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第四十四章 半路杀出个程咬金!(修改!)

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  With the surge of water in the pool, a black shadow appeared on the surface of the water.
  狰狞的gui头探出水面,目光小心的扫了一眼李霸天所在洞穴,很快视线就被摆放在洞穴外的肉食所 吸引。
  The fierce gui's head popped out of the water and glanced carefully at Li Batian's cave. Soon, his sight was attracted by the meat placed outside the cave.
  A gust of blood drifted in, and the hungry tortoise hesitated for a moment, and finally could not resist the temptation of food.
  The giant figure climbed out of the pool and moved cautiously towards the place where the meat was laid.
  巨龟并不知道,此刻洞穴中摆出睡午觉模样的李霸天,眼眸微微睁开,视线余光正好看到它的一举 一动。
  The giant tortoise did not know that Li Batian, who was taking a nap in the cave at the moment, opened his eyes slightly and saw his every move just in time.
  为了布今天的这个局,李霸天可是花费了很大精力,几乎每天中午都会故意装作睡午觉的样子,以 此来麻痹巨龟,并且利用食物来引诱它。
  Li Batian spent a lot of energy on this game. He pretended to take a nap almost every noon to paralyze the tortoise and lure it with food.
  就算是巨龟身为变异妖兽,智力远超一般兽类,终究还是不如曾经身为人类的李霸天,不知不觉中 就掉进了陷阱。
  Even if the giant tortoise is a mutant monster and intellectually far superior to the general beast, it is still not as good as Li Batian, who was once a human being, and unconsciously fell into a trap.
  “小样,为了把你勾引上来,我可是费尽心机,这次看你怎么逃。”视线余光锁定巨龟,李霸天心 中恶狠狠的想着,为了今天他可是憋足了心力。
  "Sample, in order to seduce you, I've tried my best to see how you can escape this time." After looking at the giant tortoise, Li Batian thought bitterly that he could not spare enough effort for today's sake.
  In the place where the food was laid, he dug the trap a few days ago during the night.
  As long as the giant tortoise is close, it will fall into the trap and be slaughtered at that time.
  想当年李霸天实力还很弱的时候,经常在山林中磨练自己的武技,自然捕猎以及设置陷阱什么的, 对于他来说并不是什么难事,他在这方面的技术绝对堪比一些专业猎人。
  When Li Batian was weak, he often practiced his martial arts, natural hunting and traps in the mountains and forests. It was not difficult for him. His skills in this area were absolutely comparable to those of some professional hunters.
  In Li Batian's inner expectation, the giant tortoise is approaching the trap step by step.
  Looking at the giant tortoise is about to fall into the trap set by himself, Li Batian's heart can not help but get nervous.
  At this critical moment, a roar full of the king's breath suddenly sounded.
  轰鸣的咆哮简直是一啸动山河,无形气浪在山谷中卷起,水中涌现出一道道波纹,地面仿佛都产生 了一丝颤动。
  The roaring roar is a roaring mountain and river. Invisible waves roll up in the valley, ripples emerge in the water, and the ground seems to have a slight tremor.
  It was this tremor that completely abandoned Li Batian's mind for a few days, and the trap in front of the giant tortoise collapsed.
  The giant tortoise, frightened, hardly hesitated at all, turned around and rushed back to the pool and sank in the deep, bottomless pool.
  趴在洞穴中的李霸天站了起来,一双兽瞳中满是熊熊燃烧的怒火,浑身更是爆发出慑人煞气,整只 熊犹如煞神附体。
  Li Batian, lying in the cave, stood up. The pupils of a pair of beasts were full of flaming anger, and his whole body was full of frightening spirit. The whole bear was like possession of spirit.
  “该死的,到底是哪个不长眼的东西在这关键时刻乱吼。”心中暴怒想着,李霸天化为一道游龙般 的冲出洞穴,飞快的来到山谷正中央。
  "Damn it, what's that short-sighted thing roaring at this critical moment?" In a fury, Li Batianhua rushed out of the cave like a dragon and flew to the center of the valley.
  With a white forehead and a large body, there is a narrow black stripe on the yellow hair and a striking King King King King pattern on the forehead.
  In the sight of Li Batian, it is a big bug, the Northeast Tiger.
  When Li Batian looked at the big insect Siberian tiger, the Siberian tiger rushing into the valley also turned his eyes to him.
  A touch of humanity doubts appeared in the eyes of the Northeast tiger.
  The Siberian tiger is a powerful monster in this area. It has been fighting against the giant tortoise for several times.
  Originally, he came to the valley to find giant tortoise trouble, but unexpectedly ran out of a black bear.
