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第四十九章 暴猿!

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  刚来到这片陌生山林,李霸天就感觉到了好几股强大的妖兽气息,这让他内心好战的热血沸腾了起 来。
  As soon as he arrived in this strange mountain forest, Li Batian felt several strong monsters and beasts, which made his warlike blood boil.
  仔细感应着这片山林中妖兽的气息,就在他准备找寻一只足够分量的妖兽,试验一下自己实力的时 候,耳边却传来一阵微弱而熟悉的嘶吼声。
  Carefully sensing the monster's breath in the forest, when he was ready to find a monster with enough weight to test his strength, there was a weak and familiar roar in his ear.
  "This is!" After listening carefully for a moment, Li Batian had a strange look on his face.
  The roar in his ear was the first time he heard it. It was because the roar was his familiar bear roar.
  In addition, the roar of the bear, in addition to its due aggression, also has a trace of panic and pain, it seems that it is being attacked.
  After hesitating for a moment, Li Batian finally decided to go and have a look.
  Since the rebirth of a black bear, he has hardly met a black bear of his kind. The only black bear he ever met was an ordinary black bear.
  From the roar, he could tell that the other party should be a bear's mutant monster, which made him curious.
  顺着嘶吼声,几分钟后李霸天就来到了一处乱石区,这片区域几乎没有什么高大的树木,地面上到 处都是杂乱的碎石,以及远处被腐蚀的一根根石柱。
  Following the roar, Li Batian came to a rocky area a few minutes later. There were hardly any tall trees in the area. The ground was littered with rubble and corroded pillars in the distance.
  视线中一只体型壮硕的黑熊站立在乱石区,浑身多处撕裂伤,特别是胸口处的伤口,更是深可见骨 。
  In the sight of a large black bear standing in the rocky area, all over the body laceration, especially the chest wound, is deeply visible bone.
  Although the black bear still looks fierce, the breath it emits is very weak.
  A violent roar rang out, startled Li Batian who had arrived.
  视线中一道黑影石柱林中窜射出来,落在了妖兽黑熊身前,双臂不断捶打着胸口,龇牙咧嘴的嘶吼 着。
  In sight, a black shadow shot out of the stone pillar forest and landed in front of the black bear, the monster, beating his arms on his chest and roaring with grinning teeth.
  "I depend!"
  Seeing the violent figure appearing in front of him, Li Batian was shocked and couldn't help blurting in his heart.
  足有两米多的身高,粗壮到堪比象腿的前肢,强壮到犹如钢铁铸造般的身躯,特别是四肢上的爪子 ,与人类的手掌极其相似,只是显得更加粗大而狰狞。
  The foot is more than two meters tall, as strong as the forelimbs of elephant legs, as strong as cast iron body, especially the claws on the limbs, which are very similar to the palms of human beings, but appear to be even bigger and fierce.
  The beast in front of us is very similar to the leading character of a film filmed in America. It is the ape that is thought to be extinct.
  李霸天也见识过很多稀有物种,而像这种巨猿生物,他还是第一次见到,简直就像是西游降魔中孙 悟空变身后的模样,充满了暴力与戾气。
  Li Batian has also seen many rare species. For the first time, he has seen such a giant ape creature, which is just like the appearance of Monkey King after his transformation in the West, full of violence and disgust.
  The giant ape is very powerful, more ferocious, black bear monster beast in front of it can not resist at all, a punch was blown out.
  Flying the black bear demon beast, giant ape exciting hands clenched fists, again beating the chest, grinning teeth and grinning to show the brutality of the original surname.
  On the other side, the black bear and monster hit a stone pillar with blood in their mouth.
  The black bear monster struggled to get up, but it was so injured that it could not do such a simple thing.
  The giant ape grinned with a grim grin as he grinned, darted from the ground and pounced directly at the black bear monster opposite him.
  The black bear demon beast's eyes are full of despair. With its present state, it can't escape the fatal blow of the giant ape at all.
  一声轰鸣的撞击声响起,冲向黑熊妖兽的巨猿,以更快的速度向着后方倒飞出去,狠狠撞击到乱石 林中。
  A roaring crash sounded, rushing towards the giant ape of the black bear monster, flying backwards at a faster speed, and crashing into the rocky forest.
  In front of the black bear monster, a body is not very strong, but it is full of violent and tyrannical figure standing there.
  "What a powerful force!" Li Batian was somewhat surprised when he shook the bear's paw.
