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第四十六章 一年后!

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  其实不管是古武者还是变异妖兽,都是对体内气血与肉身的强化,身体自然也都蕴含着丰富的营养 与能量。
  In fact, both ancient warriors and mutant monsters and beasts are strengthening the body's qi, blood and flesh, and the body naturally contains rich nutrition and energy.
  妖兽与妖兽之间,古武者与妖兽之间,相互都有着很大的吸引力,甚至有一些古武者专门依靠猎杀 变异妖兽,吞食变异妖兽的血肉来增加修为。
  Between monsters and monsters, between ancient warriors and monsters, there is a great attraction for each other. Even some ancient warriors rely exclusively on hunting mutant monsters and devouring the flesh and blood of mutant monsters to increase their cultivation.
  Li Batian ate the flesh of the Siberian tiger for three days.
  不是他食量有所减弱,而是每次吞食后,都需要一段时间来消化东北虎血肉中的营养与能量,每次 吞服的量也不宜太多,否则会造成类似于虚不受补的情况。
  It is not that his food intake has been weakened, but that after each swallow, it takes a period of time to digest the nutrients and energy in the flesh and blood of the Siberian tiger, and the amount of each swallow should not be too much, otherwise it will cause a situation similar to that of emptiness without supplement.
  By devouring all the flesh and blood of the Siberian tiger, Li Batianxiu has improved significantly again.
  唯一让他有些郁闷的是,自从自己吃了东北虎那硕大的虎鞭,成年的身体中开始涌现出一股强烈搔 动。
  The only thing that made him a little depressed was that since he had eaten the huge tiger whip of the Siberian tiger, a strong scratch began to emerge in his adult body.
  When you get up in the morning, you have a pillar of optimum sky under your body. That magnificent bird absolutely makes foreign blacks sweat for it. It is as hot as a pillar of optimum sky.
  如果是重生之前,为了保持自己心境的平静,他并不介意到夜店找个女子泄泻火,只是现在他已经 重生成一只黑熊,总不能让他去找一只母黑熊嘿咻嘿咻。
  If it was before rebirth, in order to maintain his peace of mind, he did not mind to find a woman in the nightclub to let off fire, but now that he has reborn a black bear, he can not always let him find a female black bear to hey.
  Li Batian couldn't help shivering at the thought of his mother's black bear's rutting and twisting ass.
  现在他确实是一只黑熊没错,甚至在很多时候,他都已经忘记了自己曾经还是个人类,思想上也已 经接受了自己身为黑熊的事实,只是在这方面他却实在是下不去手。
  Now he is indeed a black bear. Even in many cases, he has forgotten that he was a human being, and has accepted the fact that he is a black bear in his mind. But in this respect, he really can't do anything about it.
  Fortunately, by virtue of their own tenacity and willpower, coupled with deliberate efforts to vent their energy to practice, they are not likely to burn themselves.
  时间就这样一天天的过去,对于巨龟那家伙,李霸天尽管恨的牙痒痒,却也不愿意再将过多精力放 在它身上,而是将所有精力都集中到提升实力的修炼上。
  Time goes on like this day by day. For the giant tortoise fellow, Li Batian, despite his hatred for itchy teeth, is not willing to put too much energy on it anymore, but concentrates all his energies on improving his strength.
  巨龟那家伙不但深得缩头乌龟的真传,还习得龟息大法,吃一顿饱饭就能大半个月不吃东西,让李 霸天只能暂时放弃。
  The giant tortoise is not only the true story of the shrunken tortoise, but also learned the method of restoring the tortoise. After a full meal, he can not eat for half a month, so that Li Batian can only give up temporarily.
  And in his view, as long as the strength is improved, it is only a matter of time to solve the giant tortoise.
  Every day, either practicing the Dragon elephant Prajna Gong, absorbing the moonlight, or going out to fight with the surrounding monsters and beasts.
  每次他都专门寻找那些实力不错的妖兽,战斗尽管基本上都获得了胜利,其中的危险也有好几次差 点命丧山林。
  Every time he searched for the powerful monsters. Although the battle was basically won, the danger was that he almost lost his life in the mountains several times.
  Every monster in evolution has its own big tricks. Li Batian has seen many strange tricks in the past year.
  在生死的磨练之下,修为自然是突飞猛进,半年前就突破到了气血如汞顶峰,距离气血如洪的境界 也只有一步之遥。
  Under the temper of life and death, cultivation for nature is advancing by leaps and bounds. Six months ago, it broke through the peak of gas and blood such as mercury, and it is only one step away from the realm of gas and blood such as flood.
  之前吞服过蛇王蛇胆,李霸天体内杂质被清除的所剩无几,想要突破气血如洪的境界并不是什么难 事。
  Having swallowed the serpent king's gallbladder before, Li Batian had few impurities left to be removed. It is not difficult to break through the realm of blood and qi.
  只不过李霸天却并没有趁势突破到气血如洪的境界,而是故意压抑住自己的修为,每天利用体内气 血来淬炼身躯,尽可能将自身体质提升到极致。
  However, Li Batian did not take advantage of the situation to break through the realm of Qi and blood, but deliberately suppressed his practice, daily use of the body Qi and blood to temper the body, as far as possible to enhance their physical fitness to the extreme.
  As a former master of ancient martial arts, he has his own in-depth understanding of several realms of ancient martial arts.
  气血如汞的境界,主要是清除体内杂质,熬炼强化身体,其实真正算起来,气血如汞只是打基础的 境界层次。
  The realm of Qi and blood like mercury is mainly to remove impurities in the body and strengthen the body. In fact, the realm of Qi and blood like mercury is only the basic realm level.
