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第四十三章 斗智斗勇!

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  尽管没能够解决掉水潭中的巨龟,李霸天却并没有打算离开这里,以巨龟的速度他根本无须担心, 还是决定居住在这片鸟语花香的山谷。
  Although he could not solve the giant tortoise in the pool, Li Batian did not plan to leave here. At the speed of the giant tortoise, he did not need to worry at all, but decided to live in the valley with the fragrance of birds and flowers.
  After visiting the valley, he found no suitable cave, and at last he had to work diligently as a digger.
  With its sharp claws and the power of terror, the excavation has been relatively smooth.
  It took a day to dig out a spacious cave on the rock wall of the valley and finally had an old nest of its own.
  After a busy day, Li Batian was hungry and hungry. After tidying up his old nest, he stepped out of the valley.
  After a while, Li Batian took a beast and went back to the valley leisurely.
  对于现在的他来说,捕猎已经可以算作是消遣娱乐,根本就没有什么难度,不再像以前那样每天为 了生存,为了填饱肚子而辛苦拼命。
  For him now, hunting can be counted as entertainment, there is no difficulty at all, no longer as in the past every day in order to survive, in order to fill his stomach and work hard.
  The beast's internal organs were cleaned and the stream near the pool was used to wash them.
  如果不是没有火种,李霸天真想烧烤一下,他已经很久没有吃过熟食,每天的茹毛饮血让他有些怀 念烤熟的美味佳肴。
  If there were no fire, Li Ba really wanted to have a barbecue. He hadn't eaten cooked food for a long time. Every day, Rumao drinks blood to make him miss the delicious cooked food.
  张开血盆大口刚准备进食,李霸天心头却微微一动,抬头扫了一眼水潭,嘴角泛起一抹坏坏的笑容 。
  When Li Batian opened his mouth and was ready to eat, his heart moved slightly. He looked up and glanced at the pool, with a bad smile on the corner of his mouth.
  之前他观察了一番,这条瀑布很有可能是冰雪融化形成的水流,自然像这样的水流,鱼虾等水中生 物是很少的,巨龟那么大的身形,就算沉睡的情况下消耗很小,却也不可能不吃东西。
  Previously, he had observed that the waterfall was probably the melting water of ice and snow. Naturally, there were very few aquatic creatures such as fish and shrimp. Even though the giant tortoise was so big that it consumed very little while sleeping, it was impossible for him to eat.
  从猎物身上挤出一些血水,李霸天迈步来到水潭边上,将血水倒入到水潭中,这才回到自己洞穴附 近大吃特吃。
  After squeezing some blood from the prey, Li Batian stepped to the edge of the pool and poured the blood into the pool. Then he went back to his cave to eat.
  血水在水潭中快速扩散,散发着浓浓血腥味,让李霸天有些失望的是,藏在水潭底下的巨龟并没有 什么反应。
  The rapid spread of blood in the pool, emitting a strong smell of blood, to Li Batian's disappointment, the giant turtle hidden under the pool did not respond.
  "Well, I'll see when you can last."
  看到这种情况,李霸天却并没有放弃,嘴角泛着一抹冷笑,准备和水潭中的巨龟耗上了,看谁先承 受不住。
  Seeing this situation, Li Batian did not give up, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth. He was ready to use up the giant tortoise in the pool to see who could not bear it first.
  By the time Li Batian had eaten and drank enough, the sky had darkened and a crescent moon with bright light appeared in the air.
  Despite the fog, it is still unable to withstand the pouring of the moonlight.
  沐浴在月光的照耀下,李霸天脸上流露出迷恋的神情,一身疲惫不翼而飞,犹如刚刚做了个桑拿, 全身上下充满了一股舒畅感。
  Bathed in the moonlight, Li Batian's face showed a fascinating look, flew exhausted as if he had just made a sauna, and his whole body was full of a sense of comfort.
  Since the activation of the Moon Bear gene, especially the further activation of the Moon Bear's blood vessel ability, he is more and more fond of staying in the moonlit night.
  身处于月光的笼罩下,不只是感觉异常舒服,整个人仿佛融入到月光之中,敏锐的感应力犹如得到 了无限延伸,似乎周围的一切都在自己的掌握之下,如同掌握了一片天地。
  In the moonlight, not only feel very comfortable, the whole person seems to be integrated into the moonlight, the keen sense of stress as if it has been infinitely extended, as if everything around them is under their own control, as if they have mastered a piece of the world.
  In the daytime, he could sense the spirit of monsters and beasts emanating from the pool, but only vaguely.
  Now in the moonlight, he can clearly sense the smell of giant turtles under the water.
  试着将自己的注意力完全集中到巨龟所在的水潭,原本李霸天只是好奇的试探一下,结果却让他暗 自惊奇。
  Trying to concentrate his attention entirely on the pond where the giant tortoise is located, Li Batian was only curious to explore, but the result surprised him secretly.
  With full concentration, I felt as if I had witnessed a giant turtle underwater.
  The giant tortoise sleeping under the water, with a fierce head, emerged from its shell, and a pair of green pupils glanced around in astonishment.
  水潭外笼罩在月光下的李霸天,神色惊喜,在将注意力集中到水潭的情况下,刚才巨龟那副惊疑不 定的样子,完全显现在了他脑海里。
  Li Batian, who was enveloped in the moonlight outside the pool, looked surprised. When he focused his attention on the pool, the doubtful look of the giant tortoise just now fully appeared in his mind.
