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第八十一章 期待已久的战斗!

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As a former master of ancient martial arts, Li Batian has eaten and seen all kinds of delicacies and wines from all over Shijie.


But when he drank the monkey wine, he found that the wine he drank was like boiled water, and there was no comparability between the two sides.


Monkey wine is sweet as spring water in the mouth. The strong aroma fills his mouth. When he swallows it to his throat, the sweet monkey wine becomes spicy again. It gives people a pleasant and vivid feeling. Various peculiar tastes fill his brain and make his whole bear immersed in the delicious wine.


"Hoo hoo!"


With a breath of breath, Li Batian regained his spirits and rushed to run the Dragon-Elephant internal gas in his body, refining and distributing warm and medicinal monkey wine.


Compared with the blood and soul fruits he swallowed before, the medicinal nature of a monkey wine is mild and moisturizing, which can penetrate into the body and minimize the waste of medicinal power. Moreover, the medicinal power of a monkey wine can even catch up with a blood and soul fruit.


The process of refining monkey's wine is just a kind of enjoyment, which is totally different from taking blood soup fruit or snake king gall before.


Without the pain of heart-tearing and lung-tearing, it seems as if I have returned to my mother's body, full of warmth and comfort, and all my troubles and fatigue seem to disappear completely.


Li Batian himself is a maniac of practice, and the peculiar characteristics of monkey wine make him unable to suppress the impulse of practice, seemingly boring practice, but it makes him addicted and unable to control at all.


A mouthful of monkey wine, he was completely immersed in the pleasure of practice, practice is also under the nourishment of monkey wine medicine, the internal gas in the body is growing every minute.


"roar and roar!"


I don't know how long it has been, when he was immersed in practice and unable to extricate himself, a violent roar burst out like thunder.


"What happened? What happened?"


With a cry of alarm, Li Batian woke up from his practice and felt his cave trembling with astonishment.


Before he could fully respond, a roar, a roar, a roar and a roar rang out again, besides the scream of the black bear.


Face slightly changed, Li Batian fled from the tiger skin bed, turned into a dragon rushed out, followed the sound to the open space outside Bear Valley.


"Damn it!"


Seeing the situation outside the bear valley, Li Batian's eyes burst into a strong anger, and his heart couldn't help shouting.


Nearly all the black bears in sight lay on the ground. Several badly injured black bears even lost their ability to move. They were covered in black smoke and looked miserable.


Not far from the herd of black bears, the Black Bear King and the giant tortoise are fighting fiercely against the invaders.


However, both of them were totally out of the game, and were beaten up to no avail.


The invaders who fought with the Black Bear King and the giant tortoise were the old acquaintances of Li Batian, just like the incarnated ape King reincarnated by his elder brother.


The fiery ape king with an iron stick is a violent machine, wielding the iron rod crazily, and the violent attack like a tide turns into a skyscraper. The Black Bear King and the giant tortoise can only keep retreating, even if the defense of the giant tortoise can not be withstood.


The King of the Fire Apes waved his iron stick, rolled up the flames in the sky, and drew heavily on the shell of the giant tortoise, which was in the state of a shrinking tortoise.




The tortoise's heavy body, which was the size of a grinder, was blown out stiffly, flying backwards for twenty meters before it fell to the ground.




With a roar, the Black Bear King exploded the bright moonlight in front of his chest, turning it into a full moon and rushing towards the King of the Fire Apes.


"Moon Bear Shock!"


Seeing this scene, Li Batian was a little shocked. He did not expect that the Black Bear King had not evolved the Moon Bear gene for a long time, but had already awakened the Moon Bear's blood vessel ability.




Suddenly, the fiery ape king was hit by the black bear king, who was incarnated as a full moon. The huge impact of its Liliang against the impact of the moon bear was equally irresistible. It flew back into the woods and heard a series of crashing sounds.




Black Bear King fell down and gasped tiredly.


Compared with Li Batian, it is the blood vessel ability of self-awakening after all. Without the support and transformation of CP9, there are qualitative differences in power and consumption. In its present state, it has exhausted almost all Liliang by displaying a monthly bear shock.


While King Black Bear was breathing and resting, there was a violent roar in the woods.


Hot waves billowed out of the woods, and the image of the King of Hot Apes broke through the waves. In the blink of an eye, it appeared over the King of Black Bears. The iron rod burning with fire screamed at the King of Black Bears'head.


The pressure of death hangs over King Black Bear. At this moment, King Black Bear feels the breath of death.


Seeing the King of the Black Bear is about to be smashed by a stick of the King of the Black Bear, at this moment, the King of the Red Fire's pupil suddenly contracted, the burning iron rod drew an arc, changed the direction of the King of the Black Bear, pulled toward the side.




A huge bear's paw was cut like a huge axe on the iron bar of fire. In a moment, the flame burning on the iron bar was dispersed by the fury.




With a low roar, the King of the Fire Apes stepped back four or five steps and stuck the iron stick of fire on the ground to stabilize himself.


Relative to the Burning Ape King, Li Batian also retreated almost a distance.


For the first time, the two sides ended in a tie, and the Black Bear King, who had escaped from death, quickly fled to the distance.


Looking at the fiery ape king in front of him, Li Batian felt angry and dignified at the same time. Before that, he thought that the fiery ape king was his biggest opponent. Now he really confronts each other, which shows that he still underestimated the fiery ape king.


"What a big liliang!"


As he muttered to himself, Li Batian moved his paw and glanced at the iron stick burning with fire in the hands of the King of the Fire Apes. He felt a little depressed.


The Liiang of the Burning Ape King is very big in itself, and the iron rod, which does not know what material to cast, virtually occupies a considerable advantage.


Especially the material of iron rod is very hard, which is more resistant than flesh and blood.


Looking at the iron stick in the hands of the Burning Ape King, Li Batian can only envy and jealousy, after all, he is a black bear, regardless of body structure or all aspects, is not suitable for using traditional weapons.


"Well, even without weapons, Li Batian will not lose to anyone." Staring at the fiery ape king, Li Batian's self-confident firm way, all over his body emitted a rising war.


No matter how the Burning Ape King found it here, he had long wanted to fight the Burning Ape King, not only to satisfy his fighting desire, but also to revenge the wounded black bears.

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