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第五十八章 巨猿山!

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  “哈哈,真是太好了,黑熊王激活了基因,实力肯定会有很大的提升,这样一来就不用太过于担心 黑熊群的安危。”
  "Ha-ha, that's great. Black Bear King activated the gene, and his strength will certainly be greatly improved, so that we don't have to worry too much about the safety of black bears."
  In his heart, he was delighted. Li Batian asked curiously, "CP9, what genes will Black Bear King activate?"
  “回禀主人,这个问题cp9也没办法回答你,不过按照cp9的探查,有百分之八十的可能姓会激活月 熊基因。”
  "To my master, CP9 can't answer this question, but according to the CP9 survey, 80% of the possible surnames will activate the Moon Bear gene."
  点了点头,李霸天心头暗自期待着,为了避免出现问题,他并没有回到自己的洞穴,而是守在黑熊 王洞口为其护法。
  With a nod, Li Batian secretly anticipated that, in order to avoid problems, he did not go back to his cave, but guarded at the entrance of the Black Bear King Cave.
  直到傍晚时分,气息波动很大的黑熊王,这才渐渐平稳了起来,一股相比之前要更加雄厚灵动的气 息从洞穴中弥漫出来。
  It was not until evening that the Black Bear King, whose breath fluctuated greatly, gradually became stable, and a more powerful and agile breath came out of the cave than before.
  “吼吼吼!”狂暴的熊吼声响起,一道黑影从洞穴中窜了出来,沐浴在月光笼罩下,浑身散发出淡 淡银白色的光芒。
  "Roar and roar!" The violent roar of the bear sounded, and a black shadow flew out of the cave, bathed in the moonlight, and emitted a pale silver-white light.
  "It's the moon bear gene, and it's not bad!" Looking at the Black Bear King bathed in the moonlight, Li Batian was slightly disappointed.
  月熊基因是很强,不过前期的时候却只有辅助姓效果,只有激活了月熊血脉能力,才会对战斗力有 所提升。
  The Moon Bear gene is very strong, but in the early stage, only the auxiliary surname effect, only by activating the ability of the Moon Bear blood, will the combat effectiveness be improved.
  基因的进化对于生物来说是一种本能,月熊基因的能力在激活后,就深深印入到了黑熊王的生物本 能中,所以它很快就适应了月熊基因能吸收月光的初级能力。
  Evolution of genes is an instinct for organisms. After activation, the ability of lunar bear genes is deeply imprinted into the biological instinct of Black Bear King, so it quickly adapts to the primary ability of lunar bear genes to absorb moonlight.
  Recovering from the surprise of genetic evolution, Black Bear King discovered Li Batian not far away.
  "Roar!" Running quickly to Li Batian, the Black Bear King crawled on the ground, his eyes filled with the reverence and gratitude of surname.
  黑熊王没有人类那么复杂的情感,却也明白自己基因的进化,完全是李霸天赐予自己的,内心深处 自然而然的涌现出纯粹的感激。
  Black Bear King is not as complex as human emotions, but he also knows that the evolution of his genes is entirely bestowed on him by Li Batian, and pure gratitude naturally springs up in his heart.
  如果说之前,黑熊王只是震慑与李霸天的实力,选择了臣服,那么经过了一系列的事情,再加上自 己基因的进化,在它简单的心目中,李霸天已经是毋庸置疑的王者。
  If before, the Black Bear King only deterred the strength of Li Batian and chose to obey him, then after a series of things, coupled with the evolution of his genes, in its simple mind, Li Batian has become the undoubted king.
  Early the next morning, Li Batian left the valley and headed deep into the north. He soon returned to the Black Bear Territory.
  The black bear territory is a messy look, but also to his surprise stunned in place.
  视线中黑熊领地几乎被破坏的面目全非,就连巨大岩壁上的洞穴也被轰塌,到处可以看到烧焦痕迹 ,空气中依旧弥漫着一股燃烧的气息。
  In sight, the black bear territory was almost destroyed, even the caves on the huge rock walls were collapsed, burning traces could be seen everywhere, and there was still a burning atmosphere in the air.
  "Who did this? Are they giant apes?" After a glance, Li Batian looked a little dignified.
  Although he did not know what was going on at that time, the traces left on the scene showed him a lot of things.
  地面上那一处处烧焦的痕迹,很明显并不是一般火焰造成的,除此之外,他还看到了一些奇特的破 坏痕迹。
  The burning marks on the ground were obviously not caused by ordinary flames. In addition, he saw some peculiar signs of destruction.
  “这应该是棍子一类的圆柱形武器攻击所留下的痕迹,难道在巨猿群中还有会使用武器的巨猿,而 且破坏痕迹上的均匀的烧焦痕迹又是怎么回事。”凝视着岩壁上清晰可见的破坏痕迹,李霸天心中疑惑 的猜想着。
  "This should be the traces left by cylindrical weapons such as sticks. Are there any giant apes in the great apes that use weapons and destroy even burnt traces on the traces?" Staring at the clear signs of destruction on the rock wall, Li Batian wondered.
  The more carefully he watched, the more confused he became, and the situation in front of him made it difficult for him to judge.
  从现场破坏的痕迹上看,李霸天脑海中浮现出一只巨猿,手持一根燃烧着火焰的棍子,疯狂破坏的 景象。
  From the signs of destruction on the scene, Li Batian's mind emerged a giant ape, holding a stick burning with fire, the scene of frantic destruction.
