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第三十二章 拼死一战!(求收藏!)

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  "Cut by lightning!"
  The brilliant and shining sword flashed, the speed was like a flash of lightning, Li Batian's forward body suddenly stopped.
  Li Batian, struck by lightning, collapsed in an instant and disappeared in the position he had just stood.
  Almost at the same time as the phantom collapsed, Li Batian's figure appeared in front of Su Peiyuan, who was five or six meters away from the exhibition.
  "No, no, no!" Su Peiyuan screamed in horror, his eyes full of unwillingness.
  If he was not in a state of madness, he completely forgot that Li Batian had the ability of phantom separation. With the combination of human sword and lightning, Li Batian would be the first to be killed.
  Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in the world, and if he is not in a state of madness, he may not be able to achieve the state of unity of man and sword.
  "Dead, dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!" Li Batian's mouth was full of ferocity, and his basin-sized claws clapped like Mount Tai's top.
  Supported by the fury of dragon elephants, Li Batian's strength was horrible. Su Peiyuan's figure was like a compressed biscuit, which was instantly photographed on the ground.
  The ground trembled violently. The ground around the bear's claws sank and cracks spread in all directions.
  "Gollum!" Bright red blood gushes out like a spring, dyeing the ground red.
  The bear's paw was taken away, and huge paw prints appeared on the ground. In the depressed paw prints, blood was already full of blood. As for Su Peiyuan, he could not see the human figure at all. From a distance, it was like a pool of flesh and blood.
  "King Wild Dog, I finally avenged you."
  Looking at the tragic death of Su Peiyuan, Li Batian did not have much pleasure in hunting, after all, it was the life of the Wild Dog King that was paid for.
  "Hoarse!" The King of Python, who came after him, puffed the snake letter and broke the golden pupil with hatred, rushed to Li Batian without hesitation.
  It has not forgotten that the black bear robbed a mature fruit of blood, and the enemy naturally blushed when they met.
  "Seek death!" The sad Li Batian roared with a roar. He was worried that he had no chance to vent. While the King of Python rushed towards himself, he roared head-on.
  Li Batian, who exhibited the rage of dragon elephants, grew so powerful that he was not afraid to face the king of pythons.
  Two giant beasts roaring and fighting in the valley, whether King Python or Li Batian, have gone mad. They all went to hell in any way, just thinking about how to kill each other.
  The king of pythons entwined Li Batian. His strong body contracted and twisted, and he erupted an amazing strangulation force. With his strong body, Li Batian was rattled by the skeleton of Li Batian's body.
  "Roar!" Li Batian, with bloody eyes, roared. A pair of bear claws clutched the king python's head tightly, and opened their mouth to bite it on its head.
  Blood splashed everywhere, two huge beasts tangled together, rolling and beating in the valley
  .  “轰轰轰!”沉闷的撞击声在山谷中回荡,光听声音就足以想象得出战斗有多么惨烈。
  "Bombardment!" The dull crash echoes in the valley, and the sound alone is enough to imagine how terrible the battle is.
  "Hoarse!" The Python King, unable to show his poisonous teeth, finally fell to the ground powerlessly in a sharp hoarse.
  The original ferocious boa constrictor's head, has been torn by Li Batian's flesh and blood blurred, the brains have been stirred into paste.
  "Touch!" At the same time that King Python died, Li Batian's body, like a giant, fell to the ground.
  Li Batian, who has more than doubled in size, is like a balloon that has been deflated, shrinking at a visible speed with the naked eye. In a short time, he will return to his original size.
  Li Batian, who displayed the wrath of dragon elephants, had exhausted almost all his strength. He was unable to lie down beside the body of King Python, and even breathed a little harder.
  "Hoarse!" When Li Batian was so weak that he could not even stand up, a python's hoarse voice came from a distance.
  After exhausting his last trace of strength, Li Batian turned his head and saw three pythons coming out of the cave, swam a dozen meters away, and hoarsed.
  "Are you going to die? It's not easy." Looking at the pythons in close proximity, Li Batian smiled helplessly.
  He did not die in the hands of Su Peiyuan, the swordsman, or in the mouth of King Python, but now he is going to die in the mouth of three ordinary pythons.
  At this moment, Li Batian has more than enough heart and less strength to stand up. He can only wait for the arrival of death quietly. He has died once and has no such fear of death.
  "Little Snow Tiger!" The heart muttered to itself, Li Batian's eyes showed reluctance.
  After waiting for a long time, the hoarse voice kept coming out of the pythons, but no Python rushed forward.
  "What's the matter, isn't it?" Seeing this situation, Li Batian came up with an idea in his mind.
  This group of pythons did not come forward to kill him, probably because of the existence of the python king nearby. Although the python king has been killed, the breath of the king still has a strong deterrent effect on the python group, especially the group of pythons have been living under the perverse threat of the king of pythons, instinctively. It will have a strong sense of awe for King Python.
  After observing for a while, Li Batian finally decided on his own idea.
  He wasn't sure how long the dead King Python could be deterred, but the situation was not so desperate at all. While a crowd of Python King was deterred by the body of the King Python, Li Batian urged the weak blood in his body to recover his wounds and strength as quickly as possible.
  Dragon-elephant rage is classified as a taboo outbreak tactic. Once carried out, the sequelae are much stronger than the boiling of blood and gas.
  In addition to the weakness of the body, just now the body gas and blood eruption, the body has nearly doubled, the body's muscles and bones, and even viscera, have a great damage.
  He had not noticed it before in despair, but now he is recovering actively. Only then can he find out that his body is in a mess.
  With the desire for life, despite his abnormal poor health, Li Batian did not give up, constantly urging the blood in his body, moistening and repairing the injured body.
  In a twinkling of an hour, Li Batian's physical injury has only improved a little, because of his strong physical resilience.
  With the passage of time, the sky gradually darkened, and the breath emanating from the King Python gradually faded. In addition, the night Python will be particularly excited, so that the three pythons that originally hovered over a dozen meters began to stir up.