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第八十六章 震惊的消息!

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The soldiers in charge of escort got out of the car one after another, quickly lined up and saluted the visitors respectfully.


The first three ancient warriors nodded and waved their hands to get busy.


Opening military trucks protected by layers of organs, a group of people worked hard for a long time to lift a huge cage with a small gap from the military truck.


In the cage, you can see a sleepy cheetah, full of the peculiar breath of the mutant monster, which frightens the soldiers.


That is to say, these soldiers are trained professionally and their qualities are far superior to those of ordinary people. Otherwise, the breath of mutant monsters is enough to make their limbs soft.


The monster cheetah has apparently been subjected to narcotic-like drugs and has been in a drowsy state.


Under the command of three ancient warriors, the soldiers carried the cage to a simple cart, and a group of people pushed the cart forward.


After hesitating for a moment, Li Batian still dodged to follow up.


The situation in front of him made him feel very strange. It was strange to capture mutant monsters at military bases like this. What's more, it made things more bizarre in a well-defended place like a hospital.


Soon the pedestrians came to an underground entrance. After some fingerprint verification code tests, the iron door slowly opened.


At the moment when the iron door closed, Li Batian flashed and rushed in.


Walking along the underground passage, through several electronic gates, the elite soldiers saluted and left. Specialists continued to push the cage into a warehouse-like place.


"This is!"


Following into the warehouse-like place, Li Batian was stunned by the sight.


In sight are the specially handled iron cages, in which all the prisoners are a beast of prey.


These beasts of prey are all in a listless manner. When they see someone coming in, they just stare at them viciously, but they don't scream or roar.


"Damn the beast, look at what, and see me dig your eyes!" Among the three ancient warriors, the shortest man, glared at the beasts of prey with dissatisfaction and drank viciously.


The ancient warrior in the middle waved his hand and laughed, "Come on, what are you angry with these animals? They don't understand what you say. They will die sooner or later anyway."


"Yes, we have to be angry with them. I heard that a new French cook has recently arrived in our military area. I'll invite you to have a French dinner." Walking in the front, the leader of the ancient martial arts laughed.


Following Li Batian in the rear, he heard the conversation of the three men, and his eyes flashed with a sense of obliteration.


If he was not afraid of revealing himself, he really wanted to solve the three scum by himself.


He did not think he was a saint, nor a monk who did not kill, but he always had a reverence for life. He could kill, but he could not trample on and insult the dignity of other creatures.


Three ancient warriors talked, and when they put cheetahs, monsters and beasts in special cages, they did not stop much and turned away from the warehouse.


"These martial artists really have no quality. They know how to fight and kill all day long." After the three ancient martial artists left, two men in white, with gold glasses on their noses, muttered discontentedly by the gentle-looking man.


"Don't talk nonsense. These people have very good ears. If they hear that, we don't have any good fruit to eat. Let's do our experiments honestly." Another tall, thin man in white, hurriedly whispered a warning.


The Sven man's face changed for a while, some of them nodded sullenly, glanced at the cheetah and monster staring at him, raised his leg and kicked on the cage door dissatisfied, showing his own qualities.


"Let's not talk about that!" The tall and thin man in white smiled and patted the Sven man on the shoulder. "By the way, how's your research going? That wild dog doesn't fit in with the research."


"You don't say I'm not angry. That wild dog is a tough bone to eat. It can't be suppressed with tranquilizers. It's a mad dog. I don't know that weishenme asked us to study this mad dog." Sven's male voice was full of complaints.


The tall and thin man in white smiled and looked surprised. "Don't tell me, that wild dog did have two brushes. When he was caught back, he was so badly injured that his stomach was open and his internal organs were damaged to a great extent. Almost all doctors thought there was no hope of survival. As a result, they didn't expect it to happen." However, to survive is absolutely a miracle, and the speed of recovery is even more astonishing, it is indeed of great research value.


"Yes, the above people are interested in the wild dog's super resilience, want to study from it can quickly heal wounds medicine, and even some people think that maybe from this wild dog can extract some anti-aging and life-prolonging drugs." The man in the glasses sneered and shook his head in a disapproving manner.


They talked and stepped out of the warehouse without finding a shocked little black bear lurking in a corner.


Listening to the conversations of the two researchers just now, Li Batian sounded a thunder in his mind, and the whole bear was stunned.


A moment later, he was awake and quickly turned into a dragon to catch up with the two researchers who had gone far.


From the descriptions of the conversations of two researchers, he could almost confirm that the wild dog they spoke of was probably the missing king of wild dogs.


Suddenly I heard the news about King Wild Dog. Li Batian's mood was very complicated. He had both joy and anger, and a little nervousness.


Joy is that the King of the Wild Dog is likely not dead. He can see it immediately. Anger is that these people even regard the King of the Wild Dog as a shiyan. This makes him feel angry, but nervous is afraid of his empty joy.


In a complicated mood, Li Batian followed two researchers five or six minutes in the underground base corridor and came to an underground research institute with various medicines.


"Researcher Ma, you are finally back. The wild dog is mad and refuses to cooperate with the research. Several researchers have been bitten."


Two researchers have just returned to the institute. A young man, also wearing a white coat and torn in many places, comes to the Sven man at a brisk pace.


"Wouldn't you give it a tranquilizer, the maximum dose, as long as you don't kill it?" Pushing the gold glasses on the nose bridge, the horse researcher turned a little black and waved his hand in dissatisfaction.


"No, we gave the wild dog a sufficient dose of tranquilizer, and at first we could calm it down. As soon as it was fixed on the operating table, it suddenly went crazy. It seemed that it had developed immunity to tranquilizers. We were afraid that it would be a problem if we increased the dose!" The way for young men to be embarrassed.


"Well, I know!"


The horse researcher sighed helplessly and sent the young man away, turning his head to the tall, thin and white man next to him. "Lao Liu, aren't you interested in that wild dog? Why don't you come and see it with me? I'm going crazy to deal with this wild dog all day long."


"Well, I also want to see how hard the wild dog is to deal with." The tall and thin man in white smiled indifferently.


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