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第十九章 血魄藤和血魄果!

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  Walking on the snow-covered mountain road, the young man frowned somewhat discontentedly and drank in a bad voice, "Scar, why haven't it arrived yet, don't you mean it will be there soon?"
  The Scar Man walking in front of him slowed down with his hound and turned around and laughed.
  "Master Lei, in another half an hour I'll be able to meet the black bear's cave before I meet him. With my years of hunting experience, the black bear will surely be near its old nest since it has been there. With these two hounds, it will be sure that the black bear will soon be found."
  "Well, I hope so, or you know the consequences." Thunder leopard glanced at the scarred man, with an air of indifference high above him.
  Scar man was so frightened that he thrilled. Subconsciously, he looked at the middle-aged man who followed Lei Leopard like a torch. In such cold weather, he only wore a thin casual clothes. He shrank his head and nodded in a hurry.
  When he first met Lei Leopard and others, Scar thought he had met Kaizi and wanted to hit him hard, but he was scared to wet his pants.
  The middle-aged man in his thin casual clothes appeared in front of him like a magical moment. He lifted him up into the air at once, and his eyes showed a sudden despair, which made him feel as if he was not a man in front of him, but a fierce beast who chooses people to eat.
  Seeing the cute look of Scar Man, Leibao nodded satisfactorily, reached out and turned the emerald wrench on his thumb, and glanced at the middle-aged man beside him.
  "Wang Biao, you can be sure that the black bear is a monster who has eaten the treasure."
  Wang Biaowen, a middle-aged man, hesitated for a moment and said, "Lei Shao, I can't be 100% sure yet. This kind of thing has to wait until the black bear is found. But if the Hunter says it is true, then in nine out of ten cases the black bear is a mutant monster, even if it's not a monster, it must be unusual. "
  "In a dozen days, it will be my father's birthday. If a black bear monster can be hunted as a birthday present for him, he will be very happy and hopefully not let me down." Thunder leopard looked forward to, and his eyes showed a tinge of excitement.
  Li Batian did not know about the arrival of Scar and other men. He was following behind the King of Wild Dogs at the moment. He was on his way somewhat depressed.
  Originally, he thought the King of the Wild Dog had found something nearby. As a result, the King of the Wild Dog led the way in front of him, but he still hadn't reached his destination for more than an hour.
  "Where on earth is this guy taking me? Did he really find something good?"
  Looking ahead at the anxious wild dog king, Li Batian secretly wondered.
  Now that he's been walking for more than an hour, it's a bit half-done to go back, and he's curious about what really attracts the King of Wild Dogs.
  The King of the Wild Dog seems to be familiar with the road ahead. He always chooses paths or gaps between mountains to avoid crossing mountains.
  Another nearly an hour later, the King of Wild Dogs stopped and turned to Li Batian with a low roar.
  Feeling a little, Li Batian stepped forward and went on for another four or five minutes. In front of him, a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides appeared in his vision.
  "Is this valley surrounded by mountains the place where King Wild Dog is going to bring me?" Standing not far away, looking at the valley in front of him, Li Batian felt doubtful.
  The whole valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with only one entrance four or five meters wide. From a distance, the area of the valley is not very large, and nothing unusual has been found.
  He was puzzled here, but the King of Wild Dogs was impatient. With a low roar, he took the lead in running into the valley entrance ahead.
  Pressing down his curiosity, Li Batian followed him to the valley, almost as soon as he rushed into the valley, his sensitive nose smelled a sweet smell.
  When he smelled the odor, the cells in his whole body seemed to be active, and the blood and gas in his body surged and his spirit was boosted.
  "What's so great!" In retrospect, Li Batian was shocked.
  "Roar!" The King of the Wild Dog roared low and carefully in his ear, and turned his head. The King of the Wild Dog looked straight into the distance.
  The King of the Wild Dog looked down at a dark rock wall.
  The color of the rock wall is like rust and the color of blood that has been silent for many years. It is very strange.
  Although the dark black wall is strange, it only briefly attracted Li Batian's eyes. What really makes him hot is what is on the dark black wall.
  In the middle of the dark black rock wall more than ten meters high, a blood-red vine plant spreads and attaches to it. It emits a light red light and gives people an extraordinary feeling at a glance.
  In addition, there are three gorgeous flowers in the rattan plants, each of which bears a bloody red fruit.
  These three bloody red fruits are of different sizes. One of them has grown full and ruddy. The peculiar aroma is emitted from the fruit, while the other two fruits are slightly younger and less mature.
  Looking at the three fruits in his sight, Li Batian felt a burst of excitement. With his tough and calm will, his heart was inevitably greedy for his own.
  The three fruits on this plant at present, even if you think with your buttocks, you can guess that they must be treasures of nature and earth. They are both encounters and unattainable treasures for human beings and animals.
  "Ding-dong, sensing the spirit of the elixir, CP9 activates the detection system and starts all-round exploration!"
  Before Li Batian recovered from the temptation of the three fruits, he suddenly remembered the mechanical sound of CP9, a super intelligent evolutionary device.
  Since the last successful activation of the phantom black bear gene, the evolutionary CP9 has disappeared again, and he thinks the evolutionary has fallen asleep again.
  Li Batian, who was awakened by the mechanical sound, felt an invisible signal like a wave, which spread in all directions with his own center.
  This strange feeling startled him. He turned his head and glanced at the King of the Wild Dog. He found that the King of the Wild Dog, who was also very sensitive, did not find any abnormalities.
  "Super intelligent evolutionary CP9 should be integrated into my body, so I can feel the scanning of the evolutionary bar." In his heart, he suspected that Li Batian was waiting quietly for the results of CP9 scanning.
  Evolution CP9 scans very fast, almost as he senses the wave signal, the brain resounds the mechanical sound again.
  "After the investigation, a blood vine was found fifty meters away from the owner, and three blood vines were formed. One of them will be ripe in a few hours, and the other two will be ripe in two days."
  "What is the blood vine, and what function does the blood vine have?" Hearing the voice of CP9, Li Ba asked the world consciousness.
  Originally, he had no hope, but it turned out that CP9 really responded to his question.
  "The blood soul vine is a kind of low-level spiritual thing, the growth condition is harsh, once grown, it can blossom once every ten years, more than a dozen, less than three or four, each flower can breed a blood soul fruit, taking blood soul fruit can strengthen the body's physique, strengthen the body's genetic chain."
  Li Batian's vision is slightly bright. For Dragon Elephant Pravgong, strong physique is the key to the explosion of tremendous strength. There is no doubt that the blood and soul in front of him is of great use to Dragon Elephant Pravgong. In addition to strengthening the body's genetic chain, he has some doubts.
  Asked about CP9, he realized that the second function of blood fruit was more precious to him.
  With the help of CP9, he has now activated two different genes, both of which have greatly increased his strength, but compared with the two genes, this enhancement is only the basic ability of genes.
  As long as he swallowed the fruit of blood and strengthened the gene chain, he might awaken the ability of blood vessels inherited by the two genes.
  As for the final ability to wake up, even CP9 is not known beforehand.
  After listening to CP9, Li Batian's mood can not help but be agitated. The basic abilities of the two genes have benefited him greatly. If he can stimulate the ability of inherited blood vessels, his strength will show a qualitative leap.
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