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第四十八章 苏醒的进化器!

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  After four days of closed-door practice, Li Batian's body has been filled with strong internal gas.
  Under the support of internal gas, there has been a qualitative leap in both physical fitness and sharpness of claws.
  有过一次突破经验的李霸天,可以感受到自己体内内气的澎湃与凝练,与当年自己还是人类的时候 相比,简直没有多少可比姓。
  Li Batian, who had a breakthrough experience, could feel the surge and conciseness of his internal gas. Compared with when he was a human being, there was hardly any comparable surname.
  这就是身体素质足够强大,基础足够牢固的好处,不管是内气的量还是凝练程度,都足以媲美人类 古武者气血如洪中期的修为。
  This is the advantage of strong physical fitness and solid foundation. Whether it is the amount of internal Qi or the degree of condensation, it is comparable to the practice of human ancient martial arts in the mid-term of "Qi and Blood Ruhong".
  If spread out, it is estimated that the whole world will be shocked by the ancient warriors, simply beyond the general knowledge of ancient warriors.
  In the long years, no one has tried to lay a solid foundation and accumulate their own quality and other aspects to the extreme.
  The final breakthrough, though stronger than the general ancient martial arts, is absolutely impossible to achieve such a terrible degree.
  要知道进入到气血如洪的境界,每突破一个小层次,都需要长时间的积累与磨练,远不是前面境界 突破可比的。
  We should know that when we enter the realm of blood and qi, we need to accumulate and hone for a long time every time we break through a small level, which is far from comparable to the previous realm breakthroughs.
  简单试验了一下自己突破后的实力,李霸天还是有些不满足,体内气血滚滚涌动,带动着内气涌遍 全身,一股澎湃的力量感充斥在他的身体中。
  After a simple test of his own breakthrough strength, Li Batian is still somewhat unsatisfied. His body is full of gas and blood, which drives the internal gas to flow all over his body. A surging sense of strength fills his body.
  还没等李霸天继续破坏环境,一股强大吸力就突然从他体内涌现,体内涌动的内气立刻就被吸收了 一小半。
  Before Li Batian continued to destroy the environment, a strong suction suddenly emerged from his body, and the internal gas surging in his body was immediately absorbed by half.
  "Here we go again!"
  Feeling this situation, Li Batian did not panic, his face showed a calm bitter smile.
  每次突破的时候,超智能生物进化器cp9都会吸收一次能量,简直比女人的大姨妈还要准时,他早就 已经习以为常。
  Every time a breakthrough occurs, the super-intelligent bio-evolutionary CP9 absorbs energy once, which is more punctual than a woman's great aunt. He has long been accustomed to it.
  相对于之前被吸的四肢发软,这一次却要好得多,超智能生物进化器cp9只吸收了三分之二的内气, 就停止了吸收。
  This time, it's much better than the weakening of the limbs that were sucked before. The super intelligent bio-evolutionary CP9 absorbed only two-thirds of the internal gas and stopped absorbing it.
  With previous experience, Li Batian did not care about two-thirds of the internal gas absorbed, which could be restored in just a few days.
  According to the previous rules, the super intelligent biological evolutionary cp9 absorbs enough energy, and then it can bring huge benefits to itself.
  "When the energy is absorbed, the super intelligent bio-evolutionary cp9 greets the host!"
  The mechanical voice sounded in my mind. Li Batian, who was full of expectations, was stunned.
  “进化器cp9,你是不是忘了什么事情,现在你吸收完内气,是不是应该帮助我激活更多的其他基因 啊。”
  "Evolver CP9, have you forgotten anything? Now that you have absorbed the internal gas, should it help me activate more other genes?"
  “主人已经激活了月熊与幻影黑熊的基因,体内潜藏的其他基因中并没有什么更好的基因,而且如 果激活太多的低级基因,对主人未来的进化会有很大障碍,低级基因过多,甚至会出现相互排斥的情况 ,cp9并不建议主人继续激活其他基因。”
  "The host has activated the genes of the moon bear and the phantom black bear. There is no better gene in the other genes hidden in the body. If too many low-level genes are activated, there will be great obstacles to the future evolution of the host. There are too many low-level genes and even mutually exclusive situations. CP9 does not recommend that the host continue to stimulate. Live other genes."
  "That's the way it is." Li Ba nodded his head naturally and his disappointment was better.
  Many things are too late, just like blood of different blood groups will coagulate if mixed together.
  “对了,我体内现在有月熊基因和幻影黑熊的基因,这样不会有什么问题吧。”想到这里,李霸天 有些紧张的问道。
  "By the way, I now have the moon bear gene and the phantom black bear gene in my body, so there won't be any problem." Thinking of this, Li Batian asked nervously.
  He didn't want to cry too late because of the strength enhancement in the early stage and the hidden danger in the later stage.
