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第二十二章 恐怖象王步!

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  Originally, Li Batian was not in the eye of the boa constrictor, coiled around the body, alert to the sharp hissing sound, the cold air around its side, a pair of snake pupils staring at the opposite Li Batian.
  "Roar!" Feeling the cold and gloomy breath of the boa constrictor, Li Batian gave an unflinching roar, and his body was full of raging strength.
  "Bang bang!"
  Heavy footsteps sounded, Li Batian changed the elegant and winding dragon body swimming method just now. His limbs were as heavy as lead water. Every bear's paw fell to the ground, it would make a roaring sound. The ground beneath his feet sank and the huge bear's paw fell into the ground three points.
  A surging breath like Mount Tai emerged from Li Batian.
  As the pace continues to move forward, this breath becomes more and more intense.
  The cold-smelling boa constrictor on the other side was calm at first and soon showed fear.
  It was as heavy as Mount Tai's surging and falling breath, which pressured it with the illusion that it could not breathe, as if the surrounding air had become thick and solidified.
  Besides, every time the dull footsteps sounded, they seemed to be stepping on its heart.
  Although the python is a cold-blooded animal, the feeling of stepping on the heart again and again makes its blood and gas churn.
  Before the war started, the boa constrictor had already suffered a double blow. Both mentally and physically, it had been subjected to considerable repression, and even the gloomy and cold momentum emanating from the boa constrictor had weakened.
  If there were ancient martial artists here, they would be shocked and open their mouths, thinking that their eyes had hallucinated.
  Even if the mutant monster is strong enough, after all, its intelligence and comprehension are limited. It is impossible for the mutant monster to perform the maneuvers of ancient warriors. At present, the black bear is displaying an authentic elephant king's step.
  Compared with the elegant and winding dragon body method, the elephant Wang Bu, though slow, shows far less power than the dragon body method.
  Li Batian, who was a master of national art at that time, once displayed the elephant Wang Bu. Without any attack, he just stepped up to the enemy and crushed the enemy's heart with the power of the elephant Wang Bu.
  The boa constrictor was naturally not as vulnerable as the enemy, but under the pressure of Wang Bu, it still lost its high morale.
  In line with the principle of taking advantage of people's illness to kill people, Li Batian did not give the time to recover from guarding the python. The heavy elephant Wang Bu transformed into a dragon walking method in an instant, and came to guard the python in a winding and elegant moment.
  "The dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!"
  Drinking in his heart, Li Batian's body was boiling with gas and blood, and his violent strength was all over his body. His right forepaw swelled like an axe, and he slapped the head of the boa constrictor.
  "Hoarse!" The boa constrictor deserves to be second only to the king of snakes. With a scream, it flew out of its upper body, and its head just avoided the paw of a huge axe.
  The boa constrictor's head dodges, but its huge body can't.
  The dull crash sounded, and Li Batian's bear paw re-clapped on the body of the boa constrictor guard. A sharp claw blade easily pierced the boa constrictor covered with scales.
  The boa constrictor screamed, trying to swim around Li Batian.
  Apart from the two poisonous teeth mutated like the king of pythons, pythons generally have no poisonous teeth, so the most lethal attack means of pythons is the entanglement of pythons.
  Once entangled by a boa constrictor, the tremendous force of entanglement can entangle a beast to death.
  Unfortunately, it chose the wrong opponent. For the powerful Li Batian, this will only accelerate his death.
  As soon as the boa constrictor was entwined around Li Batian, Li Batian grabbed the boa constrictor with a pair of bear claws and pierced the scales with sharp claws.
  By biological instinct, the boa constrictor felt threatened by death and screamed to escape, but it was too late.
  Li Batian roared up to heaven and tore a pair of strong forelimbs.
  The tough body of the boa constrictor sounded like toothache. In its sad scream, the strong boa constrictor collapsed and broke in the middle, spraying blood mixed with the internal organs.
  Li Batian took a deep breath as he threw the still crawling body of the boa constrictor on the ground.
  Despite the seemingly simple battle just now, in order to kill the boa constrictor as fast as possible, he has done his best.
  As soon as he had stabilized his blood and gas, there was a snake hoarse in his ear, and he looked around. The pythons who had chased the King of Wild Dogs were coming fast from afar.
  "No, it must have been the scream of the boa constrictor's death that shocked the boa constrictors!" Think of here, Li Batian dared not hesitate at all, jumped up suddenly, grasped the rock wall with sharp claws, climbed quickly to more than a dozen meters high, and plucked the mature bloody fruit one by one.
  Originally, he intended to pick the other two immature blood nuts together, but CP9 told him that immature blood nuts had no value, and even contained very strong toxins, so he had to give up the idea.
  After plucking mature blood and nuts, Li Batian put them in his mouth and jumped down directly from a place more than ten meters high.
  While smashing a hole in the ground, he fled quickly to a distance.
  At the moment, pythons have surrounded him from all sides, but Li Batian did not panic, as he expected.
  Choosing a weak direction, Li Batian rushed up at full speed. With the cooperation of dragon body swimming and dragon elephant's opening palm, the python blocked in front of him could be easily solved.
  "Roar!" With a deep roar, Li Batian rushed straight to the valley mouth.
  The pythons in the rear were also catching up fast. At that moment, a dark shadow burst out in the woods beside them, which frightened Li Batian. When he found out that it was the queen of wild dogs, he was relieved.
  A bear and a dog were running at full speed after dozens of pythons. Fortunately, both of them were very fast. By the time they came to Gukou, they had left dozens of pythons behind.
  Seemingly out of crisis, Li Batian dared not relax his vigilance at all.
  He did not forget that the real danger was not the dozens of pythons chasing after him, but the king of pythons rushing out of the valley.
  Once the King Python senses something wrong and comes back from the outside, it is very likely that they will be blocked in the valley, and then there will be no way out.
  In fear, Li Batian and King Wild Dog rushed out of the valley, and there was no tragedy blocked by King Python in the valley.
  Li Batian's hanging heart was half of what he had left, and he continued to run at full speed towards the mountains and forests not far away.
  Li Batian is confident that as long as he drills into the forests with complex terrain and trees, even the King of Python will never catch up with them because of their two flexible shapes.
  The cruel hoarse suddenly spread to Li Batian's ears.
  For fear of anything, he had just flashed the king of pythons in his mind, and the terrible king of pythons flew out from afar.
  Before approaching, the cold and tyrannical atmosphere emanating from King Python has already made Li Batian and King Wild Dog tremble.