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第八十四章 离开长白山!

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After a fierce battle with the fiery ape king, Li Batian's life once again plunged into tranquility. Every day, besides practice, he plunged into a state of mania.


As for the Burning Ape King, he returned to Giant Ape Mountain because the environment in Bear Valley was not suitable for his practice and ascension.


As time goes by, Li Batian's practice is constantly improving.


Even the black bears continue to take diluted monkey wine, the overall strength has also made a huge breakthrough, including several black bears have successfully activated the body's hidden genes.


The first one to activate the hidden gene is not the black bear that is second only to the black bear king in strength, but the black bear that was saved by Li Batian before and then risked death to seek help.


Perhaps the black bears themselves are the creatures that inherit the Moon Bear gene, and the genes activated by several black bears are the Moon Bear gene.


In a twinkling of an eye, winter passed quietly, and Changbai Mountain ushered in spring.


The arrival of spring, but let Li Batian's original quiet life problems, or even let him some bitter.


Spring is the season for all animals to recover their oestrus, and it is no exception for the black bear family. All female and male bears have a burst of sexual desire and are full of vigor.


For a group, the leader always has the greatest power. Even most of the groups are male and the others are female.


Being able to mate with a leader is absolutely a desirable thing for mothers in the community.


It is for this reason that Li Batian is subjected to sexual harassment from black bears every day. His eager eyes always make him shiver uncontrollably.


He was particularly depressed that his black bear body also responded to the changes of the season. In the face of the female black bear's emotional and graceful appearance, there was a strong impulse. A big gun was ready to start, just like a hungry wolf whining, ready to rush to do a big job.


To his surprise, the black bear he had rescued from the tyrant ape was also a female bear.


I don't know if it was because of the original saving grace, the Bear looked at him with a pious desire in addition to affection, which made Li Batian embarrassed to reprimand.


Li Batian, who is strong in strength and tough in will, has a creepy feeling at the moment, and has some panic in his heart.


As if he had become a naked lamb, surrounded by hungry wolves, hungry and thirsty, he would eat himself at any time, so that he could not calm down to practice.


Zuihou Li Batian could not bear it. He sent the black bears directly to Giant Ape Mountain.


That way, you don't have to be harassed by a black bear every day, and you don't have to worry about the safety of the black bear herd.


The black bears were sent to Giant Ape Mountain. When Li Batian was leaving, a group of female black bears were reluctant to give up, which made him cry and laugh.


Back to Bear Valley alone, the original lively Bear Valley was left with giant tortoises sleeping in the bottom of the pool and minks playing around.


accustomed to the lively Li Batian, suddenly cool down, for a while, it is really a little bit uncomfortable.


Back in his cave, Li Batian glanced at the wine gourd beside him.


After these days of practice, his practice to promote to the late period of blood and qi, monkey wine has been left little, he is prepared to leave the remaining monkey wine, to break through the endless realm of Qi and blood.


This time he sent the black bears to Giant Ape Mountain. Apart from some of the feelings of a group of female black bears, there was another reason why he was ready to leave the Changbai Mountains temporarily.


Since he learned the location of Leiwanshan Military Region, he always wanted to go to break the grudge with Leiwanshan.


Originally, he intended to let Chu Hu lead Chu Xiong, the elder, to the Changbai Mountains, and wait for him to solve Chu Xiong before the Northeast Military Region, but through the message of puppet seeds, Chu Xiong seemed to have been unable to wait, and still chose to close without monkey wine.


Plus, his practice has reached a bottleneck, so he finally made up his mind to go to the Northeast Military Region.


When he was guided to bomb, he had vowed to avenge it, endured it for so many years, and finally it was time to clear up his grievances.


After a brief preparation, he hid the monkey wine in the dark space dug out in the cave, and Li Batian left the Bear Valley with a lightning mink.


Since the rebirth of a black bear, he has been living in the Changbai Mountains, and there are almost only sporadic memories of the environment outside the Changbai Mountains.


It took more than a week for Li Batian to cross the Changbai Mountains and come out of the Changbai Mountains by virtue of his flexible figure and super physical strength.


Standing at the top of a hill, looking at the distant villages and people walking, and the buzzing cars, made him feel like an illusion of seclusion.


In the Changbai Mountains, he has become accustomed to the life of wild animals. Suddenly he sees familiar scenes, but he has a sense of strangeness and strong distance.


Looking at it for a while, Li Batian quickly adjusted his mood.


Over the years, he has not just regenerated himself when the black bear, has passed that period of confusion and struggle, the heart has long been their own positioning.


Leaving the Changbai Mountains, there is human Shijie outside, and there are not so many trees and mountains as shelters. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Li Batian did his best to shrink his body to the harmless level of human beings and animals, and shuttled in a relatively deserted place with lightning minks. Fang.


Along the way, although the location of the Northeast Military Region is not too far from Changbai Mountain, it will take more than a dozen days to travel.


In this process, Li Batian has been as careful as possible, still inevitably encountered some troubles.


When passing by the village, the watchdogs in the village bark madly, and when he releases a trace of monster and beast, they are all frightened and make a lot of noise.


In addition, there have been some people on the road, but every time they meet, they are not very friendly. They either want to catch him or kill him.


For these people, Li Batian did not act in anger. Besides not wanting to have extra branches, he was more tolerant and indifferent. After all, the two sides were not on the same level, just like an ant biting an elephant, the elephant would not be angry to kill the ant.


It took Li Batian twelve days to get to his destination.


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