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第二十一章 果断出击!(加吐槽!)

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  No matter what kind of snake it is, seven inches is one of their most deadly parts.
  Even legend has it that dragons have so-called scales in their seven-inch positions.
  Aware of the danger, King Python neighed and twisted his body in mid-air to avoid the deadly claws.
  Avoiding seven inches, the giant python king could not hide anywhere else. A pair of claws of the black eagle grabbed it.
  The tough green snake scales, facing the sharp and unusual claws of the black eagle, are also somewhat defensive.
  There was a tearing voice, and besides that there was the scream of King Python.
  Shenjun Black Hawk is the essence of guerrilla warfare. Once hit, his hand immediately sounded loudly and rose to the sky. He flew to the sky for tens of meters again. A pair of claws grabbed large scales of snakes and flesh.
  In the woods, Li Batian, a master of national art, was deeply shocked to see the battle in front of him.
  It was hard to imagine a Python and a black eagle fighting in front of him, because he was so addicted to the game of mind and fighting skills.
  When he landed on the ground, the king of pythons screamed bitterly and twisted his huge body like he was about to turn over the river and fall into the sea, frightening the other pythons around him to escape.
  In the body of King Python, you can clearly see the blood hole caught by the black hawk, and blood is constantly pouring out from it.
  For the first exploratory encounter, King Python suffered a lot of losses. In the cold and ruthless eyes of snakes, the poisonous and murderous intentions burst out, and the cold and gloomy atmosphere burst out completely, which made people cold as a gloomy king.
  With a triumphant cry from the black eagle in the air, he swooped out towards the valley.
  It seems that as if they had agreed, the killing king of pythons swam around at once, at the same speed as the flying black hawk, and rushed out of the valley.
  The wisdom of both monsters and beasts is far superior to that of ordinary beasts. For them, such natural treasures as blood rattan are more precious than life. Even if they fight for life and death, they do not want to be damaged by fighting, which will turn the battlefield into a valley.
  In this way, it gives Li Batian a chance to grab blood.
  Looking at the distant Python King and Shenjun Black Hawk, Li Batian's heart was excited and his eyes turned to mature blood.
  If there is a king of pythons and a black hawk, even if it gives him ten courages, he dares not start to grab the blood, either of them can easily kill him.
  But now the Python King and the Black Hawk are leaving, which is a rare opportunity for him.
  Of course, despite the departure of the two Kings of Beasts, dozens of pythons are still guarded under the valley walls, two of which are no less powerful than him and the King of Wild Dogs.
  "Life is alive and struggling, ancient martial arts training is like sailing against the water, not going forward is going backwards, the big deal is death, today I must rush, otherwise this life will not be reconciled."
  Staring at his blood, Li Batian talked to himself in his heart, without any fear or shaking in his eyes.
  In his previous life, he was such a character. He used to run alone in the marshes and marshes of terror for the sake of cultivation, and he also challenged the world's top players. Every time he fought hard.
  It is precisely because of this struggling heart that he can become a high-ranking master of art in his thirties.
  Outside the valley, loud fighting sounded, indicating that two horrible beasts had fought outside the valley.
  Dozens of pythons coiled under the walls of the blood rattan, guarding the mature blood nuts vigilantly. Although they wanted to swallow the blood nuts instinctively, they had to suppress this instinctive desire under the perverse authority of the king of pythons.
  At that moment, a strange barking dog suddenly sounded, and a wild dog the size of a calf rushed out of the far woods and ran straight to dozens of pythons opposite.
  Dozens of pythons that had been vigilant immediately stood up without any sign of weakness, puffed the snake letter and issued a hoarse warning sound.
  Facing the warning of pythons, the wild dog ignored it and rushed to the outermost Python in a twinkling of an eye.
  The wild dog was so fast that before the python could react, it pounced on it and bit it seven inches in one bite.
  The Python screamed painfully, and as soon as it twisted a few times, it fell to the ground powerlessly.
  When the body of the python was thrown aside, the wild dog gave a provocative roar to the pythons.
  It is intolerable, as the hegemony of this area, pythons have never suffered such a loss, people in front of dozens of pythons, easily killed a companion, pythons immediately angry.
  "Hoarse and hoarse!"
  The shrill screams came and went, and the pythons sprung like springs at the wild dogs, and even the two powerful pythons were shocked.
  Seemingly at a bad moment, the wild dog howled again and fled quickly to the distance by avoiding the boa constrictor's killing with its flexible figure.
  The furious pythons could not control so much. When they saw the wild dogs fleeing, they immediately screamed and ran after them.
  "Very well, that's it!" Li Batian, hiding in the woods, cheered in his heart.
  The fleeing wild dog is the King of Wild Dogs. After deciding to fight, Li Batian planned how to do it. The King of Wild Dogs'taking away pythons is the first and most important step of the plan.
  As he imagined, the King of Wild Dog succeeded in provoking the pythons and taking most of them away, except that a few pythons remained, one of them being a giant python guarded by the King of Snakes.
  Although the first step plan has not reached the perfect level, Li Batian has not taken so much into account.
  The King of the Wild Dog alone attracts most pythons. Every second of delay is a second more dangerous, so he must make a quick decision as soon as possible.
  While the King of Wild Dog took most of the pythons far away and disappeared in sight, Li Batian decisively flew out of the woods and broke out faster than the King of Wild Dog. From a distance, he could only see a dark shadow of Mercedes-Benz.
  "Hoarse!" Only a few pythons found the appearance of Li Batian, snake letter throughput issued a cold hoarse.
  Perhaps because of the provocation of the Wild Dog King just now, the pythons did not even warn, and rushed directly to Li Batian, only to guard the python remained in place.
  "Good to come!" Li Batian was delighted to find several pythons rushing towards him.
  Originally, he was still worried that when he was fighting with the boa constrictor, the remaining boa constrictors would make trouble and attack. Now it was the chance for him to take the lead in solving the hidden dangers.
  Li Batian, who was running in a fast straight line, suddenly twisted his figure, and his original fast running speed increased by one point again. He was winding like a dragon, making it impossible for several pythons to lock him in for a while.
  "The dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!"
  The bear's paw swelled instantly. Li Batian appeared in front of a Python and slapped it.
  The violent force burst, and the python didn't even have time to make a scream, and its head was instantly blown up.
  The boa constrictor with a cracked head and a headless body fell to the ground powerlessly. Li Batian's heavenly body appeared again on the side of another boa constrictor.
  The dragon body method cooperates with the Shanglong elephant Kaishanzhao and Li Batianhua turns into a terrible God killer. When several pythons have no time to attack, they are quickly solved.
  By the time Li Batian stopped, there were more dead and miserable pythons on the ground behind him.
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