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第二百八十二章 万物屏障!

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At this critical moment, when Li Batian was about to be held in the palm of the forehead rule, a roar sounded. Twelve sturdy totem poles were drilled out from all sides. The Rune gleamed on the totem poles, and an invisible niche spread.


A rule palm that has rushed to Li Batian's front is like losing the strength niche to maintain and breaking down in an instant. Not only that rule palm, but also the magic field of the elves and elders can not be maintained.


"Prohibited areas!" The face of the elder wizard changed suddenly, exclaiming in horror, and looking at the totem poles, some subtle changes also took place. The greed became more intense. I wish I could get the twelve totem poles at once.


The forbidden area, known as the star of all fields, is a strength niche only existed in ancient times. It is said that it is a powerful God with terrible strength, and it took a lifetime to study out a strength niche.


Under the cover of the forbidden area, the strength niche in all fields can not be maintained. Of course, it is extremely difficult to display the strength niche. Now it has completely disappeared in the long river of history.


Fairy elders had no idea that they could feel this terrible forbidden area strength again under such circumstances.


Faced with the strength niche in the forbidden area, it is impossible to resist the revision of the spiritual elder's holy peak. Once the strength niche is displayed, it will be immediately decomposed and dissipated by an invisible strength niche. It will only consume its own strength niche, but it can not form another field.


"Elf elder, now do you think I have the strength to fight with you?" Li Batian smiled coldly. In the hands of the totem pole on the brilliant, sending out a frightening breath, the above totems seem to live up, spread around the body of Li Batian.


Supported by the totem pole, Li Batian's practice continued to soar, breaking through the bottleneck of Sacred Class in a flash and entering the level of Sacred Class and Middle Class.


Of course, the holy intermediate level here is only the level of strength and quantity, and the understanding of the law can not reach the Holy Level in an instant, let alone the field, but under the cover of the forbidden area. These are less important.


The elder Elf's face changed slightly when he heard the words. Li Batian was not qualified to stand with him before, but now he has the existence of forbidden territory, but the situation has changed.


Relative to the powerful nine-headed serpent, once lost the strength of the field. Elf elders are not as powerful as nine serpents.


"Humph. I really didn't think of it. You should have a forbidden area, but even if there is a forbidden area, do you think you will be my opponent? The elf elder put up his face. Two seeds were thrown out with sneer. With the magic coming in, Huawei two ancient wars trees were blocked by two ancient wars trees in front of the elders, just like the strongest guards.


In addition to the ancient trees of war, the elf elder waved his magic wand, and a strong magic wave emerged. In a twinkling of an eye, he was at the center of his position, and the ground was fluctuating violently, drilling out a strong burning vine.


"With the existence of ancient war trees and purgatory vines, even if it is impossible to carry out the field, the old man can easily take your life." The elders of the elves stand proudly and confidently, and have the defense of purgatory magic and ancient war trees. Li Batian's speed is virtually limited. The threat to the elders of the elves is reduced a lot, but his magic will not be affected.


The strength of the forbidden area lies in the forbidden area, but other magic will not be affected. The elders of the elves still have the strength of the Holy peak, but their fighting power is weakened, but they can still release horrible magic attacks.


"It is true that they are elders of the Elves, and there are enough means." Staring at the ancient trees of war and the magic of purgatory, Li Batian put aside his contempt. Before that, he had seen the power of the ancient trees of war, which were only ancient trees of war promoted by the fairy princess.


The two ancient wars trees in front of us are all inspired by the power of law by the elders of the elves. Their strength is absolutely comparable to that of the Holy class. In addition, the fiery purgatory magic, which is not easy to provoke at a glance, is not much easier to attack the elders of the elves inside than to break through the field of magic.


"But I'm not alone." As soon as he spoke, Li Batian gave a sneer, and his mind moved in front of him. With a heavy and terrible breath, a huge second star appeared in mid-air in a twinkling of an eye.


Silver-white huge pupils projected onto the elf elders, the original self-confident elf elders, the body suddenly trembled, a sense of crisis emerged from the depths of his heart, that cold as a god's silver eyes, as if it could completely see through.


"Huh, fortunately, this giant beast has only the elementary revision of the Sacred Class." After a short period of horror, the elf elder breathed a sigh of relief and comforted himself.


