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第四十五章 虎啸!(修改!)

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  With a crash, two dark shadows crossed and landed on both sides of the ground.
  "It is worthy of being king of beasts, but it really has two sons."
  扫了一眼身上被划出的一道血痕,李霸天目光中满是兴奋的紧盯着对面的东北虎,身上升腾的战意 不减反增。
  Glancing at a blood stain on his body, Li Batian's eyes were full of excitement and stared closely at the opposite tiger. His rising intention increased instead of diminishing.
  相对于只是受了一点轻伤的李霸天,东北虎则是要凄惨一些,胸口处一片血肉模糊,如果不是它反 映速度快,锋利熊爪差点就刺穿它的胸口。
  Compared with Li Batian, who suffered only minor injuries, the Northeast Tiger is more miserable. The chest is blurred with flesh and blood. If it does not reflect quickly, the sharp bear claws almost pierce its chest.
  After some fighting, Li Batian had a certain advantage, but he did not despise his opponent.
  东北虎不管是速度还是力量都很强悍,几乎没有什么缺点,身上更是带着一股慑人的王者气息,能 无形中影响敌人的心智,除此之外最让李霸天慎重的,还是东北虎的虎啸。
  Siberian tigers are strong both in speed and strength. They have almost no shortcomings. They have a terrifying aura of king, which can affect the enemy's mind invisibly. In addition, Li Batian is most cautious, and the tiger whistle of Siberian tigers.
  The roar of the tiger roaring in the forest always gives him an inexplicable sense of threat.
  "Well, whatever you do, you're going to cook my dinner today."
  凝视着东北虎,李霸天霸气凛然的心中冷喝着,身上战意升腾,体内气血滚滚涌动间,身形都膨胀 了一分,原本看上去有些瘦弱的体型也变的雄壮魁梧。
  Staring at the Northeast Tiger, Li Batian's imperious heart drinks coldly, his warlike spirit rises, his body is full of blood and gas, and his body expands a little. He also looks a little thin and strong.
  李霸天刚想发动攻击,视线中东北虎猛的深吸了一口气,巨大吸力仿佛吞天噬地般,竟然形成了一 道无形的漩涡气浪。
  Li Batian just wanted to launch an attack. He took a deep breath from the North Tiger in the Middle East. The huge suction seemed to swallow the sky and the earth, and formed an invisible whirlpool.
  Between the mouth of the tiger, the thundering tiger whistle burst out.
  The sound of terror turned into a gale, and the roar full of penetration was like a thunderbolt ringing in Li Batian's ear.
  "Damn it!"
  The heart exclaimed, Li Batian only felt two ears buzzing, the brain in an instant blank.
  几乎是同时,对面的东北虎化为一道黑影的窜了上去,直冲对面的李霸天,血盆大口张开的瞄准了 他的脖子。
  Almost at the same time, the tiger on the other side flew up into a dark shadow and ran directly to Li Batian on the other side. The blood vessel opened wide and aimed at his neck.
  腥风扑面而至,大脑一片空白的李霸天,身体本能的感应到危险,体内气血急速涌动,整个人一下 子恢复神智。在恢复神智的一瞬间,甚至视线都没有看清楚眼前的景象,凭借着多年的战斗经验,李霸 天就果断的施展出幻影黑熊的血脉能力。
  The bloody wind rushed to the face, the brain was blank Li Batian, the body instinctively sensed danger, the body gas and blood rushed rapidly, the whole person suddenly restored his mind. In the instant of recovering his mind, he did not even see clearly the scene in front of him. With years of combat experience, Li Batian decisively demonstrated the blood ability of the phantom black bear.
  "Phantom separates!"
  During the shaking, two Li Batian appeared in place, and the unexpected situation caught the Northeast Tiger by surprise.
  In the moment when the Northeast tiger was stunned, Li Batian himself quickly opened the distance, while the illusion left in place was torn apart by the Northeast tiger.
  Breathing heavily, Li Batian shook his head, and his eyes were full of fear for the rest of his life.
  之前他就已经有所戒备,只是没想到东北虎的虎啸竟然如此恐怖,能让他在短时间内大脑一片空白 。
  He had been on guard before, but I didn't expect that the tiger whistle of the Northeast tiger was so terrible that it could make his brain blank in a short time.
  Although the absence of mind is not long, the speed of the tiger, such as the wind, is enough to make it launch a lethal attack.
  先是巨龟喷射的如长矛般水流,现在又有东北虎那如惊雷般的虎啸,让李霸天真正意识到,这些进 化到一定层次的变异妖兽,都有着属于自己的绝招,威力之强更是足以颠倒战局。
  First, the tortoise sprayed water like a spear, and now there is the thunder-striking tiger roar of the Siberian tiger, so that Li Batian really realized that these evolved to a certain level of mutant beasts, have their own unique skills, the power is strong enough to reverse the war situation.
