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第四十二章 猥琐的缩头乌龟!

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  原本李霸天对于这只巨龟,有些不知道该怎么下手,现在被巨龟阴了一下,一下子就激起了他的怒 火。
  Originally Li Batian did not know how to start with this giant tortoise, but now he was shadowed by the giant tortoise, which immediately aroused his anger.
  "Good boy, dare to shame me me, see I don't kill you."
  凝视着巨龟,李霸天目光中爆射出凌厉杀意,体内气血滚滚涌动,身上散发出一股重如泰山的气势 ,脚步沉重的迈步前行。
  Staring at the giant tortoise, Li Batian's eyes burst with fierce killing intentions, blood and gas surging in his body, sending out a momentum as heavy as Mount Tai, striding forward with heavy steps.
  "Bang bang bang!"
  沉闷而压抑的脚步声响起,每一脚落地,都会在青石地面上踩出清晰可见的脚印,巨大力量让地面 都在颤动。
  Depressed and repressed footsteps sound, each foot landing, will step on the bluestone ground clearly visible footprints, tremendous force makes the ground tremble.
  此刻李霸天施展出来的正是象王步,每一步落下都仿佛有一柄无形大锤敲在巨龟的身心上,那种巨 大的压力,令气势汹汹的巨龟都忍不住向后倒退了一步。
  At this moment, Li Batian displayed just like Wang Bu. Every step fell like an invisible hammer on the body and mind of the giant tortoise. The huge pressure made the fierce tortoise unable to resist a step backward.
  巨龟毕竟不是当初的巨蟒护卫,不管是实力还是防御力都不是一个档次的,在象王步对身心的压力 下,依旧没有丧失战斗意志,很快就恢复了过来,嘶叫着再次伸长自己的脖子。
  After all, the giant turtle is not the original Python guard, whether strength or defense is not a grade, under the pressure of Wang Bu on the body and mind, still did not lose the will to fight, quickly recovered, screaming and stretching his neck again.
  危险气息弥漫开来,那种毛骨悚然的感觉再次涌上李霸天的心头,早就有所心理准备的他,并没有 因此而惊慌,反而淡定的继续迈步上前。
  Dangerous breath spread, the thrilling feeling once again surged into Li Batian's mind. He had been prepared for it for a long time. Instead of panicking, he stepped forward calmly.
  巨龟伸长的脖子猛然收缩,狰狞的嘴巴张开,一股锐利如长矛般的水流喷涌而出,速度之快,犹如 一道流光
  The tortoise's elongated neck shrank sharply, its fierce mouth opened, and a sharp spear-like water gushed out at a speed as fast as a streamer.
  Li Batian, ten meters away from the other side, was instantly pierced by the spear-like current, and then the pierced Li Batian collapsed and dissipated.
  This is just a phantom. The real Li Batian has already displayed the dragon body swimming method and rushed to the giant tortoise in a winding way.
  "The dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!"
  The giant bear paw soared one point, and the speed was amazing, clapping at the head of the giant turtle.
  经过这些日子的磨练,他的龙象开山掌已经修炼到了第六层,一掌下去足有近百分之六十的加成, 恐怖力道一旦拍中,巨龟脑袋绝对会被拍的稀巴烂。
  After these days of training, his dragon elephant's opening palm has been trained to the sixth floor, a palm down nearly 60% of the increase, once the horror power of the way, the head of the giant turtle will absolutely be photographed sparsely.
  There was a tremor on the ground, a surge of strength, a giant tortoise of huge size, and a staggering body.
  "Damn it!" Feeling the strong anti-seismic force, Li Batian's heart secretly angry.
  In sight, the head of the giant tortoise completely shrank into the shell, and the hand just clapped on the shell of the giant tortoise.
  只是让李霸天郁闷的是,自己锋利的利爪与恐怖的力道,竟然只是在龟壳上留下了一道白色印痕而 已。
  What makes Li Batian depressed is that his sharp claws and horrible strength left a white mark on the turtle shell.
  巨龟稳住身形,狰狞而有些猥琐的**钻了出来,刚才的攻击尽管没有让它受创,那恐怖的力道依旧 震得它头昏眼花,望向李霸天的目光中,流露出一抹畏惧。
  The giant tortoise stayed in shape and emerged in a grim and trivial way. Although the attack did not hurt it, the terrible force still made it dizzy and looked into Li Batian's eyes with a touch of fear.
  "One slap won't break your tortoise shell, I don't believe ten slaps, one hundred slaps won't break!"
  The character of disobedience broke out, Li Batian roared in his heart and launched another attack.
  "Bang bang bang!"
  沉闷的撞击声在山谷中不断响起,行动缓慢的巨龟完全变成了沙包,只能被动的遭受到李霸天熊爪 的殴打。
  The dull crash sounded in the valley, and the slow-moving giant tortoise turned into a sandbag. It was only passively beaten by the claws of Li Ba's bear.
