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第八十章 融合!

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Not to mention the secret surprise in Chu Tiger's heart, Li Batian's heart at this moment has risen a strong murder.


There is no doubt that Lei Wanshan, the commander of the Northeast Military Region, is the behind-the-scenes culprit who led a series of killings. He is also the main culprit who separated him from Snow Tiger and almost bombed into debris by missiles.


Whether it was human time or the rebirth of a black bear, Li Batian had always been bitter and jealous.


When he killed Lei Leopard, Lei Leopard blamed himself. Lei Wanshan's behavior has exceeded the bottom line of his mind seriously. If he does not kill this man, he is sorry for the Wild Dog King and himself.


The murderous Li Batian inquired about the situation of the Northeast Military Region in detail.


What surprises him is that the Northeast Military Region is not too far from the Changbai Mountains, but also a relatively desolate area.


Knowing what he wants to know clearly, Li Batian waved his paw satisfactorily and sent Chu Tiger away, who regained his mobility.


With the existence of puppet seeds, he doesn't have to worry about Chu Tiger selling himself at all. As long as Chu Xiong is led to the Changbai Mountains, he is absolutely sure that he can stay here forever and solve the old grievances together.


After the Chu tiger left, Li Batian crawled on the tiger skin bed in the cave and thought with his eyes closed slightly.


First, the elder Chuxiong, and now there is a stronger black robe man, which makes him feel a pressure.


"I am still not strong enough, if Chuxiong stepped into the realm of breath and blood, it will be very difficult to kill him with my strength now, let alone the stronger black robe man." The heart muttered to itself, Li Batian's eyes burned with fighting spirit.


Glancing at the gourd beside him, Li Batian's mouth was filled with a self-confident smile.


With this gourd monkey wine, he can absolutely upgrade his strength to a new level, no matter Chuxiong or the black robe man, there will be only one dead end.


Li Batian, who was eager to become stronger, did not immediately take monkey wine to upgrade him. Instead, he gathered a group of black bears and dug up a large stone basin, in which a large number of pools were injected.


Watching the doubts of black bears and giant turtles, he picked up the wine gourd and pulled out the plug stuffed in the mouth of the gourd.


The intoxicating fragrance came out of the gourd, and the black bears and the giant turtles in the pool immediately stirred up.


The fragrance of monkey wine is just like a drug to them. The temptation of drugs to drug addicts makes them look at gourds instead of doubts just now. They become greedy and hot.


That is, Li Batian, if other monsters and beasts carry wine gourds, it is estimated that the black bears and giant tortoises have long been unbearable, rushed to tear up the monsters and beasts in front of them, and then separated the monkeys and wine melons from the gourds.


After a funny glance at the turmoil of black bears and giant turtles bubbling constantly, Li Batian poured more than a dozen drops of monkey wine into the water of Shipentan Lake.


Amber-coloured monkey wine, as soon as it touches the pool water, immediately melts into it.


Originally plain pools, but also in the twinkling of an eye, into a seductive fragrance of medicine.


Li Batian specifically asked CP9 before, which would not damage the medicinal properties of monkey wine, but after dilution, the medicinal properties of monkey wine would be weakened.


He also had to do so, after all, monkey wine is only so much, with the number of black bears, a gourd monkey wine is not enough for them to drink once.


In addition, the medicinal properties of monkey wine are also very strong. As most black bears modify, direct drinking of monkey wine is simply unbearable, even if it is barely drunk, it will waste most of its medicinal power, instead of diluted monkey wine, it is more practical and easier to absorb and refine.


After all this, Li Batian ordered the Black Bear King through CP9 to maintain order and let a group of black bears and giant turtles drink the monkey's liquor diluted in a stone basin.


Under the threat of the Black Bear King, the black bears and giant turtles orderly drink diluted monkey liquor, and soon a large basin of monkey liquor was all drunk.


All the black bears and giant Turtles who drank the monkey's liquor and medicine were drunk one by one. They returned to their caves with intoxication and fell into the power of the sleeping digestive body.


Li Batian, who was watching nearby, had a satisfied smile on his lips.


After the last incident of King Wild Dog and Little Snow Tiger, he did not want to have the same tragedy again. Besides, it would help him to enhance the fighting capacity of the black bear herd. After all, the enemies he faced were stronger than each other, and it was not enough for him to rely solely on individuals in many cases.


A group of black bears and giant tortoises were sleeping and practicing, Li Batian also stepped back to his cave, in order to maximize the medicinal properties of monkey wine, he decided to first improve himself to the best state.


Crawling on the tiger skin bed, the Dragon elephant inside Li Batian surges.


After continuous condensation, the internal Qi of Dragon Elephant has been greatly improved compared with before, and it is no longer necessary to use Qi and blood to drive it.


"Ouch, roar!"


The sound of dragons roaring like roars filled the cave with horrible pressures. If not for the suppression of Li Batian, sleeping black bears and giant tortoises would definitely be awakened.


Li Batian, immersed in his practice, paid full attention to himself, felt the inner Qi of the Dragon elephant rolling in his body and the cold force of the moon in the pattern of the full moon in front of his chest. His mind suddenly jumped out with an idea.


The use of the force of the moon cold is limited to the impact of the moon bear. It can not be applied to the opening palm of the Dragon elephant, or other maneuvers, and the internal Qi of the Dragon elephant can not assist the impact of the moon bear, which virtually reduces the utilization of the two liliangs.


"CP9, can you integrate the cold energy of the moon into the inner air of the Dragon elephant in my practice?" Li Batian asked in his mind.


Once the two kinds of liliangs are integrated, the new internal gas will surely be more powerful, and the impact of the moon bear and the opening of the palm of the Dragon elephant will also be greatly increased.


"The strength of the cold moon and the inner spirit of the dragon and elephant masters are very domineering, and it is very difficult to integrate the two domineering energies unless there is a third more domineering and powerful Liliang intervention, or some kind of inclusive liliang."


After listening to the analysis of CP9, Li Batian was slightly disappointed, but he did not give up. At least his own idea is feasible, but the current conditions do not allow.


To adjust his state to the peak, Li Batian opened the gourd, the intoxicating aroma diffused out, that tempting taste, let him some can not hold.


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