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第八十五章 装有妖兽的货车!

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The Northeast Military Region is located in a desolate area, which is not small distance from urban and rural areas. The whole area is almost completely blocked.


Looking from a distance, the base is like a medium-sized city, but the people in it are not urban white-collar workers, but some military men wearing military uniforms and holding machine guns.


Through the blockade on the outside, Li Batian looked at the Northeast military area in front of him on a hill, with a dignified look in his eyes.


Military area defense was beyond his imagination. It took him a lot of energy just to go through the blockade.


That is to say, he has now reduced his stature by using the great method of shrinking bones, otherwise his cultivation would have been discovered by the guards.


Compared with the blockade outside, the inside of the military area is like a barrel. With his keen insight, it is difficult to find obvious loopholes. Both the sky and the underground are under surveillance. Even Li Batian suspects that there is a scanning induction system in the military area, and outsiders can easily be found when entering.


Think of this possibility, Li Batian was depressed to vomit blood, he rushed all the way to the Military Region, which seemed to find it difficult to enter.


"Master, CP9 can shield all military science and technology scanning, you don't have to worry about it at all."


When he was depressed here, the CP9 machine sounded in his mind, but it sounded like a spring to Li Batian.


"Can any high-tech scanning be shielded, along with a camera or something?"


"Of course, CP9 is a high-tech product from extraterrestrial science and technology. The technology on earth can only be regarded as a non-influx jishu, not a high-tech at all."


Hearing CP9's human pride, Li Batian laughed and shook his head. Many times, he felt that CP9 was almost the same as human beings in thinking. It was hard to imagine that it was just a super-intelligent product formed by high technology.


Having received the affirmative response from CP9, Li Batian was completely relieved.


Think about it, too. After all, CP9 is a high-tech product of shape. It's not at the same level as the earth's technological level.


With CP9 to shield technology scanning, the difficulty of sneaking into the military area has decreased a lot, so there is no chance at all.


At that time, Li Batian had also been in the army when he was studying martial arts. He had also been involved in investigation and other aspects.


After observing for several hours in four different positions around the military area, he could not help but admire the deployment of the Northeast Military Area.


Whether it's the guards from all sides, the gap between shifts, or even the treatment of some dead corners, it can be said that almost seamless, coupled with high-tech scanning, it can be said that a suspicious mosquito flying into the military area, will be immediately checked out.


"The deployment is meticulous enough, but it's a little short of stopping me."


Observed once, Li Batianjiao a smile.


Such a seamless layout, for the average person, can be said to have no chance, but with Li Batian is only a little bit of trouble.


In a twinkling of an eye, the sky darkened, a full moon rose in the sky, but soon was covered by black clouds, the earth fell into a darkness.




The bright headlights hanging high suddenly turned on, and the whole military area immediately became bright. The military area was shining like daylight.


Stimulated by the strong light, a group of soldiers in the military area closed their eyes subconsciously, and no one found a dark shadow winding quietly like a dragon approaching, and successfully passed through the periphery of the base of the military area to enter the inside of the base of the military area.


Soon a group of soldiers adapted to the sudden light and continued to guard the base with machine guns.


The person in charge of monitoring the electronic equipment did not find anything suspicious, and the induction system at the entrance did not send any signal alarm.


The base of the military region looks big outside, and only when entering it can we really feel how big the military region is. After carefully shuttling inside for half an hour, Li Batian was almost confused about east, west, north and south.


"No, it's not a good thing to go on like this. It's not good to be found by guards."


Hidden on the roof of a house, Li Batian thought to himself.


In sight, a patrol of soldiers trotted by, and in half an hour, he had met more than a dozen patrols.


"I knew that Chu Hu should have explained the place where Lei Wanshan lived in detail at the beginning, so that it would not be so troublesome." Some distressed scratched his head, Li Batian turned his eyes to a guard soldier not far away, ready to get the information he wanted from the guard soldier.


"Drops and drops!"


Just then a truck horn sounded and a military truck came slowly in the distance.


There are four military vehicles escorted around the military truck, each of which has at least four elite soldiers with guns.


Originally Li Batian did not pay much attention to it, but as the military truck passed in front of him, he was keenly aware of a slight anomaly.


"Strange, this breath is."


Looking at the passing military truck, Li Batian looked puzzled.


After a moment of hesitation, the shape of the military truck, like a winding dragon, was hidden at the top of the military truck without anyone noticing it.


As for the lightning mink, its golden hair was so conspicuous that Li Batian kept it hidden for a while.


Military trucks go all the way, with four military trucks on the road, almost a green light on the way, all the checkpoints are easy to pass.


Crawling on the roof of the military truck, Li Batian's eyes were somewhat cloudy and sunny.


"Sure enough, it's the scent of mutant monsters. How could there be monsters in this military truck?" Li Batian, doubting himself, lay on the roof of the car and waited quietly.


After ten minutes of driving, the truck came to a more heavily guarded area. Before it was near a strong smell of alcohol disinfection, it poured into his nose, and he almost couldn't help sneezing.


"What a strong alcoholic smell. What's this place?" Hurriedly controlling his sense of smell, Li Batian looked up slightly and glanced at it. He could see several people in white coats walking past.


It seems like a hospital, just looking at the surrounding deployment and alert level, but it is not like a military hospital.


Just as Li Batian guessed, five people came from a distance.


Two doctors in white coats and three others showed that they were not weak ancient warriors, at least with a mercury-like level of blood and qi.


After seeing the appearance of three ancient warriors, Li Batian resolutely chose to evacuate temporarily, leaving the driving roof quietly in the twinkling of his figure and hiding behind a large garbage can nearby.


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