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第三十七章 被包饺子!(求收藏!)

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  Seeing the pattern on the screen, the pupil of the poisonous wolf shrank sharply.
  As the captain of Langya Special Forces Corps, Poisonous Wolf is not only an excellent Special Forces Corps, but also an ancient martial arts training. Otherwise, it is impossible to sit in the position of captain of a large number of capable special forces Corps.
  For the things of the ancient martial arts, he still knows better. He can produce such a large thermal energy reflection on the thermal energy sensor. Only the powerful ancient martial arts or monsters can do it. And the red thermal images show that he can confirm that the other side is absolutely a monster.
  "Send a miniature reconnaissance aircraft to investigate immediately, remember not to frighten snakes, try to shoot a picture at a higher distance from the ground." After a moment's meditation, the poisonous wolf gave the order decisively.
  Soon a tiny reconnaissance plane smaller than a toy plane flew into the air, and at a height that was barely visible from the ground, began shooting and reconnaissance of the location of the thermal energy reflection.
  Li Batian, immersed in thinking, did not notice this. After all, the miniature reconnaissance fuselage was 100 meters high.
  Soon Li Batian's image appeared on the monitor in the central tent of the base. After comparing the photos given by Lei Wanshan before, the wolf and others were surprised to find that the black bear in front of them was the one they were looking for.
  "Great captain. I didn't expect that black bear would dare to come and go near our base. Now let's send troops directly to our base. It's absolutely easy to accomplish the task." The others around him were exclaiming with joy.
  The poisonous wolf stared at Li Batian's figure on the monitor like a torch. After thinking about it, he shook his head. As an ancient warrior, he naturally understood the power of the mutant monster.
  This task is the death order directly issued by Lei Junjun. It can be imagined that the importance of the task, even related to his future career, must not be lost.
  "For the time being, don't alarm it, let the miniature reconnaissance secretly monitor its whereabouts, and contact the search teams outside, so that they can surround it in all directions at the fastest speed. There must be no mistake."
  Although it was not clear why the poisonous wolves were so popular, no one dared to question it and immediately began to contact the Wolverine Special Forces outside.
  While Langya Special Forces gathered from all sides and surrounded Li Batian, Leiwanshan was also reported from the Langya Special Forces Brigade in the Northeast Military Base.
  "What, the Wolverine Special Forces found the black bear and showed it to me!" Hearing the report from the male assistant of the golden glasses, Lei Wanshan suddenly rose from his seat and got very excited.
  After seeing the transmitted video, Lei Wanshan's hands began to tremble and his eyes were full of vicious killings.
  "Very good, very good, God helps me too, this time I see how you escape!" Muttering to himself, Lei Wanshan almost madly laughed.
  Facing the man with golden glasses, when he saw the crazy situation of Mount Leiwan, he could not help beating drums in his heart. For the first time, he saw the image of Mount Leiwan. The ferocious look made people feel chilly when they saw it.
  "Immediately order the satellite to lock the target and inform the missile system to prepare for missile positioning bombing." Shut up the laughter, Lei Wanshan's eyes gloomy way.
  Originally, when I saw the appearance of the madman in Mount Leiwan, there were some men with golden glasses who were chilling in their hearts and trembling fiercely at the sound of their words and minds.
  "Commander of the army, launching missiles without any reason is not a trivial matter. Also ask the commander to think twice."
  Missiles are the strategic resources of a country. Apart from the necessary experiments, they can not be used casually. If they are not properly handled, they may even attract international public opinion.
  "Can't you understand me? This is an order!" The crazy Lei Wan Shan did not listen to the advice of the man with gold glasses at all and drank with cold eyes.
  "Yes, captain!" Golden Glasses Man saluted the military salute helplessly and hesitated for a moment. "But the commander, there's another thing. You also know that there is a certain deviation in missile positioning, and it's very likely to injure the people of the Langya Special Forces by mistake."
  After meditating for a while, Lei Wanshan's eyes flashed a fierce streak: "Notify the Langya Special Forces Corps to withdraw one second before the missile launches."
  Hearing the words, the man with gold glasses clucked at his heart. I don't know why he always felt a little uneasy.
  "Well, I hope the Wolf tooth Special Forces can withdraw in time!"
  Regarding Lei Wanshan's decision, not only Li Batian, but also poisonous wolves and others are still carrying out their own dumpling making plan.
  The Langya Special Forces is worthy of being the first-class special forces in China. It took only ten minutes for them to arrive from all directions and surround Li Batian.
  Although the surrounded special forces had been concealed as far as possible, and were several dozen meters away, they still could not escape Li Batian's induction.
  Li Batian, who was thinking about it, raised his head violently. A cold light was shining in the pupils of a pair of beasts, and he glanced at the mountains around him.
  "I didn't bother them, but I didn't expect them to come to my house automatically. It's still a long way from trying to surround me." Sensing the deployment of the Langya Special Forces, Li Batian's mouth turned up with a sneer.
  Before awakening the blood of the moon bear, he might have been worried about machine gun fire, but now he has enough confidence to deal with it.
  Leading the base's people, poisonous wolves and others completely surrounded Li Batian in the middle. Everyone was armed with a military submachine gun, no hand grenades around his waist, and one of them was carrying a portable rocket launcher on his shoulder.
  Glancing at the special forces around him, the poisonous wolf was filled with excitement and confidence.
  It's the first time for him to kill a powerful monster in a minute, and if he finishes this task, his previous application for promotion will surely pass, and his future career will be open.
  "Black bear and monster, die well."
  The poisonous wolf showed a grin on his face and sent out an attack command through the wireless headset.
  Receiving instructions from poisonous wolves, the surrounding Wolf Tooth Special Forces began to rapidly shrink the encirclement ring and compress the space where Li Batian was located.
  In a twinkling of an eye, a group of special forces has appeared more than ten meters away from Li Batian.
  "Do you want to do it?" Sensing the action of the Wolf-tooth Special Forces, Li Batian thought in his heart that a chill sprang up from his body and burst out without hesitation.
  "Bang bang bang!"
  Almost as soon as Li Batian left, there were four more bullet holes in the ground where he was before.
  Around the four directions of the tree, four blockers with blocker guns were shocked, they did not expect their blockade will all fall.
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