  这种奇妙的感觉,让他有些乐此不疲,故意不时的集中精神观察巨龟,让巨龟总是有种被什么东西 盯上的错觉,根本就没办法安心睡觉,只能在水潭底部急躁的摇晃着脑袋。
  This wonderful feeling, let him some happy, deliberately concentrate on observing the tortoise from time to time, so that the tortoise always has the illusion of being targeted by something, there is no way to sleep at all, can only be in the bottom of the pool agitated shaking his head.
  "Ya's, let your son shame me me again!"
  Li Batian had a bad breath in his heart when he played the giant tortoise in groups.
  戏弄了一番巨龟,李霸天兴致勃勃的情绪也渐渐淡了下来,开始将注意力集中到自己胸前银白色圆 月图案上,吸收空中倾泻而下的月之光华。
  After playing tricks on the giant tortoise, Li Batian's excitement gradually faded, and began to concentrate on the silver moon pattern in front of his chest, absorbing the moonlight pouring down from the air.
  Compared with the previous lunar pattern, the rate of absorption of moonlight is absolutely doubled when it evolves to the front of the breast pattern of the full moon.
  仿佛调大了吸收的功率,整个山谷的月之光华仿佛都被吸收到了李霸天身上,其他地方明显比刚才 昏暗了一些,相反李霸天所在位置,则是散发着明亮的银白色光芒。
  As if the absorption power had been increased, the moonlight of the whole valley seemed to have been absorbed into Li Batian. Other places were obviously darker than just now. On the contrary, Li Batian's location emitted bright silver-white light.
  在月之光华的刺激下,李霸天体内气血滚滚涌动,犹如卧龙苏醒,发出阵阵雷鸣般的轰隆声,仿佛 熊形暴龙,散发着狂暴气息。
  Stimulated by the moonlight, Li Batian's blood and gas surge like a Wolong awakening, making thunderous booms, like a bear-shaped tyrannosaur, emitting a violent breath.
  那种被盯上的感觉消失,巨龟刚准备继续春秋大梦,结果轰鸣的声音就透过潭水传到了水底,吓得 巨龟再次戒备起来。
  The feeling of being watched disappeared. As soon as the giant tortoise was ready to continue its dream of spring and autumn, the roaring sound came to the bottom of the water through the pool and frightened the giant tortoise to be on guard again.
  整整一晚上的时间,山谷中雷鸣般声音响彻不停,巨龟也是熬了一夜,这在它漫长生命中几乎是从 来没有过的,如果不是李霸天的实力太强悍,估计它会直接暴走。
  Thunder-like sounds rang through the valley all night, and the giant tortoise stayed up all night, which was almost unprecedented in its long life. If it wasn't Li Batian's strength, it was estimated that he would go straight away.
  Early the next morning, when the giant tortoise could not help sleeping, Li Batian had gone hunting.
  这次他猎杀了一大堆的猎物,足够他吃上好几天的,为的就是看守着巨龟,让巨龟没办法外出捕猎 。
  This time he hunted a lot of prey, enough for him to eat for several days, in order to guard the giant turtle, so that the giant turtle can not go out hunting.
  所谓卧榻之侧岂容他人鼾睡,以李霸天霸道的性格,他自然不会允许巨龟的存在,不解决掉水潭中 的巨龟,总让他感觉很不舒服。
  The so-called bedside should not allow others to snore. With Li Batian's domineering personality, he naturally would not allow the existence of giant tortoises. If he did not solve the problem of giant tortoises in the pool, he would always feel uncomfortable.
  时间一天天的过去,巨龟每天晚上都要承受着那雷鸣般的轰鸣声,不时还会产生被什么东西盯上的 惊悚感,让它饱受煎熬。
  As time goes by, giant turtles are subjected to the thunderous roar every night, and from time to time they will have the thrill of being stared at by something, which will make them suffer.
  除此之外,李霸天每天进食前,都会将血水倒入到水潭中,勾引它的食欲,还将食物摆放在洞口外 近十米远的地方,故意引诱肚子渐渐饥饿的巨龟。
  In addition, Li Batian pours blood and water into the pool every day before eating. He seduces his appetite. He also places food near the entrance of the cave, deliberately luring giant tortoises whose stomachs are getting hungry.
  转眼间四天的时间过去,巨龟虽然能进入到类似于龟息状态,尽可能的减少消耗,却也不可能不吃 东西。
  In a blink of an eye, four days later, the giant tortoise can enter a tortoise-like state, reducing consumption as much as possible, but it is also not impossible to eat.
  Hunger combined with daily torture, giant turtles lurking at the bottom of the pool began to get agitated.
  察觉到巨龟情绪的变化,李霸天心头暗自高兴,只要巨龟情绪躁动,那么距离将其引诱出来就已经 为时不远。
  Li Batian was secretly happy when he noticed the change of the turtle's mood. As long as the Turtle was agitated, it was not long before it could be lured out.
  这天中午,李霸天吃了一顿美味午饭,将剩下的肉食依旧放在洞外的地面上,自己则是回身钻进洞 穴,趴在地上摆出一副睡午觉的样子。
  At noon this day, Li Batian had a delicious lunch. He kept the rest of the meat on the ground outside the cave. He went back into the cave and lay down on the ground to take a nap.
  The Valley restored its former calm, except for the roar of the waterfall hitting the pool.
  沉寂了一段时间,一阵微弱的声音从水潭的方向传出,在瀑布撞击的轰隆声的掩盖下,却很难引起 别人的注意。
  After a period of silence, a weak voice came from the direction of the pool. It was hard to attract people's attention under the cover of the roar of the impact of the waterfall.