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第二百八十八章 强势!

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"What's the matter? Has the wolf Saint been killed?" See this scene, the presence of the Tauren clan, all some have not returned to God.


Compared with the doubtful tauren, the werewolves were shocked and shocked. They never thought that the superior saints of their clan would be beaten by the other side, even now their lives are unknown.


"Ah ah!" The angry roar came out of the deep hole, followed by a breath of terror surging out of it, and the spirit of the wolves was shocked.


The terrible wolf saintly powerful flew out of the deep cave, covering the glorious field, in an awkward shape, but not seriously damaged.


"Sick animal, give me death." The werewolf saints roared and screamed, looking around in a destructive manner, trying to find the trace of Li Batian.


"Sir, that Warcraft is above." Watching from afar, the semi-saints of the werewolves warned loudly with excitement.


"Well!" Hearing the words, the werewolf saints looked up into the air. Almost at the same time, a terrible pressure surged down from above, and a meteor-like frictional light flew down. The speed was almost as fast as he saw it, and it had already come over him.


"Boom!" Falling meteorites bombarded the area of the werewolf saints. Terrorist powers instantly depressed the area of bombardment, pressing his figure like a streamer and crashing into the deep and bottomless pit below.


"No, go back quickly!" See this scene of blood hoofs. As well as the semi-saints and strong werewolves, they shouted in surprise, and the three warcraft, such as the Burning Ape King, also used their means to protect the retreating tauren.


They reacted very quickly, but the explosion was faster, almost as soon as the two sides retreated, and before reaching the safe area, the roaring explosion sounded, followed by a rapid collapse of the ground around the deep cave, like a collapsed dyke. There is no way to stop the tide of impact.


Burning Ape King and other three Warcraft. As well as blood hoofs and other people have vomited blood and flew out of the niche, on the other side of the wolf race they are not well, also suffered heavy losses.


Fortunately, the remaining warriors of the Tauren clan were not seriously injured and no casualties occurred. The land ahead is already barren. Huge deep holes have at least doubled in size.


Stay on both sides of your body. Everyone focused on the pit ahead. Everyone held his breath and looked nervously and expectantly at the pit.


For them. It's not clear what's going on inside. Whoever goes first is bad news for the other side.


There was no sound in the pit. It lasted for tens of seconds. A ray of light flew out of the pit. All eyes immediately focused on the light of the figure.


"Yes, adults, adults!" The light faded and the Tauren clan, who could see clearly the figure, screamed with excitement.


Contrary to the excitement of the Tauren people, the faces of the werewolves opposite are extremely ugly. Especially in Li Batian's left hand, a blood-drenched, unconscious figure is held, which makes them show horror and fear.


Li Batian is suspended in mid-air, holding a figure in his hand. This person is not unfamiliar to all the wolves. It is just the wolves who are saintly strong.


Relative to the awesome and majestic situation just now, the wolf saints are like dead dogs, being carried by Li Batian, without any resistance ability. This kind of scene has an unimaginable visual impact on the wolf people, one by one horrified to the scalp.


"How could this happen? It's not true." The two semi-saints of the wolf race stood in their place with a dull look and incredible eyes. They never thought it would be such an end. They thought the battle should be one-sided.


Li Batian, suspended in mid-air, stared at the wolf army in his eyes. He really wanted to kill them all, but that's all he could think about. If he did that, he would definitely become a public enemy of the orc empire.


"I don't want another time." Staring at the Wolf Army, Li Batian's voice was not loud, but it spread to the ears of every Wolf fighter. With the falling of his words, the wolf saints who had passed out were thrown into the wolf crowd like garbage by Li Batian.


After that, Li Batian glanced at the leopard cats and wild dogs. His eyes flashed with a destructive meaning: "Leave the leopard cats and wild dogs behind, and you can roll off."


The two semi-saints of the wolf race, who had passed out in the past, did not dare to nod hesitantly. They did not even pay attention to the life and death of the leopard cat and wild dog races. They did not stop at all and fled as quickly as the bereaved dogs.


Looking at the departing army of the wolves, Li Batian's eyes reveal a chill. If he is given a period of time, he will be repaired as a breakthrough to the Holy rank, plus the revival of the old patriarch, he can also be promoted to the Holy rank. At that time, he will really start to destroy the holy rank of the wolves.


