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第四十七章 质的飞跃!

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  The speed of Qi and blood in the body is accelerating, and the thunder sounds in Li Batian's body are getting louder and louder.
  刚开始只是低沉的雷鸣声,后来犹如施展了龙象之怒,爆发出龙吟象吼般的声音,硬是压过了瀑布 的轰鸣声。
  At first it was only a deep thunder, then it was like the rage of dragons and elephants, bursting out with the sound of dragons roaring like a roar, which drove over the roar of waterfalls.
  The giant tortoise, accustomed to thundering at night, was woken up by the sound of the dragon's roar.
  "Neigh!" With a low roar, the giant tortoise showed a trace of fear.
  The dragon's roaring voice made it feel an instinctive fear, as if it were the roar of some terrible beast.
  原本四肢着地的巨龟,直接将四肢连同脑袋全部缩进了龟壳中,远远望去仿佛只剩下一具龟壳躺在 水潭底。
  The giant tortoise, which originally landed on four limbs, directly retracted all its limbs and head into its shell. From a distance, it seemed that only one turtle shell lay at the bottom of the pool.
  龙吟象吼的声音响彻不停,李霸天身体周围笼罩着明亮的银白色月光,澎湃气浪一波波的向着四面 八方扩散,卷起一片尘土飞扬。
  The sound of dragon singing and roaring sounded ceaselessly. The bright silver-white moonlight surrounded Li Batian's body. The surging waves spread in all directions, rolling up a piece of dust.
  透过银白色光芒,可以看到李霸天的身形在不断膨胀收缩,每一次膨胀收缩后,身上散发出来的气 息就变的更加狂暴强悍。
  Through the silver-white light, we can see that Li Batian's figure is expanding and contracting constantly. After each expansion and contraction, the breath from his body becomes more violent and forceful.
  Once, twice, three times.............
  转眼间李霸天身形膨胀收缩了八次,浑身散发着慑人的狂暴气息,仿佛史前暴龙复活,龙吟象吼声 响彻整个山林,周围栖息的虫兽纷纷惊慌逃窜,整片山林都陷入到了一片混乱之中。
  In a twinkling of an eye, Li Batian's body swelled and contracted eight times. He was full of a terrifying and violent breath, like a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Resurrection. The dragon roared like a roar through the whole forest. The insects and animals around him fled in panic, and the whole forest was in chaos.
  龙吟象吼声再次狂暴响起,李霸天的身形第九次膨胀,原本只比一般成年黑熊大一些的身躯,以惊 人的速度胀大。
  The dragon's roar rang out again, Li Batian's figure expanded for the ninth time. He was only a little bigger than the average adult black bear, expanding at an astonishing speed.
  相对于前八次,第九次身体的膨胀远超之前,膨胀了一倍有余,皮肤下的毛细血管纷纷崩裂,鲜血 眨眼间就将黑色毛发染红。
  Compared with the first eight times, the ninth time the expansion of the body is much more than doubled before, the capillaries under the skin crack one after another, and the black hair turns red in the blink of an eye.
  Strong pain poured into Li Batian's mind. Things didn't go as smoothly as he expected.
  黑熊之躯的强悍程度,远不是一般人类古武者可比的,再加上连续激活了两种基因血脉,又利用气 血将身体淬炼到极致。
  The strength of the body of a black bear is far from comparable to that of an ordinary human ancient warrior. In addition, it activates two genetic veins continuously and uses Qi and blood to quench the body to the extreme.
  各方面加起来,让他打下来的基础太过于牢固,牢固到突破时,竟然无法打破气血如汞顶峰的瓶颈 。
  In all respects, the foundation he laid down was too solid to break through the bottleneck of the peak of gas and blood such as mercury.
  As the body expands, the skeletal muscles and even the internal organs of the body are under tremendous pressure.
  如果一旦无法突破,轻则身体重创,留下难以复原的暗疾,以后能不能突破到气血如洪都是个问题 。
  If we fail to break through, we will suffer serious physical damage, leaving behind a hidden illness that is difficult to recover. Whether we can break through to such a flood of blood and Qi in the future is a question.
  Seriously, he will explode again and die, but the last time he was forced to explode himself, this time it was a breakthrough repair for errors.
  Facing the danger of self-explosion, Li Batian did not waver at all.
  从出生到现在,他经历了一般人根本无法想象的磨练,只要为了自己心中坚定的事情,生死已经不 能让他惧怕。
  From birth to the present, he has experienced the hardships that ordinary people can't imagine at all. As long as he wants something firm in his heart, life and death can't make him afraid.
  “我李霸天从来不会认输,没有什么能够打倒我!”心中咆哮着,李霸天没有胆怯,体内气血运转 的速度依旧在不断攀升,恐怖冲击力让他的身体开始趋于崩溃。
  "My Li Batian never admits defeat, nothing can defeat me!" With a roar in his heart, Li Batian was not timid. The speed of Qi and blood in his body was still rising. The shock of terror made his body begin to collapse.
