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第三十六章 热感应扫描!

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  Li Batian, who was immersed in practice, was awakened, but he did not relax. Although he did not understand what was going on, he was not foolish enough to give up the opportunity.
  The Li Batian in the woods seems to be a silver-white giant egg, which shines a bright light on the whole woods, from which there are bursts of thunder-like sounds.
  This situation lasted for hours.
  A loud and aggressive roar burst out.
  Accompanied by a cracking sound, the silver eggs burst open, revealing Li Batian's dignified body, a striking round of silver moon pattern revealed in front of his chest.
  A surge of air surged in all directions, and the trees, flowers and plants around swayed one after another.
  Closed binocular Li Batian opened his eyes, bursting out with two silver rays, eyes with a strong excitement.
  Stimulated by the change of the silvery crescent pattern in front of his chest, his practice has been greatly improved. It is only one step away from the later stage of blood and gas, such as mercury, and even a few days'closure can make a smooth breakthrough.
  It would take at least a month to accumulate in normal times, and now it takes only a few days to do so.
  However, the growth of Xiuwei was not the main reason for his excitement. Most importantly, he finally activated the blood vessel ability of the moon bear under the strengthening of the last blood fruit.
  Before that, he did not have much confidence in himself, after all, such a natural treasure is not omnipotent, taking more body will produce a situation similar to drug resistance.
  The first one can stimulate the blood vessel ability of the phantom black bear, but the latter two together may not be able to activate.
  Successfully stimulated the blood vessel capacity of the moon bear again, Li Batian's strength has entered a new level.
  Now he is facing Su Peiyuan in his heyday, and he has already had the strength to fight in World War I, even enough to kill Su Peiyuan head-on.
  After eating a nutritious snake breakfast, Li Batian did not stay in the Python Valley. He could not rest assured of the comfort of Snow Tiger. Now his strength has greatly increased. He decided to go back to the cave where he lived.
  By virtue of the evolution of two blood lines, besides having two different blood lines, physical fitness has been greatly improved, speed has improved, shuttle in the mountains and forests, is more flexible than apes, faster than cheetahs.
  "There seems to be a lot of people's breath."
  Near the cave where he lived before, Li Batian smelled the strong odor in the air.
  At the top of a nearby hill, Li Batian looked down at the cave where he lived. In his sight, a burly Wolf's tooth special soldier surrounded the cave with machine guns in his hands.
  Looking at the scene, his heart burst into anger.
  It's his home anyway. Now his home is surrounded by others, which makes him feel uncomfortable.
  Pushing down his anger, Li Batian watched it carefully for a while and found that things did not seem as simple as he had imagined. He could see the tents built nearby, obviously intending to stay here for a long time.
  In his heart, he thought to himself that Li Batian was keeping up with one of the special forces who seemed to be changing posts.
  After more than an hour's shuttle in the mountains, a team of Wolf-tooth Special Forces came to the periphery of Changbai Mountain.
  When we saw the destination of the Wolf tooth Special Forces, Li Batian's pupil contracted slightly.
  In just a few days, a simple base has been built in the original open space, and although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. He can see all kinds of military equipment, and even a small plane with three or four people. If the mountain forest is not suitable for tank activities, it is estimated that even the tank will come here.
  "It seems that the people in the army are determined to find me, and they have no hesitation in garrisoning in the Changbai Mountains." Looking down at the busy base under him, Li Batian's eyes were full of a sudden chill.
  If he had enough strength now, he really wanted to destroy the military base in front of him, and there was murder in his heart.
  But he did not know that danger was creeping in.
  In the center of the Special Forces Simple Base, a huge tent was set up, in which a professional was busy with various instruments.
  Not far from the crowd, a middle-aged man in a special military uniform sat upright with a terrifying breath and a fierce eye like a wolf.
  This man is no one else, but the captain of the Wolverine Special Forces Corps. He was given the nickname "Poisonous Wolf". His cruel and crazy style of action made him have a great deterrent both abroad and in the Wolverine Special Forces Corps.
  "Captain, the thermal sensor has been installed." A professional runs up to the poisonous wolf with a respectful and fearful salute.
  Glancing at the professionals, the poisonous wolf nodded hoarsely and gloomily, "Very well, open it immediately and scan everything that can be biologically."
  "Yes, Captain." Professionals hurried to nervous way, just by the poisonous wolf's eyes swept, let him feel a thrill.
  With the order of the poisonous wolf passed down, a group of professionals immediately debugged and opened, and soon the invisible thermal induction scanning centered on the special forces base, spread in all directions.
  On the display of the thermal induction device, you can see the flashing red dots of thermal energy.
  As long as it is a warm-blooded organism, it will appear within the scope of scanning, and the more powerful the organism is, the stronger the thermal energy reflection is.
  Li Batian, only a few hundred meters away from the Special Forces Base, raised his head fiercely and glanced around with some surprise. Just now, he felt as if something had swept past him, but when he felt it carefully, he could not feel anything.
  "Is it my illusion?" Surprised to think, Li Batian did not take this seriously, take back the sight of the special forces base, thinking about his next plan.
  "What a strong thermal energy reflection, Captain. Look, hundreds of meters north of our base, there's a huge thermal energy reflection. It's amazing."
  In the central tent of the Special Forces Base, the professionals reported earlier exclaimed with enlarged pupils.
  In his sight, there are hundreds of flashing red dots on the display screen. The brightness and size of the red dots are different, but one of them is far more than the other hundreds of red dots, like a drop of blood shining bright red light.
  The startled poisonous wolf immediately went up and saw the bright red dot, and could not help but be stunned in its place.
  "Immediately magnify this thermal energy reflection and draw a specific thermal induction image." Looking back, the poisonous wolf calmly ordered.
  The wake-up professionals immediately began to debug, and soon hundreds of other red dots disappeared, leaving only the shining and huge red dots, the shape of which is constantly elongating and deforming.
  In a twinkling of an eye, the circular red dot changes into the shape of a beast. If you look closely, you will find that it is very much like a standing bear creature.