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第八十八章 杀戮与改变!

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The steel plate that bound the King of Wild Dog was easily removed by Li Batian's sharp claws and the strength of the Dragon elephant.


The King of the Wild Dog, who had regained his freedom, jumped up excitedly, but as soon as he got over it, he fell to the ground.


He was so happy that he completely forgot that the tranquilizer in his body had not disappeared. Now he was very weak and a little better than the average wild dog.


After a glance at the weak King of Wild Dogs, Li Batian's murderous spirit is even stronger. With the system of King of Wild Dogs, what kind of torture is needed to become what it is now.




With a roar at King Wild Dog, Li Batian took the lead in stepping out of the operating room.


Outside the operating room gathered some curious and lively staff. When they saw Li Batian coming out of the operating room, there was a sudden exclamation, and then they were drowned by the murderous air like the tide.


These people are ordinary people who do research. They simply can't bear the horrible killing gas. They can't control the paralysis of their body in almost an instant, and their eyes are full of horrible fears.


Faced with the murderous Li Batian, the staff felt as if they were being stared at by one giant boa constrictor, and could open their mouths at any time to swallow them up.


The feeling that they might die at the next moment puts them on the verge of collapse.




Before this group of staff recovered, a chill swept through, and all the original living people were instantly frozen into ice sculptures.


Their eyes of fear and despair can still be seen through the crystal clear ice.


Walking on the ice, Li Batian's animal pupils are cold and ruthless, flashing scarlet light from time to time, as if incarnated as the God of killing.


The King of the Wild Dog who followed him was also shocked by Li Batian's toughness, and looked forward to revealing a kind of worship and awe which was close to belief in Li Batian's eyes.


Through the corridor, Li Batian marched forward according to his memory, passing almost barren grass, whether guarded soldiers, or underground research base researchers, all frozen into ice sculptures.


He showed no mercy to those guys whose hands were covered with the blood of wild animals and had no human nature.


Like the killing between beasts, most of them are also for survival, only when they hunt and courtship, they will go to war. In fact, beasts are much more pure and kind than human beings. They will not kill at least at will.


In the past, Li Batian still had a deep attachment to human beings, but at this moment, this attachment has vanished, and he has been completely disappointed with human beings.


Now for him, Wild Dog King, Black Bears and so on are his most important companions, but also a concern in his heart.


At this moment, he is fully aware of his heart, he is no longer human, the bear will have a bear.


Go all the way, kill all the way.


Underground research base itself does not have much defense liliang, after all, this is in the center of the military base, and underground, the safety factor can be imagined.


In the view of the military commanders, it is absolutely foolproof. I never thought there would be such a day.


Soon Li Batian came all the way to the warehouse where the beasts were imprisoned. In his sight, there were special cages where all kinds of beasts of prey and monsters were kept.


In the warehouse, all kinds of beasts roared in succession, but when Li Batian stepped into the warehouse, the roar stopped abruptly.


Whether it is a fierce Raptor or a monster with weak strength, Li Batian, facing the fierce and terrible breath of murder, is all frightened to shrink his head, and his body is shivering.


For them, Li Batian is like an uncrowned king, so that their hearts can not rise a trace of resistance and hostility.


Glancing at the detained birds and beasts of prey, Li Batian shuttled like a dragon, with sharp bear claws waving.




In a minute or two, dozens of specially designed cages were completely destroyed by him.


"Howl!" Standing in the center of the warehouse, Li Batian uttered an imperative growl.


Originally hiding in the cage shivering beasts of prey, one after another raised their heads, the heart of understanding out of the cage, orderly gathered in front of Li Ba.


Li Batian's roar just now did not let CP9 pass on to a group of raptors and monsters in the form of thinking fluctuation. After so many years of adaptation, he still understood some simple animal language, especially as the queen of black bears, and made great progress in giving orders.


Glancing at a beast of prey in front of him, Li Batian nodded in his heart.


These beasts of prey are very good, perhaps because they avoid too much tranquilizer, which will cause the influence of **. Most of the beasts of prey are still relatively active, at least 70% of the combat effectiveness.


At the moment, Li Batian's killing heart is boiling, but it does not mean that he has lost his calmness.


As a former master of ancient martial arts, he deeply understands that no matter how powerful, once he loses a calm heart, he is not far from failure.


Even now, he wishes to destroy the whole military area, but still remains calm.


This is the hinterland of the Northeast Military Region Base, where he made so much noise that it is estimated that the outside has been informed that once he leaves the underground base, he will face the combat effectiveness of a military region.


Li Batian would not be afraid of anyone in a single fight, but faced with the firepower of a military area. Even he had to deal with it carefully. Not only could he not rescue the King of Wild Dogs, but he was also in danger of being buried there.


The strength of these beasts of prey is not enough to compete with the whole military area, but they can stir up the Northeast Military Region.


In this way, both he and the King of Wild Dog are safer. Whether these beasts of prey can rush out or not depends on their own creations.


Li Batian is not a saint who saves everything. If he does not release these beasts of prey, sooner or later, he will die on the operating table of his research, and even suffer more painful torture. In contrast to that situation, fighting to kill is the most Haode ending.


Commanding a group of raptors, monsters and beasts, vastly marching towards the underground research base export, this time there is no need for Li Batian to start, anyone who dares to block the road, whether researchers or soldiers with guns, are all torn to pieces.


For these beasts of prey and demons, they had long been anxious to eat their meat and drink their blood. Now they have the opportunity to revenge, and naturally they are crazy to vent their inner hatred.


The scream echoed in the corridor of the underground research base, followed by Li Batian, who looked at all with indifference.


Many things in the world are fair. Human beings can abuse animals and animals can also abuse human beings.


If Li Batian had ever seen this scene, he might have been angry, but now he has already seen it. Compared with the human beings in front of him, the beast of prey gives him a more frank and closer feeling.


Many things just because of different perspectives, will produce different ideas.


Now Li Batian has accepted the fact that he is a black bear. From the point of view of the beast, he has no sympathy for the human beings in front of him.


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