  如果不是他修为突破到了气血如洪,身体各方面都有了巨大提升,在突破之前,单论力量的话,还 真不一定谁更厉害。
  If it hadn't been for his breakthroughs, such as blood and qi, and tremendous improvements in all aspects of his body, before the breakthroughs, no one would have been more powerful.
  充满戾气的怒吼声响起,巨猿一跃而起的从碎石堆中窜了出来,身上尽管有着多处划伤,散发出来 的气息却丝毫未减。
  There was a fierce roar, and the giant ape leaped out of the rubble heap. Despite many scratches, the breath of the ape remained intact.
  On the ground, giant apes stared at Li Batian with a pair of bloodshot scarlet beasts, their eyes full of tyrannical ferocity.
  "What a violent fellow!"
  Feeling the bitter look in his eyes, Li Batian felt a slight shock in his heart, even he felt a slight chill.
  “主人,这只巨猿激活了暴猿一族的基因,姓情格外狂暴,并且随着生气和狂暴指数的提升,实力 也会跟着增强。”
  "Master, this giant ape activates the genes of the rage ape family. Its surname is particularly violent, and its strength will increase with the increase of anger and rage index."
  “这么牛逼!”听到脑海中响起的机械声,李霸天讶然的望着眼前的巨猿,这简直就像某一款网络 游戏中,积攒怒气发大招的情况。
  "Such a bull!" Hearing the mechanical sound in his mind, Li Batian stared at the giant ape in front of him in surprise. It was just like a situation in which anger accumulated in an online game.
  "The master is assured that the growth of this ability of Tyrannosaurus apes is limited, not to mention the giant ape with thin blood vessels."
  "That's good!"
  Li Batian breathed a sigh of relief. Otherwise, this ability would be a little abnormal.
  While Li Batian was talking to CP9, the giant ape on the other side was impatient and rushed towards him again with a roar.
  "The Tyrannosaurus ape gene, just use you to test my strength."
  As a dragon, Li Batian rushed up against the giant ape.
  轰隆的撞击声在乱石区中不断响起,李霸天全身肌肉隆起,化身为一只丝毫不逊色于巨猿的巨大黑 熊,与巨猿爆发激烈搏斗。
  The thunderous crash sounded in the rocky area. Li Batian's muscles swelled all over his body. He became a giant black bear, no less than the giant ape. He fought fiercely with the giant ape.
  At this moment, Li Batian did not use internal qi, nor did he perform ancient martial arts, relying entirely on physical strength, showing the most primitive hand-to-hand combat.
  熊掌与巨猿挥动的拳头一次次撞击,你拍我一掌,我打你一拳,纯粹肉体力量的搏斗,显得格外震 撼人心。
  The bear's paw and the giant ape's waving fists hit each other, you slap me, I hit you, pure physical strength of the fight, it seems particularly shocking.
  “轰!”再次对轰了一下,李霸天身形一个踉跄的倒退了几步,对面的巨猿身形踉跄的倒退了十几 步,差点一屁股坐在地上。
  "Boom!" Once again, Li Batian staggered backwards a few steps, and the giant ape staggered backwards a dozen steps, almost sitting on the ground.
  "Happy, what a mother's joy!"
  心中狂吼着,李霸天目光中满是沸腾的战意,尽管身体传来阵阵疼痛,却并没有被他放在心上,那 种掌掌到肉的肉搏战,点燃了他心头战斗的欲望。
  The heart roared, Li Batian's eyes were full of boiling war, although the body came in pain, but he did not care, that kind of hand-to-hand combat, ignited his desire to fight in the heart.
  The giant ape was in steady shape, his eyes were roaring red red, his fists were beating his chest, and his breath became more violent.
  “还敢和我嚣张,现在力量已经测试完毕,是时候开始真正的战斗了。”感受着巨猿充满戾气的目 光,李霸天心中涌现出一抹杀意,气血滚滚涌动间,带动起体内凝练的内气。
  "Dare to arrogate with me, now that the strength has been tested, it's time to start a real fight." Feeling the giant ape's fierce eyes, Li Batian's heart emerged with a sense of killing, blood surging between, driving the body's condensed internal gas.
  In a moment the breath that emanated from him changed dramatically.
  如果说刚才是一只小猫,那么现在就是一只猛虎,龙吟象吼般的轰鸣声响起,浑身爆发出慑人的恐 怖气息。
  If it was a kitten just now, it is a tiger now. The dragon's roar sounds like a roar, and the whole body bursts out with a terrifying breath of terror.
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