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第五十四章 孤军深入!

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  扫了一眼受重伤的黑熊王与其他都带着伤势的黑熊,李霸天从它们的目光中感受到了尊敬,感激, 以及激动的情绪,心中涌现出一股莫名感触。
  Glancing at the badly injured Black Bear King and other black bears with injuries, Li Batian felt respect, gratitude and excitement from their eyes, and a strange feeling emerged in his heart.
  Turning his head to the ground next to him, a dead black bear lay there.
  每一具黑熊尸体都惨不忍睹,甚至其中还有一只尚未成年的黑熊被咬断了脖子,死前依旧睁大了双 眼,兽瞳中带着痛苦与不甘。
  Every black bear's body was horrible to see, and even one of the immature black bears was bitten off its neck. Before he died, his eyes were still wide open, and his pupils were painful and unwilling.
  Seeing everything in front of us, Li Batian, who was still warlike, could not help but burst out with suppressed anger.
  "Damn Giant Apes, I want you all to die!"
  Staring at the two tyrant apes opposite, Li Batian's eyes burst out with sudden murder.
  李霸天不是智力未开的野兽,眼前的景象他不难猜测出来,这次巨猿一族围攻黑熊群,十有八九是 和他有关的。
  Li Batian is not an unintelligent beast. It's not difficult for him to guess what he's seeing. Ninety-nine times out of ten, the giant apes besieged the black bears.
  之前他灭杀了一只激活了暴猿基因的巨猿,并且受到妖兽黑熊的邀请,拖着巨猿尸体来到了黑熊领 地。
  Previously, he killed a giant ape that activated the tyrannosaurus ape gene, and was invited by the black bear, the monster, to drag the corpse of the giant ape to the black bear territory.
  这才过了几天的时间,巨猿群就杀了过来,很有可能是因为嗅到了死去巨猿留下的气息,为了报仇 巨猿群这才会围攻黑熊群。
  It took only a few days for the giant apes to kill them, probably because they smelled the smell of the dead giant apes, and in order to revenge the giant apes, they would besiege the black bears.
  The guilty Li Batian turned all his guilt into murder to the giant ape.
  He knows that his guilt is useless now, and that the most important thing to do is to wipe out the enemy in front of him.
  仰天咆哮一声,李霸天体内气血如洪流般涌动,原本略显瘦弱的身躯,以肉眼可见的速度充实膨胀 。
  With a roar from heaven, Li Batian's body surged like a torrent of blood and gas. His body was slightly thin and expanded at a rate visible to the naked eye.
  这种膨胀不同于吹气球的那种膨胀,吹气球只是外强中干,而李霸天形态的变化,却是实实在在的 膨胀,肌肉与骨骼都涌动着澎湃的力量。
  This kind of expansion is different from that of balloon blowing. The balloon blowing is only external strength, but the change of Li Batian's shape is real expansion. The muscles and bones are surging with strength.
  In the blink of an eye, Li Batian has expanded to a greater size than the Black Bear King, and looks like a small black hill from afar.
  在这种状态下,他可以将自己的力量以及防御力发挥到极致,只不过这样一来灵活姓就势必会受到 影响,所以一般情况下李霸天并不会催动气血,进行近乎变身般的强化体型。
  In this state, he can exert his strength and defense to the utmost, but this will inevitably affect the flexible surname, so in general, Li Batian will not stimulate Qi and blood, and carry out nearly metamorphosis-like strengthening body shape.
  这次面对的是巨猿,经过上次的交战,他了解到这些巨猿的力量与防御力很强,奔跑的速度也很快 ,灵活姓上却并不怎么样,擅长的就是最原始的肉搏,正好适合他现在变身后的状态。
  This time we are facing giant apes. After the last battle, he learned that these giant apes are strong in strength and defense, fast in running, but not so good in flexible surnames. What they are good at is the most primitive hand-to-hand combat, which is just right for the state he is now in.
  凶残暴戾的暴猿,在李霸天杀气的刺激下也立刻红了眼睛,双拳捶打着胸口,前肢撑着地面,如炮 弹般率先冲向李霸天。
  The ferocious ape, stimulated by Li Batian's killing spirit, immediately blushed his eyes, hit his chest with his fists, and supported his forelimbs on the ground. He took the lead in rushing towards Li Batian like a shell.
  A crowd of giant apes and monkeys behind the two tyrannous apes also came up with grinning teeth and grinning mouths.
  A group of black bears, who had long been ready to go, saw the furious roaring here and tried to rush up to fight, but Li Batian blocked them behind.
  "Howl!" Turning his head and shouting at the Black Bear King to stop, Li Batian walked alone to a group of giant apes opposite him.
  Under the solemn roar of Li Batian, the Black Bear King and other black bears stopped abruptly, and stopped their shape stiffly.
  They may not understand what Li Batian is shouting at, but they can feel the restraint full of dignity.
  Neither the Black Bear King nor the other bears dared to question Li Batian's almost commanding roar.
  There was a tremor on the ground, and the thunder-like voice suddenly sounded, which made the heart of the giant apes jump in the opposite direction.
