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第二十四章 穿梭于枪林弹雨!(第三更!)

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  The Scar Man, who was trying his best to roast meat in front of him, listened to the conversation between Lei Leopard and Wang Biao and secretly wiped a cold sweat on his forehead.
  This time, he came with Thunder Leopard and other people, but he got nothing. Fortunately, he got a little Snow Tiger. Otherwise, he was afraid of what thunderstorms and other people would teach him.
  "Lei Shao, the rabbit meat is roasted. Please enjoy it."
  Picking up the barbecued golden rabbit, the Scar man came to Lei Leopard with a flattering smile.
  Thunder leopard glanced at Scar Man coldly, nodded and reached out to tear a rabbit leg, trying to taste the delicious barbecue.
  The violent roar rang out suddenly, and the sudden roar made Scar man tremble. He could not hold the barbecue stick in his hand and fell into the arms of Thunder Leopard.
  "Burn me to death, burn me to death!" The thunder leopard jumped up from his seat in horror, so painful that he kicked the Scar Man standing in front of him to the ground.
  Just as Lei Leopard was about to kick Scar Man a few feet again to vent his anger, two fierce and ferocious figures flew out of the front jungle.
  The two hounds tied to the tree next to him were paralyzed to the ground in horror, as if they had sensed something terrible. Their bodies shuddered together in a trembling way, and they uttered a cry of fear.
  "Lei Shao, Lei Shao, look at it, it is the black bear I said, you see I did not deceive you!" The Scar Man who fell on the ground saw two figures coming out of the jungle. After a little stunned, he got up from the ground with surprise and shouted with his finger pointing at Li Batian.
  "Monster Black Bear, great. This is the Monster Black Bear."
  Wen Yan's angry Thunder Leopard immediately focused on Li Batian, who rushed out. His eyes were like looking at a funny toy and talking to himself excitedly.
  Hearing the two men completely ignore their words, Li Batian's eyes boiling with murder, glanced at the amazing Scar Man, and the beast's pupils shrank fiercely.
  "It was him."
  Looking at the Scar Man, Li Batian felt some regret that he had not taken the risk of killing Scar Man, otherwise it would not have happened.
  "Whoop!" At that moment, there was a familiar cry in his ear. Li Batian looked at the far ground, just in time to see the little Snow Tiger in the cage, pitiful and full of grievances and panic.
  Li Batian breathed a sigh of relief when he found the little snow tiger safe and sound. At the same time, a rage surged up.
  As a former human being, he knows the root of human's inferiority most clearly. If he did not return in time, the captured snow tiger would be sent to the zoo in a better situation and become a prop for others to watch and entertain, and even be hunted and trafficked by people with bad luck.
  Think of these, Li Batian's heart is full of guilt and anger, the breath emitted from his body is more violent, blood surging in his body, the body seems to expand a part, an invisible wave blows in all directions with him as the center.
  As the second Zulei Leopard and the ignorant Scar Man, they could not find Li Batian's terror at all. It was absolutely easy for them to have four bodyguards and Wang Biao, the ancient warrior, to kill the black bear and wild dog in front of them.
  In the presence of Wang Biao, an ancient warrior, can really feel the madness emanating from Li Batian, which makes him no longer calm down.
  "You four shoot quickly, don't let these two monsters close to you, or we will all be in danger." Wang Biao shielded himself from Lei Leopard and drank solemnly at the orders of the four bodyguards.
  Four bodyguards were slightly shocked, but they immediately reflected it. They took out their handguns from their arms and aimed at Li Batian and the Wild Dog King in front of them.
  "No, they have pistols on them."
  Seeing Li Batian here, he was slightly surprised and secretly regretted that he shouldn't rush out so calmly and directly. If he looked for a chance to attack, he would not be so passive at all.
  But now is not the time to regret, even if the other party has a gun, he is not afraid, blood boiling in the body, body into a black shadow rushing towards the opposite Thunder Leopard and others.
  "Bang bang bang!"
  While Li Batian launched the charge, four black-clothed bodyguards pulled the trigger one after another, and the sound of gunfire rang out in the open mountains.
  With his flexible figure and keen sense, Li Batian kept shuttling through the rain of flying bullets. Several bullets passed him, and even he could feel the heat generated by the rapid launching of bullets.
  Faced with this dangerous situation, Li Batian's heart did not feel afraid, but emerged in a dance-like boiling blood on the knife hill. Every cell of the body was stimulated by the emergence of silk power, the spirit of unprecedented high concentration.
  At first, the four black-clothed bodyguards were somewhat disapproving of Wang Meng's dignified manner. After the real shooting, they found out the horror of the black bear in front of them.
  We should know that they are not ordinary bodyguards. They are all specially trained special soldiers of the military. Although shooting techniques can not be said to be the sharpshooters in a hundred rounds, they can not shoot more than a dozen shots without even one shot being hit.
  Nearly a hundred meters away, Li Batian ran at full speed, and the blink of an eye shortened to only thirty or forty meters away.
  "Stupid, block it with bullets." Keeping a close eye on Wang Biao of Li Batian, he shouted angrily at the four bodyguards.
  All four of them are specially trained special forces, which immediately reflects that they will continue to shoot in the zigzag shape of their presentations in one direction with tacit understanding.
  Originally, Li Batian, who had difficulty hiding because of the close distance, was more difficult to hide after four people cooperated to lock it in position.
  The flying bullet, like a square cage, locked him in the direction he was dodging.
  "Damn it!"
  Sensing the change of the other party, Li Batian shouted angrily in his heart. In a moment, he also made his own judgment.
  The body is surging with blood and gas, the muscles of the hind limbs are bulging, and the shape of the original running body is like a cannonball rising from the ground. It is hard to escape from the square cage locked by the bullet.
  "How, how can it be!"
  Seeing this scene, four special forces bodyguards, stuttering, were somewhat frightened.
  At the time of their four stupefactions, Li Batian had rushed to the scene, and the ferocious spirit of hegemony sprang up. Even the four specially trained security guards felt an inexplicable chill pouring into their hearts, as if their bodies were frozen.
  The second Zulei leopard was even more terribly frightened and paralyzed to the ground, full of fear, and no longer had the pride and scrutiny just now.
  Glancing at the paralyzed thunder leopard, Wang Biao hesitated for a moment. He grabbed the thunder leopard and flew back quickly with him.
  As an ancient martial arts practitioner, when Li Batian and the King of Wild Dog appeared, Wang Biao noticed that he was in trouble, and even his heart was chilled by the ferocity and tyranny emanating from Li Batian.
  The reason why he did not run away immediately was that besides the idea of hunting Li Batian, he was more confident of his ability to run away. Even if he was not an opponent, he was confident to run away with Leibao.
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