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第十八章 不速之客!(求推荐票!)

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  "Whoop!" Excited Li Batian, there was a low hoarse sound in his ear.
  Turning his head, he happened to see the dog king with a pleasant look on his face.
  At this moment, the fierce and bloodthirsty wild dog king, completely without the brutal momentum just now, twists his tail and shakes his head like a domestic dog raised by ordinary people.
  "This fellow's head won't be fooled by me."
  Seeing the wild dog king in front of him, Li Batian thought in silence.
  It was difficult for him to associate the flattering, wagging wild dog with the former bloodthirsty king.
  The King of the Wild Dog hoarsed once more and stepped forward to Li Ba's heavenly body. He crawled on the ground with his tail between his legs and his head arched on the ground.
  Looking at the funny look of King Wild Dog, Li Batian was shocked slightly.
  He is no stranger to the pose of the King of Wild Dogs, which dogs do when they are afraid to submit to the strong.
  Originally Li Batian wanted to slap the King of Wild Dog, but now he saw the King of Wild Dog submit to himself, and he changed his mind.
  Anyway, without the King of Wild Dogs, he could not break through the mercury of blood and gas. In fact, we should thank him for it. And now the King of Wild Dogs has surrendered to himself. It's a good thing to have such a little brother.
  When he was a master of national art, he wanted to practice hard and improve his practice. He didn't want to build up his own power, and even had few friends.
  It is precisely because of this, in the future when people are trapped, can only go alone into the world.
  Now the black bear is reborn. Looking back on the past, Li Batian knows that if he was not alone and could build up his own power, he might not be forced to be so miserable.
  It was these ideas that eventually he abandoned the decision to kill the King of Wild Dogs and incorporated the King of Wild Dogs into his younger brother-in-law.
  A little brother like King Wild Dog, who is not weak, has a keen sense of smell and hearing, and is fast, is absolutely the best helper in killing people and overtaking goods.
  Having accepted the King of Wild Dogs and feared the comfort of Little Snow Tiger, he did not stop much and led his little brother back to the cave.
  Seeing Li Batian's appearance, Snow Tiger flew to him happily and quickly, but when he found the King of Wild Dog following him, his hair suddenly rose up, and his mouth whined and his eyes were full of hostility
  . 笑着拍了拍小雪虎的脑袋,李霸天瞪了一眼野狗王。
  Smiling and patting the head of Snow Tiger, Li Batian stared at the Wild Dog King.
  The King of the Wild Dog, who is far more intelligent than any other beast, immediately assumes a lovely appearance and uses various gestures to show that he has no malice.
  It took more than half an hour for Little Snow Tiger to finally accept the existence of the Wild Dog King, no longer fearful and full of hostility.
  I don't know why King Wild Dog became Commander-in-Chief of the bare pole, and now he is subordinate to himself. So Li Batian let King Wild Dog live at the entrance of the cave. Besides convenience, he can also visit his home by the way.
  The King of Wild Dog deserves to be a mutant monster. The rapid recovery of his body has surprised Li Batian, but after a night's rest, the wound has recovered almost. His vitality is simply small and strong.
  With the existence of King Wild Dog, Li Batian's life becomes very leisurely. He is not needed to hunt anything at all. The powerful King of Wild Dog can do it for him.
  In addition to playing with Snow Tiger, he spent most of his time exploring his physical potential.
  Again activated the gene of the phantom black bear, for his physical condition, he is not familiar with, a body strength can not be perfectly developed, so he must constantly adapt to changes in the body.
  Only in this way can we have a complete grasp of our own physical condition, and can we erupt 100% or even 112% of our combat effectiveness.
  In addition to the genetic changes of the phantom black bear, Xiuwei's breakthrough into blood and gas, such as mercury, has also greatly improved his physical fitness.
  Relative to the realm of boiling blood and gas, once the practice of blood and gas, such as mercury, is no longer a simple practice of surface blood, but affects the body's bone marrow and even viscera.
  The physical qualities of the practitioners will be obviously improved with each level of improvement.
  Even the warriors who have attained the peak of blood and gas like mercury can withstand the cold weapons such as swords with their bodies and achieve the effect similar to the iron cloth jacket of a golden bell.
  Every day, Li Batian can feel the change of his body, which is much stronger than when he was human.
  In the end, he can only thank himself for the body of the black bear and the results of two different genes.
  This morning, Li Batian wakes up from his practice, glances at the sleeping Snow Tiger next to him, and stretches out a little lazy step out of the cave.
  As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the cave, a dark shadow with a bloody smell suddenly flew up in front of him.
  "I was shocked. Did you owe me a beating?"
  Looking at his tongue in front of him, he squatted down on the ground and put on a kind of wild dog king. Li Batian raised his bear's paw dissatisfied and patted him on the head.
  The naive Dog King shrank his head in fear.
  Recently, in order to adapt to the changes of his body, Li Batian not only practiced himself in the mountains and forests, but also occasionally allowed the wild dog king to accompany him.
  With Li Batian's strength now, every time he accompanies King Wild Dog, his fate will be very miserable, which almost leaves a shadow in King Wild Dog's heart.
  The King of the Wild Dog screamed a few times, opened his mouth and pulled the hairs of Lali Batian's legs. He shook his head to the north, showing an impatient look.
  Seeing the strange look of King Wild Dog, Li Batian was somewhat puzzled. Unfortunately, they could not understand their respective languages at all, otherwise they would be clear when asked.
  Out of curiosity, he left the cave with the King of Wild Dogs and headed back and forth towards the depth of the northern Changbai Mountains.
  And just as they were heading towards the depths of the Changbai Mountains, a group of unexpected visitors came to the Changbai Mountains.
  Only a small part of the Changbai Mountains is a tourist area, and most of the others are primitive forests. Usually, few people come and go. At most, one or two hunters go in and out. This time, there are seven people.
  If Li Batian was nearby, he would surely recognize the middle-aged man with a scar on his face and two hounds in his hands who were in charge of leading the way.
  This man is no other than the Scar Man who shot his mother Snow Tiger and fled like fur and urine before.
  Among the six men who followed Scar, the first one was a young man in his twenties, proud and wearing a famous brand leather jacket, protected by the other five.
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