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第五十七章 重振雄风!

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  第二天一大早,李霸天从修炼中清醒过来,视线中一只只黑熊已经忙碌了起来,其中几只黑熊打猎 归来,满载着丰盛生物。
  Early the next morning, Li Batian woke up from his training. In his sight, one black bear was busy. Several black bears came back from hunting and were full of rich creatures.
  "Roar!" Black Bear King took a most delicious sika deer and placed it in front of Li Batian with a respectful low roar.
  自从野狗王离去后,一直都是自己捕猎的李霸天,再次过上了相对比较奢侈的生活,不用再为食物 而奔波。
  Since the King of Wild Dogs left, Li Batian, who had been hunting for himself, had once again lived a relatively luxurious life and no longer had to rush about for food.
  心中感慨了一下,李霸天与一众黑熊吃了一顿早餐,剩下的食物残渣,则是被他吩咐黑熊都扔进了 水潭中。
  With a sigh in his heart, Li Batian had a breakfast with a group of black bears, and the rest of the food residues were thrown into the pool by him.
  相处了一年多的时间,李霸天失去了消灭掉巨龟的想法,而且最近他闲着无聊,发现饲养一下巨龟 也还是很不错的,只是这个宠物稍微有点大。
  After spending more than a year together, Li Batian lost the idea of eliminating giant turtles, and recently he was idle and bored. He found that it was good to keep giant turtles, but the pet was a little big.
  基本上安顿好黑熊群,李霸天脑海中不由的浮现出逃走的暴猿,既然他现在已经是黑熊群的王,那 么他就有义务将危险扼杀在摇篮中。
  Basically settle the black bear group, Li Batian's mind can not help but emerge from the runaway ape, since he is now the king of the black bear group, then he has the obligation to strangle the danger in the cradle.
  From The Revenge of a series of giant apes, it is not difficult to see that the number of giant apes should be quite large, the previous tyrant ape fled, sooner or later it will be a disaster.
  “对了cp9,你能够听得懂野兽的吼叫,能不能透过思维波动向他们提出一些问题。”正在为寻找巨 猿老巢而有些发愁的李霸天,心中猛的蹦出这个念头。
  "By the way of CP9, you can understand the roar of beasts and ask them some questions through the wave of thinking." Li Batian, who is worrying about looking for the giant ape nest, jumped out of his mind.
  进化器cp9迟疑了一下,人姓化的道:“主人的这个想法理论上行得通,不过cp9并没有试验过,能 否成功还是个未知数。”
  Evolver CP9 hesitated for a moment and said, "The idea of the master is theoretically valid, but CP9 has not been tested. Whether it will succeed or not is still unknown."
  “没事,你试着利用思维波动问一下黑熊王,巨猿的老巢在哪里!”原本只是抱着试一下想法的李 霸天,听到有可能成功,立刻毫不犹豫的点头。
  "That's all right. You try to use the wave of thought to ask the Black Bear King where the Great Ape's nest is!" Li Batian, who was just trying his ideas, nodded without hesitation when he heard that he might succeed.
  Calling the Black Bear King to himself, Li Batian waited secretly in his heart, and soon a wave emanated from him.
  The Black Bear King, who had stayed in front of him respectfully, looked at Li Batian in awe with a slight stare and growled in a low voice.
  After yelling for a while, the Black Bear King respectfully retreated to the black bear herd.
  "Master, Black Bear King said that the Great Ape Nest is in the Great Ape Mountain in the north, where all the monkeys live a hundred miles around."
  听到cp9竟然真的问出了巨猿老巢的位置,李霸天心中充满了惊奇:“太神奇了,你这种能力能不能 传授给我,让我也可以和他们交流。”
  Hearing that CP9 actually asked the location of the Great Ape Nest, Li Batian was full of surprise: "It's amazing, can you impart this ability to me, so that I can also communicate with them?"
  “很抱歉,主人的实力太弱,无法进行思维链接,其实只要主人将修为提升到一定层次,就能直接 用精神与它们进行交流,根本无需cp9的帮助。”
  "I'm sorry, the master's strength is too weak to link up thinking, in fact, as long as the master will be upgraded to a certain level, you can communicate with them directly with spirit, without the help of cp9 at all."
  Li Batian, who was attacked, could only accept the fact helplessly and gave up the idea of thinking and flowing with the black bear.
  Knowing the location of the giant ape's nest, he did not go immediately. He glanced at the black bears and frowned slightly.
  To be honest, the strength of the black bear group is already a very strong group for the average person, but it is a little weak in Li Batian's opinion.
  妖兽的数量是不少,却都是很初级的等级,就连黑熊王的实力也并不能让他满意,不但攻击方式单 调,爆发力与灵活姓也太差。
  The number of monsters and beasts is quite a few, but they are all very elementary levels. Even the strength of the Black Bear King can not satisfy him. Not only the way of attack is monotonous, but also the explosive power and flexible surname are too poor.
  If the explosive power and flexible surname of Black Bear King could be improved, he would not lose so badly in the face of two tyrannous apes.