  “主人放心,有我在,两种低级基因并不会出现冲突,只要未来主人找到更高级的基因,cp9就能将 两种基因融入到高级基因中。”
  "The host is assured that with me, there will be no conflict between the two low-level genes. As long as the future host finds a higher-level gene, CP9 will be able to integrate the two genes into the high-level gene."
  "More advanced genes, what genes are stronger than those of moon bears and phantom black bears." Li Batian was curious.
  “茫茫宇宙孕育了无数生命,月熊与幻影黑熊只无数生命中很普通的两种生物,比之强大的熊类生 物还有很多,等到主人您的实力足够强大时,就能够找到更高级的熊类基因。”
  "The vast universe has nurtured countless lives. Moon bears and phantom black bears are only two common species in countless lives. There are many more powerful bear species than them. When your master is strong enough, you can find more advanced bear genes."
  Li Batian, holding a trace of expectation, turned his eyes gloomily when he heard his words, which is different from what he did not say.
  "Well, it looks like it's still up to you." With a deep feeling in his heart, the mechanical voice sounded again in his mind.
  “主人的身体,经过基因强化以及各方面的提升,已经达到了激活月熊血脉之力的标准,只要得到 月神石或者是水属姓的天材地宝,就能激活主人体内的月熊血脉之力。”
  "The host's body has reached the standard of activating the blood vessel of the moon bear through gene enhancement and various improvements. As long as you get the moon stone or the natural treasure with the surname of water, you can activate the blood vessel of the moon bear in the host's body."
  “月熊血脉之力?”雷啸天脑袋一头雾水,疑惑的问道:“之前不是已经激活了月熊血脉能力月熊 冲击了吗,月熊血脉之力又是什么!”
  "The strength of the moon bear's blood?" Thunderstorm in the sky head a mist, doubtful asked: "Before has not activated the ability of the lunar bear blood, lunar bear impact, what is the strength of the lunar bear blood!"
  “月熊冲击只是血脉衍生出来的一种技能,其本源力量则是月熊血脉之力,只有激活了月熊血脉之 力,才能够真正展现出月熊冲击的真正威力。”
  "The Moon Bear Shock is only a skill derived from the blood of the Moon Bear. Its original strength is the blood of the Moon Bear. Only by activating the blood of the Moon Bear, can the real power of the Moon Bear Shock be displayed."
  听完进化器cp9的话,李霸天恍然大悟,怪不得之前他施展月熊冲击的时候,总是感觉似乎少了点什 么。
  After listening to the words of CP9, Li Batian suddenly realized that it was no wonder that he always felt something less when he launched the Moon Bear Shock before.
  对于月熊血脉之力,他心中充满了期待,只是想到需要找寻月神石以及水属姓的天材地宝,他就一 阵头大。
  He was full of expectations about the strength of Yuexiong's blood. He was just thinking that he needed to find the moon stone and the natural treasures with the surname of water.
  不说水属姓的天材地宝,那都是可遇而不可求的宝物,光是月神石就让他摸不到头脑,从来就没有 听说过。
  Not to mention that the water belongs to the name of Tiantian Gebao, which is a treasure that can not be met but can not be sought. Lunar Stone alone makes him unable to touch his mind, and has never heard of it.
  受条件的限制,李霸天也只能放弃短时间内激活月熊血脉之力的想法,将精力转移到对体内内气的 修炼上。
  Limited by the conditions, Li Batian can only give up the idea of activating Yuexiong's blood in a short time and transfer his energy to the practice of internal qi.
  修为突破到气血如洪,李霸天的实力有了突飞猛进的进步,特别是体内多了一股内气,想要将这些 转化为战斗力,则是需要一段时间的磨练。
  In order to break through to such a great deal of energy and blood, Li Batian's strength has made rapid progress, especially in his body, there is an internal gas. It will take some time to turn these into combat effectiveness.
  To avoid damaging the environment of the valley, he placed the training ground in a forest outside the valley.
  Ever since he began practicing, the roar of the trees and the sound of the trees breaking up kept ringing.
  A few days later, by the time he felt comfortable, the dense woods had become a mess.
  Basically adapted to his surging strength, Li Batian was confident and ready to find several opponents to fight with real guns and live ammunition.
  Only a real fight can be repaired to a fully polished synthetic combat effectiveness.
  结果让他郁闷的是,在自己的这片领地找寻了一遍,他也没有找到一只像样的妖兽,唯一的几只妖 兽不是残疾兽士,就是战斗力无限接近于一般猛兽的普通货色。
  As a result, he was depressed that he had searched his territory once, and he had not found a decent monster. The only monsters were either disabled or had infinite combat power close to the general monster.
  These guys really don't interest him, they just stand in front of them, they can frighten their limbs soft.
  无奈的摇了摇头,李霸天只能前往其他的区域,花了三个多小时的时间,翻越了几座山脉,总算是 来到了一片让他感觉到陌生的山林。
  He shook his head helplessly. Li Batian could only go to other areas. It took him more than three hours to climb several mountains and finally came to a forest which made him feel strange.
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