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第三十章 引诱!(第二更!)

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  "No, sooner or later Su Peiyuan will catch up with us if we go on like this." Feeling the intense pain from the back wound, Li Batian gritted his teeth and thought.
  It was then that he had a flash of inspiration in his mind. He changed the direction of his running and fled North instead.
  "Damn the black bear, run away, run away, I want to see where you can escape!"
  Behind Li Batian, tens of meters away, Su Peiyuan was like a sword, shuttling through the woods, his eyes were dark and terrible, and his mouth was bleeding.
  Su Peiyuan's heart was burning with rage at the moment, and he wanted to rush to break Li Batian's corpse into pieces immediately. Even with the protection of his body armor, the blow just now still made him suffer a lot of internal injuries, and his internal organs were secretly broken, which he had never thought of before he came.
  After catching up, Su Peiyuan reached into his arms and took out a jade bottle.
  The plug was opened and a faint fragrance spread through it.
  Su Peiyuan reluctantly glanced at the peanut-sized pills in the jade bottle and poured them into his mouth with a somber look.
  After swallowing the pills, Su Peiyuan's weak expression gradually improved over time, and his breath was also increasing.
  "I wasted a life-saving pill. Damn the black bear, I won't let you die so easily." Recovering his body injury, Su Peiyuan thought bitterly, looking cruelly at the direction of Li Batian's escape ahead.
  The pills Su Peiyuan swallowed just now were obtained at a great cost. They were made of medicines of Tiancai and Dibao grade. They were enough to save his life in times of crisis. As a result, he never expected to take them under such circumstances.
  It's almost an hour since I ran after him in a twinkling of an eye.
  With the recovery of the pills, Su Peiyuan's injuries have improved by more than half, and the speed of catching up is getting faster and faster. The distance between the two sides has been narrowed to only a dozen meters.
  Breathing heavily, Li Batian did not have the slightest discouragement in his eyes. Although he had no pills, his physical quality was far from Su Peiyuan's.
  With such a rapid run, the injury is still recovering slowly and not far from his destination.
  Soon a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides appeared in Li Batian's sight, which inspired him, regardless of the back injury, suddenly burst out of his limit speed.
  Su Peiyuan, who was chasing after him, was stunned to see Li Batian burst out suddenly.
  By the time he responded, Li Batian had rushed into the valley surrounded by mountains on three sides as fast as he could.
  "Hoo hoo!"
  In the woods of the valley, Li Batian lay exhausted on the ground, breathing like a broken bellows. The scarred wound on his back broke apart again under his rapid running, and his black hair was dyed red with blood.
  Li Batian, who breathed heavily and lost too much blood to cause some dizziness, rushed to run the Dragon Elephant Pravlough, adjusted his breathing and blood in his body, and turned his head through the leaves to look at the valley mouth.
  Almost as he looked toward the valley mouth, Su Peiyuan's figure rushed in from the valley mouth.
  Standing at the mouth of the valley, Su Peiyuan scanned the valley with cold and gloomy eyes, but found no trace of Li Batian.
  At that moment, a striking vine in his sight suddenly attracted his attention.
  As an experienced ancient martial artist, Su Peiyuan travels all the year round in the mountains, killing many monsters and beasts with his demon-cutting sword. Naturally, he also encounters some natural treasures. He can see at a glance that the vine plants are different.
  Especially the two bloody red fruits on vines make Su Peiyuan's heart beat faster.
  Smell the scent in the air of the valley, that kind of spiritual inspiration, the whole body cells boiling up the feeling, let Su Peiyuan whole people excited up.
  "Jingpin, this is absolutely a top-quality natural treasure. I didn't expect there would be such a top-quality treasure in such a place. This time it was really sent out."
  Su Peiyuan has also seen some elixirs of Tiancai Dibao, but he has never met Tiancai Dibao, which can change people's body just by smelling the odor. This alone is enough to show the preciousness of the two bloody red fruits in front of his eyes.
  Previously, he was distressed to swallow the life-saving pills, but now he has long forgotten that he can get these two blood-red fruits, enough to fully compensate for his loss.
  What excites him most is that, smelling the fragrance of blood, he finds that the bottleneck that has plagued him for many years has loosened.
  As long as he gets two bold results, he is confident that he can break through the realm of vigor and blood. At that time, his strength will have a qualitative leap.
  For every ancient martial artist who practices Chinese martial arts, the promotion of practice is always the thing they miss most.
  "Be sure to get it. It's mine."
  Staring at XueMingteng and XueMingGuo, Su Peiyuan cried eagerly in his heart, and his eyes were filled with greedy desire.
  As for Li Batian, who has been pursued by him, Su Peiyuan left behind. Anyway, the valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides, all of which are steep cliffs. There is only one valley exit. He does not need to worry that Li Batian will escape without his knowledge.
  No matter how calm a person is, he will lose his original calmness when he is faced with enough temptation.
  Now Su Peiyuan belongs to this type. For him, breaking through the bottleneck is the most important thing he wants to accomplish.
  In the face of blood, he has been unable to control his calm down.
  Su Peiyuan's eyes were entirely attracted by his blood, and no black hole was found below the dark black rock wall.
  Excited laughter, Su Peiyuan's legs slightly bent, the ground beneath his feet sagged, the whole person like a spring ejection, straight into the blood of more than a dozen meters away.
  With a force borrowed from the rock wall, Su Peiyuan's heart could not help beating faster as the distance of more than ten meters blinked and the blood-red fruit was close at hand.
  At this moment, the sound of ghostly crying bursting into the air suddenly sounded, ready to reach out to take the blood fruit of Su Peiyuan, the whole body stood hairy, a chill from the tail gush all over the body.
  At the critical moment, Su Peiyuan had no time to gather blood and nuts, but could only pedal on the rock wall with both feet and run out obliquely to the right.
  Su Peiyuan, in mid-air, turned his head and stared at the huge object in his sight, which shocked his position.
  A stunning green Python has a big mouth and two poisonous teeth. If he is later, he will become the food for the green python.