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第四十章 恐怖的山脉深处!

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  霸气而澎湃的嘶吼声响起,巨蟒山谷的树林中,李霸天仰天长啸,熊躯一震,狂暴的气势砰然爆发 。

  Overbearing and surging roar sounded. In the forest of the python valley, Li Batian raised his head to heaven and roared. A shock shook the bear's body, and the violent momentum exploded.


  A gust of gale rose in the woods, and in the center of the gale, Li Batian beast showed a happy look in his pupil.

  几天前的惨烈一战,差点被导弹撕裂成碎片,身受重伤,经过这几天的疗伤,反而成功破而后立的 突破到气血如汞后期。

  Several days ago, during the fierce World War I, the missile was almost torn into fragments and seriously injured. After several days of treatment, the wound was successfully broken and then broke through to the later stage of blood and gas, such as mercury.


  To calm down the happy mood, Li Batian's eyes showed a touch of meditation and calm.

  自从实力突破,再加上激活了两种血脉能力,让他渐渐有些太自以为是,经过导弹的轰击,让他一 下子就清醒了过来。

  Since the breakthrough in strength, coupled with the activation of two blood-line capabilities, he has gradually become a little too self-righteous, after the missile bombardment, let him suddenly wake up.


  His society is not the cold weapon age in ancient times, but the modern era with advanced science and technology.

  他现在的个人实力或许很强,面对高科技导弹,甚至是原子弹,却根本就没有什么抵抗的能力,想 要自由自在不受别人欺凌的生活,实力还差得远。

  His personal strength may be very strong now. In the face of high-tech missiles, even atomic bombs, he has no resistance at all. He still has a long way to go if he wants to live freely without being bullied by others.


  Apart from that, he also thought carefully about some things during these days when he recovered from his injury.

  随着科技的发展,像导弹这样的高杀伤性武器,都会配合着卫星定位系统的锁定,只有这样才能尽 可能避免出现攻击偏差。

  With the development of science and technology, high-lethal weapons such as missiles will cooperate with the lock-in of satellite positioning system. Only in this way can attack deviation be avoided as far as possible.


  That is to say, when the missile was launched before, a satellite had already locked its position.


  Now he is not strong enough to deal with high-lethal weapons such as missiles. If he is locked in by satellites again, the situation will be very dangerous.


  Previously, it was only a missile. If two or even three or four missiles were fired at a time, he would be absolutely destroyed by the ash of the explosion.


  Staying in this area of the Changbai Mountains will lead a life of trepidation, which is likely to be locked in by satellites at any time.


  After some reflection, Li Batian decided to leave the area and go deep into the depth of the Changbai Mountains.

  长白山山脉深处因地理环境,几乎终年雾气缭绕,就算是军用卫星也不可能穿透雾气拍摄到长白山 深处的景象,对于现在的他来说,是最佳的保护伞。

  Because of the geographical environment, the depth of the Changbai Mountains is filled with fog almost all the year round. Even military satellites can not penetrate the fog to take pictures of the depth of the Changbai Mountains. For him now, it is the best umbrella.


  Of course, besides avoiding satellite lock-in, he has other ideas.

  现在他的修为已经增强到气血如汞后期,战斗力之强更是堪比一般气血如洪初期的古武者,在这片 区域已经没有什么对手,如果继续留在这里,反而会限制他实力的进步。

  Now his revision has been strengthened to the later stage of mercury-like Qi and blood, and his fighting power is comparable to that of the ancient warriors in the early stage of the flood of Qi and blood. There are no rivals in this area. If he stays here, his strength will be limited.


  Deep in the Changbai Mountains, the environment is complex and changeable, with fog all the year round. The natural superior environment has bred a large number of beasts and wonders.


  Li Batian, who had not yet become a master of ancient martial arts, once went deep into the Changbai Mountains in order to hone his strength.

  当时他只有气血如汞顶峰的修为,刚进入到长白山山脉深处,就遇到了一只实力强悍的变异妖兽, 差点就永远葬身在山林中。

  At that time, he only had the repair of the mercury peak. As soon as he entered the depths of the Changbai Mountains, he met a powerful mutant monster and almost died in the mountains forever.

  修炼气血的古武者,对于变异妖兽来说,就像是蚊子遇到了血窟窿,只是短暂停留了一天的时间, 他就不得不离开了长白山山脉深处,对于当时的他来说,长白山山脉深处实在是太危险。

  The ancient warrior who practiced Qi and blood was like a mosquito encountering a blood hole for a mutant monster. He had to leave the depth of the Changbai Mountains after a short stay of one day. For him at that time, the depth of the Changbai Mountains was too dangerous.

  重生成黑熊的李霸天,想要快速提升自己的实力,那里才是他应该前往的地方,是属于变异妖兽的 乐园。

  Li Batian, who is reborn as a black bear, wants to rapidly improve his strength. That's where he should go, and it's a paradise of mutant monsters.


  When he made up his mind, Li Batian did not hesitate any more.


  No matter what kind of world it is, strength is always the key to destiny.