Unfortunately, the time has not come, and the strength of the Tauren is still too weak, not enough to make the orc Empire fear, or the time has not come.


The evacuation of the werewolf army was totally beyond the expectation of the leopard cat and the wild dog. In a twinkling of an eye, only the two families remained in their original place, opposite the angry and murderous Tauren army.


At the moment, the Leopard Cat and the Wild Dog are eager to flee immediately, but no one dares to do so, especially the head of the Leopard Cat, who is frightened and feeble. The whole people are paralyzed on the ground, looking dull and frightened. He knows that the return of Li Batian doomed the fate of the Leopard Cat.


With Li Batian, a terrible existence that even the saintly and powerful can overcome, the Leopard Cat and Wild Dog clans dare not resist at all. They are all assigned to tribal slaves by Li Batian. They are the leopard cat clan attached to the Tauren tribe. Their status has been reduced to slaves without any freedom, but they have no complaints about anyone.


Li Batian's return brought the Niutou people together again and busied themselves with the rebuilding of the tribe. Li Batian began to use the water of life and rejuvenation to cure the old patriarch. The whole process went smoothly and did not encounter too many difficulties.


When Li Batian rescued the old patriarch, the wolves were calm. They did not act because of the failure of besieging the tauren. Even the news was completely blocked. Everything seemed so calm, but they gave people a sense of calm before the storm.


Rescue the dying elder clan leader, the result let Li Batian unexpectedly, just after three days, the elder clan leader unexpectedly ushered in a breakthrough.


This should not be regarded as a breakthrough. At that time, the old patriarch was a saint-class strong man. Only after being severely damaged later, could he fall into the saint-class. His body was severely damaged and could not be recovered. Now he has experienced the rebirth of death and has absorbed a drop of water of life, which can be said to be a rebirth.


The breakthrough of the old patriarch was not very dynamic. For him, it was to recover his original strength niche. In the process, Li Batian was also greatly impacted, and his understanding of the power of the law was also improved.


Originally, he was worried about his closure. The Taurens did not have the guardianship of the saintly powerful. Now they need not worry. And the second stars are finally ready to devour the first gods, hoping to further their strength with the help of the law contained in the first gods.


Before closing down, Li Batian took out the high-tech instrument he had acquired in the alien space of the earth. With the magic nucleus, he provided a steady stream of energy. It was an opportunity for the Tauren to become stronger.


In addition, Li Batian also brought in some of the best craftsmen of the Tauren clan to teach them some knowledge and skills about totem poles.


According to the message of the remaining totem poles, every qualified member of the Tauren people in ancient times had their own totem poles, and even could use them to perform magic. For the Tauren, totem poles were the most powerful weapon.


As for whether he could manufacture totem poles in batches, he had little confidence in himself. After all, he did not know much about casting, and could only do his best to let the craftsmen of the Niutou nationality study it.


After all this, Li Batian went deep into the practice of closing the space. For him, the semi-holy level is too weak. Only after breaking through the Holy level, can he have the preliminary qualification to challenge the orc empire.


Of course, if the physical ability of the second star with the help of the early gods, there will be a great breakthrough in the power of the law, then it is not impossible for the real monarch to come to the orc empire.


Without the passage of time in the space of stars, Li Batian did not know the change of time outside the Gongdao and put all his energies into his understanding of Fall.


With the existence of the second star body, the speed of understanding the rules of the stars is amazing. If other practitioners know the Gong Dao, they will die of shame and indignation.


Those so-called geniuses, compared with Li Batian at the moment, are hardly comparable. They are not on the same level at all.


With the understanding of the rules of the stars by the second star body, Li Batian's distance from the holy rank is getting closer and closer, and the time is passing by in his practice.


In a twinkling of an eye, half a year elapsed, and Li Batian did not feel anything, but for the Tauren people, it was a significant half year.


With the high-tech instruments left by Li Batian, the Tauren people can be said to be reborn. The instruments in the alien space were only the energy that escaped, and many mutant monsters and beasts could be created long ago. The Tauren were directly transformed, and their innate abilities were greatly strengthened. (To be continued...

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