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第五十六章 王!

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  To get rid of this tyrant ape, Li Batian immediately got up to chase another runaway tyrant ape.
  But because this tyrannous ape had delayed some time before, by the time he chased, another tyrannous ape had pulled a distance away.
  Follow the taste to catch up with a river, Li Batian finally had no choice but to give up.
  Rinsed by the river, the air has lost the odor of the tyrannosaurus ape.
  With the body of the tyrant ape, Li Batian returned to the open space of the Black Bear Territory.
  一众黑熊依旧呆在那里等待着,看到他回来,立刻全都神情恭敬的匍匐在地,口中发出低沉而敬畏 的吼叫。
  A group of black bears stayed there and waited. When they saw him coming back, they all crawled down respectfully and shouted in their mouths in deep awe.
  "Master, they are calling for Master, King!"
  Hearing the translation of CP9, Li Batian felt a slight shock in his heart, and a sense of responsibility and glory flooded into his heart.
  "King, good title, since I would like to be their king, then I will be a bear king once!"
  凝视着眼前的黑熊群,李霸天内心深处涌现出强烈的豪情,不自觉间一股霸道的王者气息开始滋长 起来。
  Staring at the black bears in front of him, Li Batian's deep heart emerged with strong passion, and unconsciously a sense of tyranny began to grow.
  经历了这次巨猿群的攻击,黑熊群遭受到了重创,不过幸好的是躲在洞穴中的黑熊幼崽并没有出现 伤亡,加上十几只黑熊幼崽,熊群依旧有着三十几只的数量。
  After the attack by the giant apes, the black bears suffered heavy losses. Fortunately, there were no casualties among the black bear cubs hiding in the cave. With more than a dozen black bear cubs, the bear population still had more than 30.
  After burying the dead black bear simply, Li Batian led a group of black bears away from the sad land.
  对于巨猿群李霸天并不了解,他不清楚巨猿群的实力到底有所强,以现在两族的这种敌对情况,他 不敢确定巨猿群还会不会前来报复,而且他也有些舍不得自己居住了一年多的山谷。
  Li Batian, a giant ape colony, did not know that the strength of the colony was stronger. He was not sure whether the colony would come for revenge in the present hostile situation between the two tribes, and he was reluctant to live in the valley for more than a year.
  翻越了十几座山脉,跨域了几条河流,有着李霸天这个超级杀神的庇护,黑熊群顺利的来到了鸟语 花香的山谷。
  Over a dozen mountains, across several rivers, with the shelter of Li Batian, a super God of murder, the black bears successfully arrived at the valley of birds and flowers.
  The Valley covers a large area, and even adding dozens of black bears does not seem too crowded.
  看到李霸天与一众黑熊的到来,之前重伤送信的妖兽黑熊,神情很是激动,望向李霸天的目光中除 了敬畏外,更多的是一种近乎盲目的崇拜,仿佛在它面前的不是一只黑熊,而是一尊神祗。
  Seeing the arrival of Li Batian and a group of black bears, the black bear, a demon beast who had severely injured the messenger before, was very excited. Looking at Li Batian, besides awe, was more a kind of almost blind worship, as if it was not a black bear, but a God in front of it.
  在李霸天的带领下,花了将近一天的时间,忙碌到傍晚时分,一众黑熊就在山谷岩壁上挖掘出了各 自的洞穴。
  Under the leadership of Li Batian, it took nearly a day, busy till evening, a group of black bears excavated their caves on the rock wall of the valley.
  水潭中被惊醒的巨龟,看到山谷中又多了几十只黑熊,郁闷的连忙又沉回到了水潭底,暗自思量着 要不要尽快搬家。
  The giant turtle awakened in the pool saw dozens of more black bears in the valley, and then went back to the bottom of the pool in a depressed hurry, wondering whether to move as soon as possible.
  In order to celebrate his becoming king of bears, Li Batian was rewarded with black bears for dinner by the violent apes he killed.
  Anyway, with the condensation speed of dragon elephant's internal qi, even if he eats the tyrannosaurus ape, it will not enhance much. It is better to give the black bears with heavy casualties.
  Bathed in the moonlight, Li Batian quietly watched the black bears eating ahead.
  The naughty and active bear is playing around, such as this lively meal, he has not seen for a long time.
  恍惚间他脑海中浮现出当年自己在长白山中部区域,身边跟着野狗王,小雪虎围着自己跳跃打转的 曰子。
  In a trance, his mind showed that he was in the middle of Changbai Mountains, with the King of Wild Dogs and the Snow Tiger jumping around him.
  "Ah!" With a slight sigh, Li Batian shook his head.
  After sorting out his mood, he glanced at the black bears feeding in front of him, and a faint suspicion suddenly emerged in his heart.
  黑熊群中的成年黑熊大部分都是妖兽级别,就连黑熊幼崽也显得格外强壮,远不是一般黑熊幼崽可 比的。
  Most of the adult black bears in the black bear herd are monster class. Even the black bear cubs are particularly strong, far from being comparable to the ordinary black bear cubs.
