's fierce momentum, uttered a low cry in panic.
  Facing Li Batian at this moment, the badly injured wild dog King was so frightened that his head hung on the ground and his body trembled that his tail was caught between his legs.
  With the help of the moonlight, the transformation of Qi and blood took only a short time. When Li Batian opened his eyes again, two frightening brilliant lights burst out.
  Feeling the strong and surging power coming from his body, Li Batian could not help standing on his legs and making two violent roars.
  "Haha, finally break through!" In his heart, he shouted, and the whole bear was very excited.
  After more than a month's suffering, he could not wait. Now, he not only broke through the practice, but also saved his life. How can he not be excited?
  After calming down his inner excitement, Li Batian noticed the wild dog king in front of him. His eyes burst out with an eraser and slowly lifted his claws to kill him.
  "What's the matter?"
  Li Batian suddenly showed surprise. The original surging power in his body, like the river discharging flood, passed at an alarming speed.
  Before he could figure out what was going on, there was a mechanical sound in his mind.
  "Super Intelligent Biological Evolver CP9 is fully charged and starts scanning the host situation, 1%, 2%!"
  Hearing the mechanical sound, Li Batian finally figured out that the power in his body was absorbed by CP9.
  "The host's physical condition is in line with the condition of re-activation of biological genes. Scanning the surrounding environment, no threatening organisms are found and secondary gene activation is initiated."
  As soon as the mechanical sound disappeared, Li Batian felt again the pain of heart-tearing and lung-tearing.
  And the pain was more intense than before, like a volcanic eruption, in which a man who thought he was strong-willed passed out gloriously.
  While Li Batian was unconscious, the green light emerged from his body again, wrapped his whole person in the green light, and emitted a sense of hegemony and eternity.
  The King of Wild Dogs, who was frightened to crawl on the ground, collapsed to the ground directly under the cover of this tyrannical and ancient atmosphere, and his eyes were full of fear and awe.
  Ten minutes passed in a twinkling of an eye, a short time for the King of Wild Dogs, but it was almost longer than a dozen years.
  That kind of terrible atmosphere makes it feel like being in purgatory on earth, which is harder than death.
  Just as the King of Wild Dogs was about to lose support and consciousness was about to collapse, the terrible tyranny began to fade, which gave him a chance to breathe.
  The green light faded and Li Batian, in a coma, gradually came to life.
  "The second gene activation has been completed and the low-level phantom black bear gene has been successfully activated!"
  Listening to the mechanical sound in my mind, Li Batian, a sober man, was a little shocked.
  The last time he activated the moon bear gene, he had the ability to absorb the moonlight. This time he even activated the gene of the phantom black bear, which made him look forward to.
  Turning over and climbing up from the ground, Li Batian was shocked to find that his body had undergone tremendous changes.
  First of all, his body shape, in spite of activating the lunar bear gene, in addition to the chest V-shaped pattern, into a silver crescent, other aspects have not changed much, but all this has changed significantly.
  Compared with the previous body, fat and swollen, much thinner, longer limbs, sharper paw blade and longer length, like a sharp knife, it is daunting.
  In addition to changes in shape, more changes in the body, the original heavy and clumsy body, a lot of lightweight, as if the gravity of the earth has weakened in general.
  Li Batian can't wait to feel the change of his body. He runs in the open woods at a speed like a ghost. People can only see a shadow disappearing in the grass.
  That big tree can't stop him from traveling fast at all. Every time he is about to hit a tree in front of him, he is able to dodge flexibly.
  "Is this the change in the gene of the phantom black bear? It's great." Returning to the position just now, Li Batian said to himself in surprise.
  Activated the Phantom Black Bear's gene, his lack of speed and flexibility has been greatly improved, under the full run, faster than before when he applied dragon body swimming, and flexible body shape is not comparable to his previous.
  Even though he is still at the peak of blood boiling, Li Batian is confident that he can win the Wild Dog King with the improvement of the phantom black bear gene.
  After all, the strongest thing about the King of Wild Dogs is speed and flexibility, and now he is no less flexible and speed than the King of Wild Dogs, or even better than the King of Wild Dogs.