  视线中李霸天仿佛化身为一只擎天巨象,缓慢的迈步前行,每一脚落下都响起闷雷般的撞击声,巨 大的力量硬生生将地面踩出几十厘米深的脚印。
  In sight, Li Batian seems to be a giant elephant, walking slowly. Every foot falls sounds like thunder, and the tremendous force forcefully tramples the ground out of footprints tens of centimeters deep.
  气势汹汹的一众巨猿,在沉闷脚步声响起的同时,不管是实力相对比较弱的猴子,还是冲在前面的 暴猿,身形都猛然停顿。
  At the same time as the dull footsteps of the fierce giant apes were sounded, their bodies suddenly stopped, whether they were relatively weak monkeys or fierce apes rushing ahead.
  In their senses, the thunderous footsteps seem to have stepped on them and stepped on their hearts.
  实力不到妖兽级别的猴子,纷纷发出尖锐惨叫声,如遭重击般的身形一个踉跄,鼻子里流出鲜红的 血液。
  Monkeys less than the rank of monsters and beasts, have issued a sharp scream, such as the body of a heavy blow staggered, nose bleeding bright red blood.
  "Bang bang bang!"
  Thunderstorm-like footsteps continue to ring, the momentum of the impact of the tide, a wave higher than the wave swept ahead of the great apes.
  之前如遭重击的猴子,惨叫着惊慌逃窜,那无形的冲击力仿佛要将它们的心脏捏碎,感觉再呆一会 ,就会心脏爆裂而亡。
  Previously, if the monkeys were hit hard and screamed and panicked and fled, the invisible impact seemed to crush their hearts. If they stayed a little longer, their hearts would burst and die.
  身处于李霸天后方,受到波及比较小的黑熊群也都是神情骇然,几只受重伤的黑熊也是支撑不住的 退到远处。
  Being in the rear of Li Batian, the smaller black bears affected were also shocked. Several seriously injured black bears could not support their retreat to a distant place.
  在修为突破到气血如洪境界之前,李霸天的象王步绝对没有如此威力,而凝练出龙象内气后,象王 步的威力才算是真正展现出来。
  Before breaking through the realm of Qi and Blood, Li Batian's elephant Wang Bu had absolutely no such power. After concreting the inner Qi of the dragon and elephant, the power of the elephant Wang Bu was really shown.
  龙象般若功之所以能被称为华夏第一奇功,除了本身龙象般若功的玄奥外,配合的招式同样占有重 要地位。
  The reason why the Dragon elephant Prajna Gong can be called the first wonder of China is that besides its own mystery of Prajna Gong, the way of cooperation also occupies an important position.
  在没有龙象内气加持的时候,象王步只能算是对气势运用还不错的步法,而配合上龙象内气的加持 ,象王步却有了脱胎换骨般的变化,让李霸天犹如化身为远古巨象,气势震慑的威力倍增。
  In the absence of dragon elephant internal Qi support, like Wang Bu can only be regarded as a good way to use momentum, and with the support of Shanglong elephant internal qi, like Wang Bu has a rebirth-like change, so that Li Batian as if incarnated as an ancient giant elephant, the power of deterrence doubled.
  两只暴猿发出暴戾的嘶吼声,凭借着强悍实力,硬是冲破了李霸天象王步的威慑,挥动着砂锅大拳 头的砸向李霸天。
  Two tyrannous apes roared fiercely. With their strong strength, they broke through the deterrence of Li Ba's King step and smashed Li Batian with their big fists in a casserole.
  "Hum, dragon body swimming!"
  With a sarcastic smile on the corner of his mouth, Li Batian drank lightly from his heart, and his body, which was as heavy as Mount Tai, was instantly agitated.
  尽管体型上变的壮硕臃肿起来,在游龙身法的加持下,李霸天还是展现出游龙的灵活姓,绕过了冲 上来的两只暴猿,蜿蜒而迅速的冲向后方的三只巨猿。
  Despite his bulky figure, with the help of the dragon body method, Li Batian showed the flexible surname of the dragon, bypassing the two tyrannous apes that rushed up, and rushing swiftly back to the three giant apes.
  龙象内气对象王步有很大的加持效果,对于游龙身法也同样有着一定的帮助,有了龙象内气的存在 ,游龙身法比以前更加灵动,更加让人难以判断出走位的方向。
  With the existence of Dragon-Elephant internal qi, dragon-body method is more flexible than before, which makes it more difficult to judge the direction of departure.
  突如其来的情况完全超出了两只暴猿的预料,等到它们反应过来的时候,李霸天已经孤军深入的冲 到三只巨猿身前。
  Suddenly, the situation totally exceeded the expectations of the two tyrannosaurs. By the time they responded, Li Batian had rushed into the front of the three giant apes by himself.
  三只巨猿的实力只是相当于当初的东北虎,战斗力估计还不如东北虎,在修为突破的李霸天面前, 根本就没有什么还手之力。
  The strength of the three giant apes is only equivalent to that of the original Siberian tiger. The combat effectiveness of the three giant apes is not as good as that of the Siberian tiger. In the face of Li Batian, who is a breakthrough, there is no counterforce at all.
  One of the giant apes flew with a slap of the hand. Li Batian then rushed to another giant ape that was close to him.
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