  恼怒的东北虎浑身杀气腾腾,一对虎目紧盯着李霸天,仿佛生怕他再次变成两个,狰狞的血盆大口 张开,再次爆发出惊人吸力。
  The annoyed tigers were killing all over. A pair of tigers stared at Li Batian as if they were afraid that he would become two again. The big mouth of the ferocious pelvis opened and the amazing attraction erupted again.
  有了一次经验,李霸天也在同时做好了准备,体内气血滚滚涌动,胸前圆月图案散发出银白色光芒 。
  With one experience, Li Batian is also ready at the same time, blood and gas surge in the body, the chest full moon pattern emits a silver-white light.
  "Moon Bear Shock!"
  With a soft drink in his heart, Li Batian was instantly shrouded in the moonlight and ejected like a shell.
  Almost at the same time as he ejected, the loud thunder-like tiger roar burst into a sound wave.
  The speed of the sound blinks, and the sound waves and tides hit the moonlight shield formed by the impact of the moon bear.
  "Bang bang bang!"
  The moonlight shield rippled violently, but that was all.
  施展出月熊冲击的李霸天,乘风破浪般撞破了音波冲击,眨眼间就冲到了东北虎身前,速度之快让 东北虎根本来不及闪躲。
  Li Batian, who was showcasing the impact of the moon bear, broke through the impact of sound waves like wind and waves, and rushed to the tiger in the blink of an eye. The speed of the tiger made it impossible for the tiger to dodge at all.
  Li Batian, who turned into a globe, hit the Siberian tiger like a shell.
  "Ouch!" The northeastern tiger flew out screaming and bleeding.
  It flew more than a dozen meters until it hit the back wall and stopped.
  骨骼碎裂的声音从东北虎身上传出,刚才还气势汹汹的东北虎,挣扎了几下,口中鲜血直流的就瘫 软在地。
  The sound of bone fragmentation came from the Siberian tiger. Just now, the Siberian tiger, who was still fierce, struggled a few times, and the blood in his mouth sank to the ground.
  Glancing at the northeastern tiger not far from death, Li Batian was relieved. The battle just now seemed simple, but it was very dangerous.
  上前解决掉东北虎的性命,让它免受痛苦折磨,李霸天张口咬住东北虎脖颈上的皮毛,向着自己的 洞穴走去。
  Come forward to solve the life of the Siberian tiger, so that it will not suffer, Li Batian opened his mouth to bite the skin on the neck of the Siberian tiger, walking towards his cave.
  As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the cave, he felt something wrong. He glanced at the ground and could see the water and the huge footprints.
  脸色微微一变,李霸天扭头向着水潭方向望去,果然看到了一连串拖拉痕迹,地面上还有干涸的血 迹。
  With a slight change of face, Li Batian turned his head and looked toward the pool. Sure enough, he saw a series of dragging marks and dried blood on the ground.
  In his mind, he thought of a possibility. Li Batian hurried into his cave, but he was so angry that he jumped like a thunderbolt.
  The food that had been stored in the cave, enough for him to eat for a few days, had disappeared entirely, leaving only huge footprints of criminal evidence.
  "Damn the turtle, I can't spare you." Rushing out of the cave, Li Ba roared with annoyance in the weather.
  刚才巨龟竟然趁着他与东北虎交战的时候,把他储存的食物全部偷走,这让他有种偷鸡不成蚀把米 的感觉,简直丢人丢到家了。
  Just now, the giant tortoise stole all the food he had stored while he was fighting with the Northeast Tiger, which made him feel that he could not steal chickens and lose rice. It was a shame to throw him home.
  发泄了一番,李霸天也只能无奈的暂时压住怒火,巨龟那家伙深得缩头乌龟的精髓,偷盗了食物, 躲在潭底就是不露面,让他根本没办法报仇出气。
  After giving vent, Li Batian could only temporarily suppress his anger. The giant tortoise was so deep that he stole food and hid in the bottom of the pool that he could not avenge himself.
  Depressed Li Batian can only transfer his anger to the dead Siberian tiger.
  Tiger skin is a good thing. Li Batian peeled it off, cleaned it and spread it in his sleeping place.
  In this way, it will be comfortable to sleep on your stomach and add a little luxury to the monotonous cave.
  与巨蟒蛇王不同,妖兽东北虎体内的精华都分布在身体各处,这也是为什么东北虎在各方面都很优 秀,几乎没有明显弱点的原因。
  Unlike the python snake king, the essence of the monster is distributed throughout the body, which is why the northeast tiger is excellent in all respects, with almost no obvious weakness.
  在人类社会中一直流传着虎肉大补的说法,而这只成精的变异东北虎,血肉中更是蕴含着丰富的营 养能量。
  In human society, there has been a saying that tiger meat is a great tonic, and this spermatogenic variant of Siberian tiger contains abundant nutritional energy in its flesh and blood.
  Just after eating a few kilograms of tiger meat, Li Batian felt that his body began to emit a burning sensation, and his blood was stimulated to surge.
  "Good things deserve to be king of beasts!" Feeling the change of his body, Li Batian was secretly happy.
  Fortunately, the Siberian tiger has died, otherwise, even if it is not dead, it will surely be angry to hear his thoughts.