  只有拥有了足够实力,才能够保护自己想要保护的人,才能主宰自己的命运,不然一切都只是妄想 。

  Only when we have enough strength can we protect the people we want to protect and control our destiny. Otherwise, everything is just a delusion.


  In order to avoid being locked by satellite, Li Batian has been shuttling through the dense woods, trying to avoid passing through the place where there is no shelter above.


  After the last missile bombing, he was afraid of being bombed.

  花了快一个星期的时间,他这才穿越过长白山山脉的中部区域,正式进入到雾气笼罩的长白山山脉 的深处。

  It took him almost a week to cross the central part of the Changbai Mountains and formally enter the deep part of the foggy Changbai Mountains.

  一路上他遇到了不少猛兽,甚至遇到过变异妖兽,越是靠近长白山山脉深处,猛兽的实力就越强, 空气中也开始弥漫着一股凶煞气息。

  Along the way, he met many beasts, even mutant monsters. The closer he was to the depths of the Changbai Mountains, the stronger the beasts were, and a vicious breath began to permeate the air.


  The timid people walking in the depths of the Changbai Mountains, where withered leaves are everywhere, will absolutely be frightened and limbs will soften.


  In addition to these, the closer to the depth of the Changbai Mountains, the more complex the geographical environment becomes.


  In some places, it was still cold and snowy at first, and a few hundred meters forward, it turned into a warm and comfortable fragrance of bird songs and flowers.


  Li Batian opened his eyes all the way. He really felt the magic of nature because of his unique geographical environment.

  站立在一片冰天雪地的山顶上,李霸天抬起头扫了一眼上方笼罩的朦胧雾气,整个人放松了下来, 总算是不用再继续担心会被卫星锁定。

  Standing on the top of a snowy mountain, Li Batian raised his head and glanced at the hazy fog over it. The whole person relaxed and did not need to worry about being locked by the satellite any more.


  Li Batian looked ahead as he climbed the mountain.


  Despite the fog, he could still see the complex geographical environment in the distance with his amazing sight.

  现在的他已经来到了长白山山脉的深处,相对于外围和中部区域,长白山山脉深处弥漫着一股让他 感觉到异常兴奋的气息,耳边更是不时听到一阵阵响亮的咆哮与嘶吼声,给人一种仿佛置身于白纪山林 中的错觉,充满了挑战与危险。

  Now he has come to the depths of the Changbai Mountains. Compared with the peripheral and central areas, the depths of the Changbai Mountains are filled with a breath that makes him feel extremely excited. At the ear, he hears loud roars and roars from time to time, which gives us an illusion of being in the Baiji Mountains forest, full of challenges and challenges. DANGER.

  俯视着前方,不知道是不是会当凌绝顶一览众山小的关系,李霸天心头涌现出一股不吐不快的豪情 ,

  Looking down ahead, I don't know if it will be the relationship between Ling Juding and other small mountains. Li Batian's heart is full of unhappy feelings.


  "Roar and roar!"


  Standing on all fours, Li Batian raised his head and made a violent and hegemonic roar at the depths of the Changbai Mountains.


  The rolling waves surged in all directions like tides, dispersing the fog around them.


  After giving vent to his inner feelings, Li Batian formally entered the depths of the Changbai Mountains.


  In a twinkling of an eye, two days later, Li Batian, who was originally full of pride, has now converged to some arrogant posture.


  During these two days, he made a simple exploration of the depths of the Changbai Mountains, which surprised him greatly.

  当年身为人类的时候,他对于妖兽气息的感应毕竟有限,现在重生成了黑熊,并且激活了月熊血脉 ,借助夜晚月光的笼罩,他对于妖兽气息的感应变的更加敏锐。

  When he was a human being, his perception of monster odor was limited after all. Now he has regenerated the black bear and activated the blood of the monster bear. With the help of the moonlight at night, he is more sensitive to the monster odor.


  Just two days later, he sensed two beasts that were not weaker than his own.


  As for the weaker mutant monsters, there are more than a dozen.

  此时他才明白什么叫做兽类的天堂,长白山山脉深处与外围和中部区域,简直就像是两个不同的地 方。

  Only then did he understand what was called the animal paradise. The depths of the Changbai Mountains and the surrounding and central regions were just two different places.

  当然以长白山山脉深处的宽广,李霸天这两天也只是在长白山深处的外围区域游荡,真正更往里的 核心区域,他并没有踏足其中,除了没有时间外,还有就是他本能的感觉到那里散发着一股股危险气息 。

  Of course, with the breadth of the deep Changbai Mountains, Li Batian only wandered around the periphery of the deep Changbai Mountains these two days. He did not set foot in the core area of the deep Changbai Mountains. Besides the lack of time, he instinctively felt that there was a dangerous breath.


  "It's interesting to see that the depth of Changbai Mountain is more interesting than I imagined. It's not so lonely at all."

  感受着从核心区域散发出来的危险气息,李霸天却没有丝毫的畏惧,心中反而涌现出充满斗志的兴 奋。

  Feeling the dangerous atmosphere emanating from the core area, Li Batian had no fear at all, but his heart was filled with excitement of fighting spirit.


  Only a stronger opponent can arouse his desire to improve his strength, and only in this way can life not be too monotonous.

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