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第二十七章 幻影分身!

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  In the chief's office, Lei Wanshan looked at the pictures taken by the Wolf tooth Special Forces. His face was sad and his hands shook uncontrollably.
  Among these photographs is a photograph of a body devoured by a wild animal with a military satellite positioner he gave to Leopard.
  At that moment, the sound of knocking on the door sounded, followed by a man full of breath, aged forty or fifty, stepping in. The man radiated a fierce breath all over his body, his face was fierce, and he was carrying an ancient sword on his back.
  "Captain Lei, what's the matter with you in such a hurry to ask me to come over?"
  Seeing the man with a sword in his back, Lei Wanshan's face was full of sadness and handed him the information in his hand.
  The man with a sword on his back showed doubts and reached for the information. After reading the information once, his face suddenly became difficult to look at.
  Just as Lei Wanshan recognized the bones of Lei Leopard at a glance, the man with a sword on his back soon recognized that it belonged to Wang Biao's flesh-and-blood skeleton.
  "How could this happen? When did it happen?" The man with the sword was shocked and somewhat unbelievable.
  Lei Wanshan seemed to be a teenager at once, and he was sitting in a chair with a shaky figure: "Less than three hours after the accident, my son Lei Leopard and his disciple Wang Biao were all encountering. The bones were being transported back by military aircraft. I didn't realize that Lei Wanshan had to send black hair with white hair all his life in the military circle."
  "Captain Lei can rest assured that I will not let Ling Lang and Wang Biaobai die. If I guess right, killing Ling Lang and Wang Biao should be an elite mutant beast. I will cut off their heads to comfort their two spirits in heaven."
  Su Peiyuan, a man with a sword on his back, showed cold light and emitted fierce killings. The whole man was like a sharp sword with a sheath.
  "What, you said that leopards were killed by monsters." Lei Wanshan stood up fiercely from his chair and looked astonished.
  Previously, he was also very strange, with four special forces to protect, as well as Wang Biao, an ancient warrior, what beasts can kill them all, now I heard Su Peiyuan's words, it suddenly dawned on me.
  "Yes, in my opinion, the other party should be a monster with strong strength. Otherwise, with the strength of my apprentice Wang Biao, the general beast is not an opponent at all." He nodded, and Su Peiyuan's eyes were cold.
  Lei Wanshan clasped his hands angrily and said bitterly, "Brother, if you can, I hope you can save that monster's life. I will cut it with my own hands. Only in this way can I vent my hatred."
  "Well, give it to me." Su Peiyuan nodded confidently and stepped out of the office with his primitive sword on his back.
  Regarding Su Peiyuan's words, Lei Wanshan has no doubt at all. In his opinion, this is a matter of course.
  Su Peiyuan is a master of ancient martial arts known as sword devil. He has a strong hand in swordsmanship. If lightwheel swordsmanship is used, only Li Batian, the swordsman of that year, can beat him.
  Li Batian was unaware of what had happened far away in the military base. At the moment, he was immersed in the change of his body caused by his blood.
  Blood is worthy of being able to access the evolutionary CP9 magic eye of the talent treasure, the ability to have at this stage for Li Batian, is simply precious.
  It took him more than two hours to fully digest the physical changes of blood.
  In the open space outside the cave, Li Batian stood on all fours, exuding a breath of deterrence, opposite him was the King of Wild Dogs pulled to accompany him.
  The King of the Wild Dog roared in a low voice with no warfare, and his dejected look gave a dumb feeling that he could not speak bitterly when he ate Coptis chinensis.
  The opposite Li Batian did not pay attention to the negative feelings of the King of Wild Dogs. He can't wait to show the results of his blood, and there is an impulse in his heart.
  With a roar, Li Batian marched on all fours and rushed to the King of Wild Dogs. His speed was a little higher than before.
  Despite his dejected look, the King of Wild Dogs was not so foolish as to be beaten back.
  When Li Batian rushed in, the King of Wild Dog, with a flexible figure, quickly dodged to the side.
  However, it underestimated Li Batian's speed and flexibility, and almost blinked his eyes and caught up with the elusive King of Wild Dogs.
  As a former leader of the wild dog herd, the King of Wild Dogs still has the blood of a king, found that there is no way to escape, decisively chose to face it head-on.
  At this time, Li Batian's mouth was full of a strange smile.
  The King of Wild Dog had just assumed an attacking posture and was ready to fight with Li Batian, but his fierce eyes suddenly shocked him.
  Li Batian, who had rushed to him in his sight, turned into two bears in the blink of an eye. He looked exactly the same. Even the breath from his body was not noticed by the keen sensation of the King of Wild Dogs.
  With the brain capacity of the King of Wild Dogs, I was stunned to see this situation, and Li Batian, who was rushed up, slapped and flew out.
  Fifty or six meters away, the King of Wild Dog, shaking his head, climbed up from the ground and looked up at Li Batian in front of him. As a result, his brain could not react to it. The Li Batian in front of him was still one, not two at all.
  The incomprehensible King of the Wild Dog roared anguished and patted himself twice in the head with humanity.
  Seeing the ghostly look of King Wild Dog, Li Batian's mouth could not help showing a grim smile.
  Just now, he developed the ability of blood vessels stimulated by swallowing the fruits of blood. This ability is like instinct. After he wakes up, it appears in his mind. There is no strangeness. Just now, although it was the first time, there is no strangeness.
  "Phantom separation is great. With the blood capacity of the Phantom Black Bear, my strength has been greatly improved." Li Batian was secretly happy and full of expectations for the future.
  Having swallowed up the blood, his cultivation has not been improved, and his body has received limited reinforcement. However, he is satisfied that he can activate the blood vessel ability of the phantom black bear.
  Don't underestimate that it's just a phantom. It's not different from Benzu in appearance, smell or even smell. That's why Wild Dog King can't distinguish it.
  Even according to the inheritance and memory in his mind, the phantom identity can be cultivated to the highest level, and even can be differentiated into a real identity equal to that of his own self-respect, but this identity has only the strength of a war.
  Having acquired the phantom identity, Li Batian began to integrate the phantom identity with his own practices, and to show the greatest effect of phantom identity as far as possible.
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