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第三十四章 修为大增!

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  "The effect of a snake gall is general. I don't believe that a dozen snake galls combined have no effect!" Thinking of this, Li Batian swallowed five snake galls in a row.
  Five snakes'gall bladder fell down and immediately released a strong drug. Their bodies became warm again, and their blood and gas were rolling like stimulants.
  Even the rate of recovery of his injuries has improved significantly.
  Sensing the changes in his body, Li Batian was delighted in his heart and tried his best to run the Dragon elephant like Prajna, while continuing to swallow the rest of the gallbladder, so that his current physical quality did not need to worry about the gallbladder's medicinal power would be too strong.
  When snake gall swallowed down, Li Batian's blood and gas burned like an oven, stimulating the body's own resilience, and thunderous sounds came from his body.
  If there is a mutant monster nearby at the moment, it will be attracted by the strong gas and blood emanating from Li Batian.
  For mutant monsters, people like this bloody man are like blood holes in the eyes of mosquitoes, with deadly attraction.
  After a while, more than a dozen snake gall bladders were swallowed by Li Batian, radiating hot heat all over his body, and silky white heat rose between his hair.
  The effect of the snake's gallbladder to cut down its hair and wash its pulp is demonstrated at this moment. With the thunder-like sound coming out of his body, the muddy and fishy odor gushes out in his breathing room.
  Every breath of muddy fishy gas, Li Batian's body in the operation of the blood on a smooth, rolling under, issued a more loud thunder.
  Qi and blood, such as mercury, have been consolidated in the early stage. Now, with more than a dozen snake gallbladders being hacked and marrow washed, Li Batian can feel that Xiu is rising slowly, and has a tendency to upgrade to the middle stage of Qi and blood, such as mercury.
  Opening his eyes and glancing at the only fist-sized king snake gall on the ground, Li Batian's eyes glimmered with determination.
  Although the medicine of King Snake Gallbladder must be very strong, his injured body may not be able to withstand, but the opportunity is fleeting, now is the best chance to break through, once missed, it will take a while to break through again.
  Grabbing the king snake gall, Li Batian swallowed it in one gulp. A bitter but sweet odor filled his mouth.
  Just swallowed for a while, Li Batian's body shocked violently, and a painful roar came out of his mouth. His body became stiff.
  The medicine of snake king gall is beyond his imagination. The instant eruption of medicine is like a volcanic eruption. It spreads all over his body in an instant, even the bones seem to be melting away.
  Li Batian's body is expanding and contracting constantly. His blood and Qi are like a wild horse running like a runaway horse. That is to say, his physical fitness is super strong. Generally, ancient warriors are expected to have died of explosion long ago.
  The thunderous roar was constantly coming out of the woods, not to mention that there were no other beasts around who came to smell the bloody smell. Even if they came, they would probably be frightened to flee.
  It lasted for nearly half an hour, and the thunderous sound gradually died down.
  Excited and hegemonic roaring sounded, and a dark shadow leaped out of the woods.
  The strong black figure is Li Batian who swallowed the gall bladder of King Snake.
  It's just that he's breathing stronger than he was in his heyday than he was an hour ago, and his weakness has been wiped out.
  With the help of more than a dozen gallbladders and a king gallbladder comparable to Tiancai Dibao, he not only succeeded in breaking through to the middle stage of blood and qi, but also recovered from previous internal injuries.
  "It stinks!" As soon as he recovered from his excitement, Li Batian smelled a smell that made him want to vomit.
  Holding his breath, he turned his head and glanced at his body. He saw the dark and shiny hair, covered with condensated dirt, and thick layers of dirt, which looked as if he had just climbed out of the mud pit.
  Seeing the dirt on his body, he was secretly happy.
  These dirt are accumulated in the body impurities, in more than a dozen snake gall plus King snake gall under the haircutting and marrow washing, are all discharged from the body, so that he will break through the realm of blood and Qi will be almost no bottleneck.
  Concerned about the safety of the Snow Tiger and the wild dog king whose life and death are unknown, Li Batian did not take the time to clean up the dirt on his body. After breaking through, he rushed to the circuit at full speed.
  Returning to the disaster-stricken cave, Li Batian's pupils contracted sharply, the body of King Wild Dog disappeared on the ground, leaving only a pool of dried blood, and the air was filled with the breath of several wild animals.
  Seeing this situation, Li Batian's first thought flashed through his mind, that is, the body of King Wild Dog was eaten by other wild animals, thinking that there was a surge of anger in his mind, and a terrifying outburst of murder all over his body.
  "No, if that's the case, at least some wreckage will be left behind."
  After a short period of anger, he soon calmed down, gathered up his murderous breath and marched into the cave.
  There was no Snow Tiger in the cave, which tightened his heart and immediately sniffed the air for the scent that had not yet dissipated.
  Soon he came to the river where he had fished, and the smell in the air disappeared completely.
  Standing by the river, Li Batian looked doubtful. When he was sniffing for scent just now, he found that there was not only the smell of snow tigers and other beasts, but also the smell of blood belonging to the King of Wild Dogs.
  "Didn't the Wild Dog King die?" Guessing in his heart, Li Batian shook his head again.
  Su Peiyuan's swordsmanship almost completely opened the King's stomach, so serious injury, even if he is only a dead end, let alone the King of Wild Dogs.
  Despite his anxiety, Li Batian did not confuse himself, but forced himself to calm down and analyze carefully.
  Snow tiger's body was not found after sniffing all the way. This shows that the situation of Snow Tiger is not necessarily very bad. Maybe it has escaped from the pursuit of other beasts.
  With that in mind, he began to search around.
  In a twinkling of an eye, Li Batian almost searched the surrounding area completely, and even explored the periphery of the camp blocked by the Wolf's tooth Special Forces. He did not leave until he was sure that the Snow Tiger had not fallen into the hands of the Wolf's tooth Special Forces.
  After waiting for another three days in the cave, Li Batian reluctantly left the cave and set out to return to the Python Valley.
  Originally he wanted to wait, but reason made him understand that it would be dangerous to do so.
  First Wang Biaoleibao and others, and then Su Peiyuan, as well as the Wolf-tooth Special Soldier residing in the camp outside Changbai Mountain, all show that this is not a coincidence.
  Li Batian could easily guess that Leibao, who was killed by himself before, had a great background in real life. Otherwise, he would not let four special forces, plus an ancient martial artist to protect it. Later, even the master of ancient martial arts such as Su Peiyuan, the sword demon, started to fight.
  Now he killed Su Peiyuan, the swordsman. Once he was known by his opponent, he would surely exert more powerful force.
  With its military background, it is even possible to use high-lethal thermal weapons such as missiles, and then it will really become fish on the cutting board, which can only be slaughtered.
  And in his heart has always been a firm idea that the little snow tiger is not dead, perhaps for some reasons temporarily unable to come back, sooner or later, they will meet again.
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