  本着百兽之王的傲气,东北虎不管冲出来的是巨龟还是黑熊,都毫不示弱的再次发出一声气势汹汹 的咆哮。
  In line with the pride of the king of beasts, no matter the Tortoise or the Black Bear rushed out, the Siberian tiger did not show any weakness and once again made a fierce roar.
  The loud tiger whistle with an inexplicable deterrent, so that Li Batian in an instant have a trace of fear.
  Although Li Batian soon reflected it, the shock of bear's body dispelled the fear, but also made him alert.
  眼前这只东北虎的气息之强,丝毫不亚于他,甚至在气势上反而要比他还要强悍,特别是那虎啸的 嘶吼,还真有点虎啸山林,百兽之王的威慑力。
  At present, the breath of this tiger is no less powerful than that of him, even stronger than that of him in momentum. Especially the roaring of the tiger, it is a bit of the deterrent of the tiger roaring in the forest and the king of beasts.
  "Oh, king of beasts!"
  With a sneer in his heart, Li Batian exuded a frightening spirit all over his body, and his eyes were full of killing opportunities.
  "Today I'd like to see how powerful you are, the king of beasts, daring to spoil my good deeds!"
  想着李霸天心头愈加愤怒,原本就差一步,巨龟就能掉入到陷阱中,结果就是眼前这只东北虎将他 的计划破坏殆尽。
  Considering Li Batian's growing anger, the giant tortoise could fall into a trap just one step short of the original one. As a result, the tiger in front of him completely destroyed his plan.
  Burning with anger, Li Batian, no matter how fierce the king of beasts in front of him, now only wants to vent his anger.
  The present Siberian tiger is undoubtedly the best choice.
  The whole bear of Li Batian is instantly incarnated as a winding dragon, pouncing directly on the opposite monster, Siberian tiger.
  眨眼间功夫,李霸天就已经跨越了十几米的距离,出现在妖兽东北虎的身前,熊爪挥动间,爆发出 呼啸的破空声。
  In the blink of an eye, Li Batian had crossed a distance of more than ten meters, appeared in front of the monster, the Siberian tiger, the bear's claws waved, and burst into a roaring sound.
  Just as the bear's paw was about to hit the Middle East North Tiger, the tiger twisted sharply and dodged the bear's paw attack with great speed.
  "What a fast speed!"
  Put up the bear's paw, Li Batian's face showed astonishment and looked at the Siberian tiger that opened the distance again.
  The speed and flexibility of the Siberian tiger just now are not worse than those of the monsters he has encountered before.
  “怪不得有龙从云,虎从风的说法,不过这样一来才更有意思。”扫了一眼东北虎,李霸天心头升 腾起强烈战意。
  "No wonder there are dragons from the clouds and tigers from the wind, but this is more interesting." Glancing at the Northeast Tiger, Li Batian's mind rose to a strong warfare.
  巨龟有着龟壳在,硬的犹如钢铁,实在不是什么好对手,眼前的东北虎,对于他来说却是一个很不 错的目标,起码不会太过于无聊,或者是一面倒的压制。
  The giant tortoise has a tortoise shell, which is as hard as steel. It is not a good opponent. The tiger in front of him is a very good target, at least not too boring or overwhelming.
  "Camon, Beibei!"
  Li Batian, rising in warfare, posed a provocative gesture to the Siberian tiger, crying out in his heart that English was not standard.
  东北虎不懂李霸天的姿势,却看得出他目光中的挑衅,身为百兽之王的东北虎,是绝不容许被其他 野兽挑衅的,立刻就点燃了它的怒火。
  The Siberian tiger did not understand Li Batian's posture, but he could see the provocation in his eyes. As the king of all animals, the Siberian tiger was not allowed to be provoked by other beasts, and immediately ignited its anger.
  With a loud roar, the tiger ran like a gale, and before it came near, Li Batian felt a fishy wind coming.
  "Well done, let me see how many pounds you have."
  Smiling sneeringly, Li Batian also immediately displayed the dragon body swimming method, facing the northeastern tiger who was incarnated by the strong wind.
  东北虎的身形很灵活,速度也够快,当然李霸天也丝毫不差,双方刚一开始战斗,就陷入到了胶着 的状态。
  Siberian tigers are flexible in shape and fast enough. Of course, Li Batian is no different. As soon as the two sides started fighting, they fell into a sticky state.
  如果有外人在远处观望,会惊骇的发现,山谷中两道黑影不断的穿梭腾挪,根本无法看清楚它们的 真实面貌。
  If an outsider watches from a distance, he will be shocked to find that the two dark shadows in the valley are constantly moving around and can not see their true features at all.
  Every time two dark shadows meet, a dull crash will erupt, and the burst of air surges in all directions. The battle is extremely fierce.
  The roar of the tiger and the roar of the tyrannical bear kept ringing in the valley, frightening the other beasts around them to flee.
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