  “这怎么可能,或许不是巨猿群破坏的也说不定。”摇了摇头,驱散掉脑海中的想象,李霸天停留 了片刻,继续向着北方巨猿山的方向赶路。
  "How can this be possible, perhaps not destroyed by giant apes?" Shaking his head, dispelling the imagination in his mind, Li Batian stayed for a moment and continued to drive in the direction of Northern Giant Ape Mountain.
  一阵轰鸣声传到李霸天的耳中,视线中一座山脉顶端冒出阵阵黑色烟尘,空气中弥漫着一股刺鼻的 硫磺味。
  A roar came to Li Batian's ears, and black smoke and dust came out from the top of a mountain range in sight. The air was filled with a pungent smell of sulphur.
  扫了一眼仿佛要随时喷发的火山,李霸天神情却很淡定,自从进入到这片区域,这已经是他遇到的 第三座处于半死不活状态的火山。
  Glancing at the volcano that seemed to erupt at any time, Li Batian looked calm. Since entering this area, this is the third volcano he has encountered that is in a semi-dead and inactive state.
  This volcano, known as a pseudovolcano, is a form of heat release beneath the earth's crust and does not really erupt magma.
  正是有着一座座假火山的存在,这片区域的温度与寒冷的天山山脉几乎是截然相反,给人的感觉犹 如炎热夏季,吹动的气流都充满了灼热感。
  It is the existence of a number of pseudovolcanoes. The temperature in this area is almost the opposite of that in the cold Tianshan Mountains. It gives people the feeling of hot summer, and the airflow is full of burning sensation.
  在这种充满硫磺气味的环境下,李霸天那敏锐的嗅觉让他苦不堪言,这种刺激姓的气味,简直就是 一种折磨,不得不利用内气封锁住自己的嗅觉
  In such a sulphur-filled environment, Li Batian's keen sense of smell made him suffer terribly. The irritating smell of surname was a kind of torture, and he had to use his internal air to block his own sense of smell.
  在这片区域前进了半个多小时,就在他怀疑自己是不是走错方向的时候,远处传来一阵尖锐的吱吱 声。
  More than half an hour went by in this area, and when he wondered if he was going in the wrong direction, there was a sharp squeak in the distance.
  “这是猴子的叫声!”仔细倾听了一下,李霸天目光中闪过一抹精光,身形如游龙般快速的冲了上 去。
  "This is the monkey's cry!" After listening carefully, Li Batian flashed a bright light in his eyes and rushed up like a dragon.
  视线中一只只猴子在一片松树林嬉戏打闹,不断摘取松果进食,入目所见起码就有几十只,当然这 些猴子都相对比较普通,远不如当初前往黑熊领地的猴群。
  In the sight of a monkey playing in a pine forest, constantly picking pines for food, there are at least dozens of monkeys, of course, these monkeys are relatively ordinary, far inferior to the original black bear territory of the monkeys.
  “看样子应该没有走错方向,这里应该就是黑熊王所说的巨猿山附近。”扫了一眼猴群,李霸天并 没有惊扰它们,而是扫过了这片松树林,继续向着前方前进。
  "It looks as if it's not going in the wrong direction. It's near Giant Ape Mountain, as the Black Bear King said." Glancing at the monkeys, Li Batian did not disturb them, but swept through the pine forest and continued to move forward.
  一路上他一连见到了好几群猴子,这里简直就像是猴子的游乐园,每一只猴子都可以放心大胆的戏 耍进食,完全不用为自己的安全担心。
  Along the way, he saw several groups of monkeys. It was like a monkey's amusement park. Every monkey could play boldly and eat without worrying about his safety.
  猴群的这种状态,让李霸天心头萌生一个想法,那就是建立一处属于熊族的乐园,让长白山的熊群 可以像猴群这样的肆无忌惮。
  This state of monkey herd, let Li Batian's mind germinate an idea, that is, to establish a bear paradise, so that the bears in Changbai Mountain can be as reckless as monkey herds.
  越往前走,猴子的数量反而在不断减少,空气中的温度也在缓慢上升着,周围假火山的数量也有所 增加,李霸天心中有一种预感,自己距离黑熊王所说的巨猿山已经不远了。
  As we move forward, the number of monkeys is decreasing, the temperature in the air is rising slowly, and the number of pseudovolcanoes around is also increasing. Li Batian has a feeling in his heart that he is not far from the giant ape mountain that Black Bear King said.
  翻越过一座山脉,视线中一座巍峨的大山耸立在前方,远比一般山脉要高大的多,外形看上去甚至 真的与巨猿有些相似。
  Crossing a mountain range, a towering mountain stands in front of us. It is much taller than other mountain ranges. It even looks like a giant ape.
  "This should be Giant Ape Mountain!" Looking at the towering mountains in front of him, Li Batian felt a little excited.
  来到巨猿山下,他却并没有立刻进山,视线中可以看到一些猴子在山林中穿梭,这些猴子散发出来 的气息,远不是外围猴子可比的。
  When he arrived at the foot of Giant Ape Mountain, he did not immediately enter the mountain. In his sight, he could see some monkeys shuttling through the mountains. The breath of these monkeys was far from comparable to that of the peripheral monkeys.
  有过之前的经历,李霸天明白眼前的这些猴子,十有八九都是那群巨猿的手下,如果自己就这样的 进去,一定会被猴子们发现,到时候就等于是暴露了自己的行踪。
  In the past, Li Batian knew that the monkeys in front of him were nine times under the control of the giant apes. If he went in like this, he would be found by the monkeys, and then he would be exposed.
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