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第二十八章 剑魔!

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  Su Peiyuan, a sword-carrying man, stood there with cold eyes and scanned the traces of battle in the open camp in the periphery of Changbai Mountain.
  "Sir, the police dog has detected the direction of the mob's escape." A well-armed Wolf-tooth Special Soldier, holding a fierce wolf dog, respectfully declared.
  "Well, lead the way."
  Su Peiyuan nodded calmly. The fierce breath from his body made him afraid to approach even the ferocious wolf dog.
  Three hours later, Su Peiyuan and others came to the central part of Changbai Mountains and followed the ferocious wolf dogs that had been advancing along the scent. When they came here, they began to circle in situ, with a deep whine in their mouth and a look of fear in their eyes.
  No matter what the Wolf-tooth Special Forces urge, they refuse to move forward.
  Glancing at the terrified wolf dog, Su Peiyuan waved to the Wolf Tooth Special Forces and said, "Okay, go back and leave the rest to me."
  The breath of monsters and beasts for the general beasts, are afraid to hide, that is, the military wolf dog after special cruel training, will power is much stronger than the general wolf dog, this can always follow the smell to catch up here.
  From the beginning, Su Peiyuan did not think that wolfhounds could take them to the monster's nest.
  The Wolf Tooth Special Soldier left with the Wolf Dog. Su Peiyuan glanced coldly ahead and reached for the handle of the ancient sword behind him.
  The sound of the impact of gold and stone sounded, and a cold light flashed through the forest. By the time the cold light disappeared, Su Peiyuan had added a simple and sharp sword to his hand.
  If you look carefully, you will find that the ancient sword in his hand is made of non-iron, non-copper materials, and even can see a texture on it.
  The ancient long sword emerged from the body of the sword and immediately trembled slightly, making a deep humming sound.
  The name of his sword is Cutting the Demon Sword, which is melted from the bones of various demons and beasts. After training, he drank the blood of demons and beasts, so that the sword is still spiritual. It can sense the breath of demons and beasts, and has great power.
  With this demon-cutting sword, Su Peiyuan was built as a mercury-like peak of Qi and Blood. Even the ancient warriors in the early days of the flood of Qi and Blood were not his opponents.
  In the cave, Li Batian crawled on the ground, quietly tempering the blood and gas in his body.
  Unlike in the past, today he is unable to enter the state of cultivation, and his mind can not maintain enough peace.
  "What's the matter? Why do I feel uneasy in my heart? Is there anything to happen?" He thought to himself that Li Batian shook his head somewhat depressed, and this unknown uneasiness made him feel very upset.
  At the entrance of the cave, there was a deep and vigilant bark from the King of Wild Dogs, and Li Batian stood up fiercely from the ground.
  Not only the King of Wild Dogs, but he also sensed a strong breath coming closer and closer, and finally understood why he felt uneasy all the time.
  He pacified the little snow tiger with the same hair beside him and let it stay in the cave. Li Batian stepped out of the cave.
  As soon as we arrived at the entrance of the cave, a dark shadow came out of the forest ahead.
  At that moment, Li Batian's pupil shrank involuntarily, reflecting Su Peiyuan's figure with a demon sword in his pupil.
  "It's him!" Li Batian muttered to himself, and his eyes showed a touch of dignity.
  As a master of swordsmanship, he is no stranger to Su Peiyuan, a swordsman who is also good at swordsmanship.
  The two even had a battle, when Su Peiyuan, the swordsman in full swing, tried to challenge his title as the first person in swordsmanship, and was seriously wounded and defeated by him.
  Su Peiyuan, a fierce and cruel swordsman, will surely redouble his humiliation when he fails. The relationship between them can be said to be hostile.
  And when he was framed by the Presbyterian Society, Su Peiyuan, the sword demon, was once a member of the pursuer.
  When the enemy saw Su Peiyuan, Li Batian couldn't suppress the rising murder in his heart and stared at Su Peiyuan ferociously.
  "Unexpectedly, there are two monsters. No wonder Wang Biao can be killed. Just as my sword is hungry and thirsty, I feed my sword with the blood of your two monsters."
  Su Peiyuan, the swordsman, glanced coldly at Li Batian and the Wild Dog King, smiled confidently and cruelly, and hummed his sword in his hands, as if he could not wait to drink blood.
  Hearing the buzzing voice, Li Batian turned his eyes to Su Peiyuan's demon-cutting sword, with a flicker of fear in his eyes.
  Cutting demon sword is absolutely the enemy of demons and beasts. When facing beasts, it can erupt 200% of its power. Even Li Batian's physical defense has no self-confidence to resist cutting demon sword.
  It is not Li Batian's decision whether to fight or not at this moment. There is a little snow tiger in the cave. He can only fight to the death.
  Think of here, Li Batian's eyes become firm, burst out with a violent and domineering atmosphere, without hesitation to take the lead in launching attacks.
  Seeing the galloping Li Batian, the swordsman Su Peiyuan's face changed slightly.
  He did not expect a black bear monster to be so fast that he doubted that it was not a black bear but a cheetah.
  Li Batian, who ran at full speed, turned into a dark shadow and appeared in the blink of an eye in front of Su Peiyuan, the swordsman.
  When the bear's paw waved, the sharp claw blade ejected from it, like a knife glittering with cold light.
  Su Peiyuan, the sword demon, was frightened but not panicked. He did not even retreat. He waved his demon sword and cut it off at Li Batian's bear claw.
  "Cut me off!"
  In the soft drink of Su Peiyuan, the devil's sword was cut on the edge of the bear's claw.
  The sound of steel crashing sounded. Su Peiyuan, who was confident, flew out with an ugly face and rushed into his body along the blade.
  "How could it be that the black bear's claws could not be cut off with the demon sword?" Flying upside down in mid-air, Su Peiyuan's heart is still a little unbelievable.
  He knows the sharpness of the demon sword most clearly, but especially when facing the demon beast, it is more powerful.
  It turned out to be quite different from what he had imagined, and the strength of the black bear caught him off guard.
  Taking advantage of his illness, Li Batian glanced at his sharp claws, which had been cut off by a sword mark, and continued to rush up with great certainty.
  The wild dog king on the other side, with a roar, took the lead in catching up with Su Peiyuan's flying backwards.
  In the face of the wild dog king, Su Pei Yuan's face was gloomy and cold, and his sword was trembling rapidly, sending out a terrifying and fierce breath all over his body.
  "No, the King of the Wild Dog will come back soon."
  Feeling Su Peiyuan's frightening and fierce breath, Li Batian's face suddenly changed, and the scene of the war with Su Peiyuan appeared in his mind. He opened his mouth and gave a sharp roar, but it was too late.
  Before his figure fell to the ground, Su Peiyuan's whole man whirled violently. The demon-cutting sword in his hand turned into a sharp gear and rolled up the light of the swords in the sky.
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