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第八十七章 重逢的愤怒!

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As soon as I passed through a corridor, the barking hoarse came to Li Batian's ears.


Hearing the hoarse roar, his heart trembled.


"Yes, it's King Wild Dog. He's really alive!"


After listening for a while, Li Batian's body trembled slightly and his heart cried with excitement.


Since the King of Wild Dog was seriously injured and disappeared, his heart has been buried with deep guilt. He thought he had no chance to make up for this guilt, but God opened his eyes and did not let the seriously injured King of Wild Dog die.


Under the pressure of inner excitement, Li Batian flashed forward.


In sight, two researchers stepped into a well-guarded room, and outside the door stood two tall men, both ancient warriors.


"The two ancient warriors who are full of vigour and blood also want to stop me."


After a glance at the two men, Li Batian saw both of them perfectly, with a fierce tint on his lips, and flew out of the corner like a winding dragon. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of two ancient martial artists.


The difference in strength between the two sides is the difference between heaven and earth. In addition, the two ancient warriors did not think that there would be infiltrators. They had gone back to the west without knowing what was going on.


"roar and roar!"


As soon as two ancient martial artists were eliminated, a hoarse roar spread to Li Batian's ears, filled with anger and panic.


A rage surged into my heart, and Li Batian beast flashed a destructive intent in his pupil, forcefully crashing into the closed door.


In sight is an operating room with various precision instruments. In the middle is a special operating table. On the operating table lies a black-haired wolf dog.


The wolf dog's limbs were locked by strong special steel, and its neck could not be moved by the iron clip, so it could only howl angrily.


No matter how fierce the struggle is, it is impossible to break away from the shackles of the operating table.


In addition to the black-haired wolfhounds tied to the operating table, five white-clad researchers surrounded the table, each with various tools in hand.


Among them, the horse researcher holds a huge syringe filled with milky yellow liquid, which looks muddy and ominous.


The unexpected situation shocked five people, including the horse researcher, and looked at the little black bear who rushed into the door like a fierce spirit. All five people were stunned.


This underground research institute is located in the core reserve area of the entire military base, not to mention a little black bear, even a fly can not fly in.


"What's the matter? It's absolutely disgraceful that a little black bear should break into the operating room in the beast warehouse under the care of someone." The horse researcher looked back and drank discontentedly.


The other four researchers looked at each other with blank faces and shook their heads to show that they did not know.


For Li Batian who rushed into the operating room, they did not take it seriously. They thought that Li Batian was just a little black bear who was arrested as a shiyan. He accidentally broke into the operating room. He did not know that the little black bear in front of him would soon become the incarnation of the God of death.


Looking at the wolf dog on the operating table, Li Batian was excited. Despite the change in the hair color, the smell and the familiar roar, he was sure that the wolf dog in front of him was the King of Wild Dogs who had been missing for more than a year.


"Great, great!" Li Batian said excitedly to himself and again met the King of the Wild Dog, giving him the joy of family reunion.


Returning from the surprise of reunion, Li Batian's heart suddenly rises to the point of brutality and murder.


He didn't have to think and know what he was going to do. He could imagine how much pain and panic the Wild Dog King had endured over a year.


"Guard, take this black bear away quickly, delaying our research. Can you afford it?" Researcher Ma pushed the gold glasses on the bridge of his nose and shouted gloomily.


Just as soon as he finished shouting, he felt a chill all over his body, and a touch of fear in his heart surged up like a fountain.


Blood in the body seemed to freeze, and the horse researcher looked at the little black bear at the door in horror.


I don't know when the baby black bear has become a giant adult black bear. The terrifying breath makes him feel like facing the hell devil. The scarlet pupils of the animals are like haunting messengers, which make him scared to the point that he can't even scream.




The violent and tyrannical roar of the bear exploded suddenly, and the loud roar in the operating room was like a thunderbolt sounding out of nowhere, and all five of them, including the horse researcher, collapsed instantly to the ground.


The horse researcher just sat on the ground with his eyes wide open. A dark shadow appeared in front of him. His fierce face was full of violence and murder.




With the impact of a stream of water, the horse researcher felt that the whole person was flying, with a headless corpse pouring blood on the ground, familiar clothes, familiar body shape, it was his own body.


In an instant, the pupil of the horse researcher enlarged. Before he died, his eyes were filled with panic and despair. It was not clear that Weishenme would become so.


In a twinkling of an eye, the operating room became a purgatory on earth. All five researchers died on the ground. Li Batian did not show any mercy to his staff during the whole process. He had no pity for these scum.


Five researchers were eliminated. Li Batian came to the operating table quickly. He stood on his hind legs and looked at the King of Wild Dogs with tears in his pupils.


Who says wolf heart dog lung, who says wild dogs are a group of greedy and cruel beasts, wild dogs also have their own feelings.


"Stinky boy!"


There was a smile on the corners of his mouth. Li Batian tried to keep the corners of his eyes moist, and the bear's paw skillfully patted the King of Wild Dogs on the head.


"Whoop!" The King of the Wild Dog looked gentle and enjoyable, as if this simple action had been enough to make up for the pain he had suffered for more than a year.


"What's the matter, what was the voice and what happened!"


"Look, the dead, the two guards are dead. Something serious has happened. Please inform the Military Region Defense Department quickly!"


Just then there was a loud exclamation outside the operating room. In just a moment, the buzzing alarm sounded all over the underground base.


Hearing the loud alarm, a fierce cold light flashed through Li Batian's beast pupil. Before he came, he just wanted to sneak into the military base and assassinate Lei Wanshan.


The sound of the alarm doomed him to be unable to implement the original jihua. Especially when he saw the encounter of the wild dog king, his heart was filled with an irrepressible anger. Only killing could calm his anger.


"Very well, since you want to play, then I will play with you to the end."


The heart muttered to itself, Li Batian's body emitted a strong sense of killing, dangerous breath of terror so that the King of Wild Dogs were frightened.


(Thank you for the two 1888 pips rewarded by the drunken bear. He became the first deacon in this book. Ha-ha, and the 100 pips rewarded by Aron Daxiao!)

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