But he will soon pay for his ideas, the second star in front of him, though not very high, is far more effective than he imagined.


"Do it!" Looking at the elder elves, Li Batian cried coldly. He knew that time could not be delayed. Once the elves came, it would be too late to start again.


"roar!" With a roar from the second star, a huge starlight hand condensed and broke open to shoot at the elf elders.


At the same time, Li Batian is also a force to stimulate the stars in the body, reaching out to a giant star hand.


Feeling the threat, the two ancient wars erected and brandished branches and leaves, vigorously bombarding the giant hands of the stars. ‘


"Boom!" Two starlight giant hands are blocked, and mysterious runes shine on the ancient trees of war. These two creatures, which shined brilliantly in ancient times, show super defense and aggression.


However, Li Batian's Star-light giant hand condensed with the second star body is also not vegetarian. The pressure of mountains makes the ancient war trees bear tremendous pressure.


"Blade of the Wind!" Protected elders of the elves, crying out, swing the faucet magic wand in their hands, two nearly colorless wind blades fly toward the two giant stars, showing amazing speed and sharpness. The starlight giant hand's gaze is still cut a huge gap by the wind blade.


The starlight giant hand was injured, the ancient branches of war twitched, the huge strength niche and the special destructive power contained therein, and the two starlight giant hands were destroyed by force.


While the elder elves and the ancient war trees were dealing with two giant stars, Li Batian's body had condensed a giant stars, a large number of punch marks bombarded the niche, like a flying projectile.


At the same time, the second star also condensed a series of star guns, each of which condensed as a substance, covered with the pattern of the rules of the stars, emitting the light of the stars like small stars, which is already one of the most serious attacks of the second star in the absence of field.


As the elder of the elves who attacked him, his face was shocked. From the attack of Li Batian and the Second Star, he felt a sense of crisis. He was equipped with the Star Gun of the Second Star, which seemed to penetrate everything. Even with the protection of two ancient wartrees and purgatory vines, he still felt uneasy.


"Everything's Barrier!"


The elf elder shouted loudly, the power of his laws surged, and the purgatory vines around his body were quickly entangled and woven together, turning into a huge plant barrier, which enveloped his whole person with a peculiar rule Rune glittering on the barrier, as if it were one.




The roaring explosion sounded continuously, almost at the same time that the elders of the elves displayed the barrier of all things, the old trees of war were bombarded with the same punch marks, each of which contained the strength of ten thousand jin, and the fierce explosion made the ancient trees of war suffer heavy damage in an instant.


The most important thing is that Star Burst Boxing is not a round of attacks, but can be launched continuously. As long as Li Ba's star power is enough to withstand the consumption of Star Burst Boxing, it can be continuously bombarded.


The elf elders took the lead in defending against magic and all things, losing the opportunity to use attack magic to resist the Starburst Fist.


Faced with almost endless punch prints, the two ancient wars trees could not resist, and were bombed into fragments in a moment.


The crushing of two ancient wartime trees has also made Li Batian consume a lot, and he can not continue to carry out the Star Burst Boxing at all, but this has completed the original idea, following the flying of a star gun, bombarding the defensive magic of the barrier of things, each star gun contains the Supreme Star Method. The power is not only heavy, but also has the power of terror penetration.


The second star body inherits part of the force niche of the ancient star giant. In addition to the above two characteristics, at the speed of starlight, it also produces a kind of phagocytic tract similar to black hole.


Although the barrier of all things is very defensive, it still can not take any advantage of the attack of the Star Long Gun. Every Star Long Gun bombards the barrier of all things. Despite being consumed by the barrier of all things, some holes still penetrate into the interior.


In a twinkling of an eye, the defensive force is astonishing enough to withstand the barrier of all things that the Sacred Peak Powerful hit with all their strength, was stabbed into honeycomb coal by a long star gun. Black holes spread over the barriers of all things, displaying the horrible attack of stars and long guns.


Originally in accordance with normal circumstances, with the strength of the elders of the elves, all the barriers to all things displayed, and the cultivation of the second star body, although gifts can not be broken at all.


Unfortunately, the field of elves and elders was completely blocked by the twelve totem pillars, and the field could not be implemented. The strength of the whole body was lost by nearly half. Naturally, the barriers of all things now displayed are far from equal in defense to those in the heyday. (To be continued...

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