  "Did the whole black bear herd eat the elixir of Tiancai Dibao class!" As soon as the idea came to mind, he decisively eliminated it.
  天材地宝之所以叫做天材地宝,就是因为它们是天地孕育出来的宝物,极其稀有罕见,如果真像他 想的那样,那就是不是天材地宝了,而是路边上摆着的大白菜。
  The reason why Tiancai and Dibao are called Tiancai and Dibao is that they are the treasures nurtured by Tiancai and Dibao. They are extremely rare. If they are as he thought, they are not Tiancai and Dibao, but Chinese cabbage on the roadside.
  “cp9,你知道这是怎么回事吗!”想来想去他也没有想到原因,只能请教身为外星高科技产物的超 智能生物进化器cp9。
  "Cp9, do you know what's going on here?" He didn't think about the reason. He could only consult CP9, a super intelligent biological evolutionary device, which is a product of high-tech alien technology.
  面对他的询问,这一次cp9却并没有立刻回答,不过李霸天却可以感觉到,一股无形的扫描波动从自 己身体中扩散开来。
  Faced with his inquiry, this time CP9 did not immediately answer, but Li Batian can feel that an invisible scanning wave spread from his body.
  “回禀主人,经过cp9的扫描,初步判断应该是这片山脉的缘故,空气中弥漫着一股奇特能量,短时 间内身处于山脉深处并不会感觉到如何,长时间甚至是祖辈几代都处于山脉深处,就会对身体基因产生 某种进化的刺激。”
  "In retrospect, after CP9 scanning, preliminary judgment should be the cause of this mountain range, the air is filled with a strange energy, in a short period of time in the depth of the mountains do not feel how, for a long time or even generations of ancestors are in the depth of the mountains, will have some evolutionary stimulus to the body's genes."
  "What on earth is it that makes this mountain have this strange energy?" Wenyan Li Batian asked with great interest.
  “抱歉主人,cp9暂时还无法判断出来,这种奇特能量游离在山脉深处的空气中,根本无法找出源头 。”
  "I'm sorry, master, CP9 can't tell for the time being. This strange energy drifts in the air deep in the mountains and can't find its source at all."
  “这样啊!”李霸天有些失望的点了点头,却也没有继续往这方面去想,毕竟这或许是一种自然的 地理环境造成的。
  "That's it!" Li Batian nodded somewhat disappointed, but did not continue to think about it. After all, it may be caused by a natural geographical environment.
  夜晚山谷中一片宁静,黑熊群都已经各自回到自己的洞穴,李霸天则是依旧在月光下修炼,整座山 谷显得格外的宁静安然。
  At night, the valley is quiet, the black bears have returned to their caves, while Li Batian is still practicing in the moonlight, and the whole valley seems particularly quiet and peaceful.
  In the black bear territory, however, there is a totally different picture from that of the valley.
  Hubbub and roar continued, and huge figures filled with violent breath shuttled to and fro, and the air was filled with ferocious spirit.
  Under the moonlight, it was a giant ape with a grim face.
  Except for the giant apes, the surrounding woods are surrounded by squeaky monkeys, with at least hundreds of them in number.
  At the front of these apes are two grumpy tyrant apes.
  If Li Batian is here, he will recognize one of the tyrannous apes, which was the tyrannous ape that had escaped from him before.
  就在此时,一声如闷雷般的嘶吼声猛然响起,狂暴的吼声如潮水般涌动,空气中弥漫起一股火热的 气息,周围的温度仿佛都上升了十几度。
  Just then, a thunderous roar burst out, a violent roar surged like the tide, and a hot breath filled the air. The temperature around it seemed to have risen by more than a dozen degrees.
  原本上跳下窜,吱吱乱叫的的猴群,全都吓得立刻停了下来,几只猴子更是吓得从树上掉落,摔的 鼻青脸肿的却不敢发出丝毫叫声。
  Originally jumping up and down, the squeaky monkeys stopped immediately. Several monkeys fell down from the trees, their noses were blue and their faces were swollen, but they dared not make a scream.
  Giant apes, headed by two tyrannosaurs, also showed awe and lay on the ground in worshipful postures.
  伴随着狂暴的嘶吼声,一道火红色身影从后方窜射出来,身形尚未到达,炽热的气浪已经率先而至 。
  Accompanied by the Furious roar, a fiery red figure flew out from behind, the figure has not yet arrived, the hot wave has taken the lead.
  火红色身影落在地上,巨大冲击力撞击的地面凹陷出两个深深的脚印,炽热的气息澎湃涌出,所过 之处原本绿油油的杂草,犹如被火焰烤过一般,叶面开始泛黄枯萎。
  Fire-red figure fell on the ground, huge impact of the ground depressed two deep footprints, hot breath surging, passing through the original green weeds, as if burned by the flame, the leaves began to yellowing and withering.
  直到火红色身影落地,周围匍匐的巨猿群这才敢从地上爬起来,目光充满敬畏的集中到火红色身影 上。
  It was not until the fiery red figure fell to the ground that the creeping giant apes dared to rise from the ground, and their eyes focused in awe on the fiery red figure.
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