  “cp9,你能不能帮我提升一下黑熊群的实力,就像当初帮助小雪虎那样,在它们体内埋下基因进化 的种子。”想了一下,李霸天还是将希望放在了超智能生物进化器cp9上。
  "Cp9, can you help me to improve the strength of the black bear population, just like helping the little snow tigers, burying the seeds of genetic evolution in their bodies?" Think about it for a moment, Li Batian still put his hope on the super intelligent biological evolutor cp9.
  “基因进化种子需要耗费大量能量,如果主人要我给几十头黑熊身上都埋下种子的话,在接下来十 几天的时间里,主人都会变得很虚弱。”
  "Genetically evolved seeds require a lot of energy, and if the owner asks me to plant seeds on dozens of black bears, the owner will become very weak in the next dozen days."
  "There will be no other sequelae. Will you fall asleep again?" After a hesitation, Li Batian asked in detail.
  “主人的实力提升了很多,只是埋下基因进化种子并不会让cp9再次沉睡,主人也不会出现后遗症, 只是每一颗基因进化种子,都需要消耗主人大量的内气,这样一来主人需要在十几天的时间内,不断为 我提供内气作为能源”
  "The master's strength has improved a lot, but burying the seed of genetic evolution will not make CP9 sleep again, and the master will not have sequelae, but every seed of genetic evolution needs to consume a lot of internal gas of the master, so the master needs to provide internal gas for me continuously as energy in more than ten days."
  "No problem, it just consumes some internal gas."
  李霸天毫不在意的点了点头,只是等到真正开始的时候,他才知道那种虚弱十几天的感觉到底是什 么样子。
  Li Batian nodded indifferently, but only when he really started did he know what it was like to feel weak for more than ten days.
  接下来的时间,他几乎变成了一台永远加不满油的汽车,内气不断被cp9吸收,只能不停的修炼恢复 ,以此来维持cp9催化出基因进化种子的能量。
  Over the next few days, he almost became a car that never satisfies with gas. The internal gas was constantly absorbed by the CP9 and could only be restored by constant refining to maintain the energy of the seeds of genetic evolution catalyzed by the CP9.
  整整十二天的时间,李霸天一直保持着肾虚萎靡的状态,那副模样简直就像是和十几只母黑熊在洞 穴中大战了三天三夜般的虚弱。
  For twelve days, Li Batian remained in a state of kidney weakness, which was like fighting three days and three nights in a cave with more than a dozen female black bears.
  一直习惯了那种充满力量的感觉,现在连续十二天的时间虚弱到还不如一般妖兽,无形中对李霸天 的心姓也有着很大程度上的磨砺,散发出来的气息更加稳重澎湃。
  Having been accustomed to the feeling of power, now for twelve consecutive days, the time is weak enough to be worse than ordinary monsters and beasts. Invisibly, the surname of Li Batian has also been sharpened to a great extent, and the breath emitted is more stable and surging.
  Despite twelve days of weakness, he was gratified by the results.
  三十几只黑熊全都被埋下了基因进化的种子,特别是那些尚未成年的黑熊,因为基因进化种子的关 系,未来潜力将会更加巨大。
  More than thirty black bears have all been buried with the seeds of genetic evolution, especially those under-age black bears. Because of the relationship between the seeds of genetic evolution, the future potential will be even greater.
  Li Batian spent a day training and restoring the genetic evolution seed of the last black bear.
  By the next morning, he had regained his old heroism.
  Looking up to heaven and making a roar, Li Batian felt as if he was separated from the world, feeling that his body was full of strength again.
  "Haha, it feels good to be powerful!"
  挥动了一下熊爪,李霸天心中感慨着,经过这次十二天的虚弱,他更加珍惜自己现在的实力,也更 坚定了他那颗追求武道的心。
  He waved his paw, and Li Batian sighed in his heart that after 12 days of weakness, he treasured his strength even more, and strengthened his heart of pursuing martial arts.
  活动了一下充满活力与力量的身躯,李霸天心有所感的转头望向对面的黑熊洞穴,锁定了其中属于 黑熊王的洞穴。
  Activated a body full of vigor and strength, Li Batian turned his head and looked at the opposite black bear cave, which belonged to the Black Bear King.
  "This breath is......."
  Confused in his heart, Li Batian stepped forward quickly and the other black bears around him retreated in awe.
  来到洞口,李霸天向着洞穴内部望去,视线中黑熊王那硕大的身形匍匐在地上,浑身散发着淡淡绿 光,气息也是时有时无的起伏不定。
  When Li Batian came to the entrance of the cave, he looked inside. In his sight, the black bear king's huge body crawled on the ground, emitting a light green light all over his body, and his breath fluctuated from time to time.
  “主人,黑熊王的实力远超一般黑熊,体内基因已经提升到很活跃的状态,所以基因进化种子已经 完全激活。”
  "Master, Black Bear King is far more powerful than ordinary black bears. The genes in the body have been elevated to a very active state, so the seeds of genetic evolution have been fully activated."
  听到脑海中cp9的话,李霸天惊喜不已,之前他还有着一丝怀疑,现在终于可以确定,黑熊王现在的 状态是在激[***]内隐藏的基因。
  Li Batian was amazed to hear CP9 in his mind. Before that, he had some doubts. Now he can finally confirm that the Black Bear King's current state is the gene hidden in the excitement [***].
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