  而气血如洪则是基础过后的爆发期,一旦突破到气血如洪,实力将会有着质的飞跃,气血涌动间会 产生一股强力气劲,这种气劲通俗点讲可以称之为内气。
  Qi and blood like flood is the explosion period after the foundation. Once it breaks through to Qi and blood like flood, strength will have a qualitative leap. There will be a strong force between the surge of Qi and blood, which can be called internal gas in the popular sense.
  一旦修炼出内气,才真正展现出古武者的强大,凭借血肉之躯足以应付一般的枪械攻击,成为让一 些国家都不愿意招惹的强大存在。
  Once the internal spirit is cultivated, the ancient warrior's strength can be truly displayed. With flesh and blood, he can cope with the general gun attack and become a powerful existence that some countries are unwilling to provoke.
  Internal Qi has a high demand on the body. The stronger the foundation is, the stronger the strength will be after the breakthrough.
  At that time, he was too anxious to break through, and later spent a lot of time to make up for the original fault.
  现在重生成了一只黑熊,拥有更强的身体素质,更巨大的潜力,他自然不会再次走上自己悲催的老 路。
  Now a black bear has been regenerated, with stronger physical fitness and greater potential, and he will naturally not embark on the old road of his own tragedy again.
  为了打好坚实基础,他花了整整半年时间来淬炼气血和身体,如果不是刻意压制,早就可以突破到 气血如洪的层次。
  In order to lay a solid foundation, he spent half a year to quench blood and body, if not intentionally suppressed, could have broken through to the level of blood and qi.
  而经过了半年的淬炼,他的身体素质更上一层楼,各方面都有了很大提升,基本上达到了气血如汞 能够淬炼的极限。
  After half a year's hardening, his physical fitness has gone up to a higher level, and has greatly improved in all aspects, basically reaching the limit that gas and blood such as mercury can be hardened.
  站立在山谷洞穴前,李霸天体内气血滚滚涌动,发出雷鸣般的声音,刚才身躯还略显单薄,眨眼间 全身肌肉隆起,瞬间暴涨的化为一只黑熊巨兽,比一般成年黑熊要大上一圈还要多,浑身散发着狂暴气 息。
  Standing in front of the cave in the valley, Li Batian's body is surging with blood and gas, making a thunderous sound. Just now, his body is slightly thin. In the blink of an eye, his whole body muscles swell up, and instantly swell into a giant black bear, which is larger than the average adult black bear by a lap and emits a violent breath all over his body.
  这还是他激活了幻影黑熊基因,为了保持速度以及身体的灵活姓,自然而然的会对体型有所压制的 关系,不然此刻的他绝对是一只庞然大物。
  This is because he activated the Phantom Black Bear gene. In order to maintain the speed and flexible surname of the body, it will naturally suppress the relationship between body shape, otherwise he is absolutely a huge thing at the moment.
  Feeling the surging power in his body and his near perfect control over his body, Li Batian nodded satisfactorily.
  “压抑了半年的时间,是时候突破气血如洪的层次了。”心中想着,李霸天内心深处不免有些兴奋 。
  "Repressed for half a year, it is time to break through the level of blood and qi." In his mind, Li Batian was somewhat excited in his heart.
  对于他来说,这一刻已经等了半年的时间,而且一旦突破到气血如洪的境界,距离自己报仇就又向 前跨越了一大步。
  For him, this moment has been waiting for half a year, and once he breaks through to the realm of blood and qi, he will take a big step forward from his revenge.
  以他现在的状态,突破修为,理论上不会有什么问题,不过为了保险起见,李霸天还是将突破时间 定在了晚上,那样可以借助月之光华的辅助,突破起来更加得心应手。
  In his current state, breakthrough practice, there will be no problem in theory, but for the sake of insurance, Li Batian will breakthrough time at night, so that we can use the help of moonlight, breakthrough more handy.
  As night fell, Li Batian stood in the valley, bathed in the moonlight, and his body and spirit were in their best condition.
  在这一年的时间里,以山谷为中心方圆上百里范围内的妖兽,只要是实力不错的几乎都和李霸天交 过手,不是被杀就是吓得落荒而逃。
  In this year's time, as long as the monsters within hundreds of miles around the valley are of good strength, almost all of them have fought against Li Batian, either killed or frightened to flee.
  Now he can be regarded as the hegemony of this area, and there is no need to worry that when he breaks through, he will be attacked by other monsters.
  唯一隐患就只有身处于水潭深处的巨龟,不过经过这一年的相处,他对于巨龟的姓情基本上摸透, 这家伙绝对是个贪生怕死欺软怕硬的货色。
  The only hidden danger is the giant turtle in the depths of the pool, but after this year's coexistence, he basically knows the surname of the giant turtle. This guy is absolutely greedy, afraid of death, bullying, soft and hard goods.
  And at the staggering tortoise speed of the giant turtle on the ground, when it gets out of the pool and comes back, it's enough time for him to respond.
  Without worries, Li Batian began to prepare for the breakthrough.
  有过一次经验的他,对于修为的突破可以说是得心应手,尽管现在换了身体,李霸天依旧信心十足 。
  Having had one experience, he can be said to be proficient in breakthroughs in self-cultivation. Although he has changed his body now, Li Batian is still confident.
  体内气血滚滚涌动,在月之光华的刺激下显得格外澎湃,犹如循环的海浪般,后浪推动前浪,运转 速度缓慢而坚定的增长着。
  The blood and gas surge in the body, which is particularly surging under the stimulation of the moonlight, like a circulating wave. The backward wave pushes the forward wave forward, and the speed of operation is growing slowly and steadfastly.
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