  巨龟喷射出的长矛般水流,威力是很强,不过如同它自身的缺陷一般,蓄力时间长,动作也很明显 ,很容易就让李霸天判断出长矛水流的攻击时间,进而轻易闪躲开。
  The tortoise's spear-like flow is powerful, but like its own shortcomings, it takes a long time to build up its strength, and its movements are obvious. It is easy for Li Batian to judge the attack time of the spear-like flow, and then to avoid it easily.
  刚开始的时候,巨龟还不甘心的喷射几口长矛般水流,后来不知道是喷射次数的限制,还是明白自 己的攻击根本不可能击中李霸天,直接就整个身子都缩在了龟壳中,任由李霸天疯狂拍打。
  At first, the tortoise was not willing to spray a few spears of water. Later, he did not know whether the number of sprays was limited or whether he knew that his attack could not hit Li Batian at all. He huddled in his shell and let Li Batian beat him crazily.
  After a dozen shots, Li Batian jumped furiously to open the distance and gasped slightly when he landed on all fours.
  If you look carefully, you will find his right forelimb trembling slightly.
  Just now, a dozen consecutive slaps, each time full of strength, to the hard degree of the tortoise shell, the anti-seismic force is no less weak.
  That is to say, Li Batian's body is strong enough. Otherwise, the force of anti-seismic force alone will be enough to break the bones of his right forelimb.
  When Li Batian breathed again, the giant tortoise, which had been in the shell of the tortoise, staggered from the ground like a drunken man.
  "Is it finally time to start!"
  Seeing this scene, Li Batian was secretly happy that the tortoise could not bear it and was ready to fight with himself.
  But what happened next stunned him so much that he lost the best interception time.
  巨龟晃悠的站起,回过神来后,竟然撒腿就跑,速度之快简直可以说是潜力爆发,以最快的速度跑 回到了水潭,一头钻了进去。
  The giant turtle staggered to its feet and ran when it recovered. The speed was so fast that it could be said to be a potential explosion. It ran back to the pool at the fastest speed and got into the pool at one end.
  "What's the situation!" Li Batian was stunned in situ, and his brain could not respond for a while.
  With bubbles constantly rising on the water surface, the giant tortoise disappeared completely in Li Batian's sight.
  "Did you make a mistake that this fellow ran away? This fellow is too timid."
  In his heart, Li Batian had a feeling of depression when he punched in the air.
  If Tortoise knew Li Batian's idea, he would turn his eyes white helplessly.
  It also does not want to flee the battlefield, but some can not withstand Li Batian's fierce and violent attack.
  龟壳的防御力是很强,李霸天都很难破开,但那澎湃如潮水般的力道,依旧能透过龟壳涌入到它体 内。
  The turtle shell is very defensive, Li Batian is very difficult to break, but the surging force, like the tide, can still pour into its body through the turtle shell.
  Relative to the hard shell outside, the inside of the giant tortoise is much softer. If it stays on, it will probably be shocked to death.
  Standing on the edge of the pool, Li Batian once again made a provocative roar.
  Three times in a row, the pool was still calm, and the giant turtle had no idea what to drill out.
  "Damn it, shrinking turtle!" Staring at the water pool, Li Ba's weather was annoying.
  It seemed that he had heard his scolding, and the surface of the pool surged suddenly, and a sharp and empty sound burst out from the pool.
  The sharp spear-like water almost flies past Li Batian's figure, frightening him with cold sweat.
  Quickly pulled away from the pool, Li Batian looked at the pool and gritted his teeth.
  这只乌龟实在是太猥琐,太阴险了,不但有着一身钢铁般的龟甲防御,又能喷射出锐利如长矛般的 水流,实在是一个难啃的骨头。
  This tortoise is too trivial, too insidious, not only has a body of steel-like tortoise shell defense, but also can spray sharp water like a spear, it is really a difficult bone to gnaw.
  Now hiding under the pool, with the pool cover, launching a sneak attack like that just now, if too close, it is difficult to dodge.
  Li Batian, who was burning with anger, did not want to go into the water, but turned down the idea on second thought.
  巨龟毕竟是水中生物,在水里的灵活性肯定要比陆地上要强得多,再加上它那喷射水流的能力,一 旦下水,反而是他自己会陷入到被动,弄不好会成了巨龟的猎物。
  After all, giant turtles are aquatic creatures. They are certainly much more flexible in water than on land. In addition, their ability to spray water will make them passive when they are launched, which will make them prey for giant turtles.
  After staring at the water pool for a while, Li Batian had to give up temporarily.
  Faced with the huge tortoise, which is both trivial and insidious, and makes people unable to start, even he has a strong sense of uselessness.
  "Damn the tortoise, don't let me catch you, or I'll get through with you!" Li Batian thought maliciously.
  The giant tortoise lurking at the bottom of the pool had a cold war on its huge body, and an inexplicable uneasiness sprang up in its heart.
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