  就在着关键时刻,李霸天胸前的圆月图案发出嗡鸣声,储存的月之光华爆发,快速涌入到他的身体 之中,所过之处犹如清凉的泉水般滋润修复着他那即将残破的身躯。
  At the critical moment, the full moon pattern in front of Li Ba's heavenly breast hummed, and the stored moonlight burst into his body. The place he passed was like a cool spring, which moistened and repaired his fractured body.
  For ten minutes, Li Batian's momentum became more and more violent, and the waves swept through the valley.
  The hegemonic roar of the bear suddenly sounded, and the surging waves rushed straight into the sky, which seemed extraordinarily impressive.
  After a while, the flying dust gradually dissipated, showing the figure bathed in the moonlight.
  原本巨大无比,接近崩溃的身躯已经恢复了正常,身上散发出来的气息却依旧狂暴而强悍,慑人的 气势不时散发出来,衬托的李霸天犹如月光下的魔神。
  Originally huge, nearly collapsed body has returned to normal, but the breath emitted from the body is still violent and forceful, terrifying momentum from time to time emitted, set off by Li Batian like a God in the moonlight.
  Looking up to heaven and shouting again, Li Batian's eyes sharpened like lightning, although he was all bloody at the moment.
  In his almost desperate struggle, he finally succeeded in breaking through the bottleneck of the peak of blood like mercury and stepping into the flood of blood and gas.
  In his body, in addition to the surging blood and gas, there is a faint but growing momentum.
  这丝气劲的出现,是李霸天突破到气血如洪的证据,只有在体内凝练出气劲,才算是正式突破到了 气血如洪的境界。
  The emergence of this trace of vigor is evidence of Li Batian's breakthrough into the realm of vigor and blood. Only when he condenses vigor in his body can he formally break through the realm of vigor and blood.
  在古武者的世界中,很多古武术都被称之为内家功夫,正是因为这些功法修炼到气血如洪的境界, 就可以在体内产生一股气劲,专业的术语被称之为内气。
  In the world of ancient Wushu, many ancient Wushu are called Neijia Kungfu. It is precisely because these skills are practiced to the realm of Qi and Blood, which can produce a momentum in the body. The professional term is called internal Qi.
  Only by coagulating the body's Qi and blood to a certain extent and having a strong body, can the ancient warriors be able to quench the internal Qi in the Qi and blood.
  一旦体内产生内气,那么就代表着一种近乎质的飞跃,这也是为什么气血如洪层次的古武者会被称 为古武大师的原因。
  Once the internal gas is produced in the body, it represents a leap of near quality, which is why the ancient martial artists of the level of Qi and blood are called masters of ancient martial arts.
  Despite the fact that the peak of gas and blood such as mercury and the initial stage of gas and blood such as flood, it is only a breakthrough at a level, but its strength is quite different.
  修为突破到气血如洪,体内凝练的气血就会不断产生内气,这个过程会持续几天的时间,至于最后 产生的内气多少以及凝练程度,完全看在气血如汞境界时打下的基础有多么牢固。
  In order to break through to the flood of Qi and blood, the condensed gas and blood in the body will continuously produce internal gas. This process will last for several days. As for the final amount of internal gas and the degree of condensation, it depends entirely on how solid the foundation is laid when the gas and blood are like mercury.
  接下来的时间,李霸天都在洞穴中修炼内气,体内气血滚滚涌动,不断产生一丝丝的内气,内气量 呈现直线上升的趋势。
  Next time, Li Batian practiced the internal gas in the cave, and the internal gas and blood surged in the body, continuously producing a silk of internal gas, the internal gas volume showed a straight upward trend.
  It wasn't until the third day that the growth slowed down.
  It should be known that the growth of internal Qi in the body can only last for one day at most.
  With a roar of a bear, a black shadow burst out of the cave at the speed of an arrow.
  Dark shadows flew out of the cave without stopping and rushed across a decades-old tree with a violent breath.
  The tearing sound sounded, and the dark shadow brushed past the tree and landed on the ground not far from the tree.
  "Crack!" The lush tree trembled and cracks appeared on its trunk.
  大树轰然的摔倒在地,断裂部位异常平整,如果让一些古武者看到,一定会面露惊骇之色,暗自推 测到底是什么神兵利器才能做到这种程度。
  Big trees fell to the ground with a thunderous fall, and the fracture site was unusually flat. If some ancient martial artists could see it, they would be shocked and wonder what kind of magic weapon they could use to achieve this level.
  扫了一眼摔倒在地的大树,李霸天嘴角泛起一抹满意的笑容,后肢站立的挥动了一下熊掌,那一根 根如手术刀般锋利的爪刃,散发着森然的寒光。
  Glancing at the fallen tree, Li Batian smiled with satisfaction at the corner of his mouth and waved his paw as he stood on his hind legs. The sharp blades of his claws, like scalpels, emitted a sudden cold light.
  Just now, he cut off the tree of several decades of age by his own claws.
  If he had been before, he might have been able to do it, but he was never as relaxed as he is now, and the cut-off would not have been so smooth.
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