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第二百八十九章 半年后!

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Even hidden in the deep blood of the tauren, and the blocked strength niches have been excavated, in addition to the trampling of war, other natural abilities have emerged one by one, such as the bloody halo of the blood-hoofed tauren, the shoe impact of the iron-hoofed tauren.


The strongest is the Celtic tauren. In the ancient times, the Celtic Tauren were the real royalty, and there was no reason for that.


The genius teenagers of the Celtic Tauren family, including the ability to activate the genius of the animal God shelter, the body of the animal God and other natural abilities to look at terror, once displayed, can cross the level of fighting with the enemy, the genius of terror allows the Celtic Tauren family to truly show the potential of the Royal family.


In addition to the strengthening of talent and ability, the strength of the Tauren has also made rapid progress. After six months of strengthening, blood hoof and other people have broken through to the semi-sacred level, and the eight-level Tauren soldiers are mushrooming like a dozen people later.


In addition to the high-end strength niches, other ethnic groups have made tremendous breakthroughs in cultivation, and with the strengthening of their natural abilities, the combat effectiveness of the entire ethnic group has increased several times.


In addition to these self-improvement, the study of totem poles has made great progress. The first batch of totem poles have been forged. Although they are far inferior to totem poles in ancient times, they have also greatly improved the strength of a group of Tauren fighters.


Totem pole above the totem as if born for the Tauren people created, holding the totem pole of the Tauren, fighting capacity can be upgraded to a level.


Six months later, the Tauren have shown their great potential, and the strength of the whole group has approached that of the werewolves. Of course, it's only approaching. After all, there is still a big gap in the number and the details of the Tauren people. To make up for it, it's not a year or two. All of these need to be accumulated.


With the prosperity of the Tauren people and the ambition of the elders, according to Li Batian's suggestion before the closure, the elders began to move around and unite with other races, such as the Bears, which have great potential, but now they are beginning to decline for various reasons.


The process of union was smooth, with the Xiong ethnic group at the top. After seeing the strength of the Tauren race soaring. They all saw hope one after another, and the high-level chiefs also learned something about high-tech instruments. Of course, this kind of thing needs to be kept secret, but only the chiefs of all ethnic groups know it.


Even the reformed elites. They were also told that they were baptized by animal gods. Avoid disclosing the instrument.


The strength of the tauren. Watched by the werewolves, the werewolves calmed down for half a year and finally took action. Now the Tauren have gradually been somewhat suppressed, once it continues to develop, then the future of the werewolf will not have a good end.


Compared with the last time, this time the werewolves can be said to be pouring out of their pockets. Of course, the pouring out of their pockets does not refer to the ordinary fighters, but to the high-level strong of the werewolves.


The reason why the werewolves did not have any means of action after they suffered a great loss last time is that besides their own fear of fighting with Li Batian, there is also an important reason. That is because the ancestors of the werewolves are in a closed-door situation and are not suitable for going to the Niutou tribe to find trouble.


Half a year later, the ancestors of the werewolves finally left the customs, and learned the truth of the whole process, the ancestors of the werewolves also decisively led the army to come.


With the action of the werewolf army, the Tauren also got the news immediately. In the past, the Tauren might be panicked. Now, after half a year's development, especially after the old patriarch achieved the Holy rank, the Tauren are no longer the former tauren.


The Tauren people who got the news immediately held a meeting, mobilized the strong men and horses to prepare for the battle, and the joint races of the big vassals, such as the bear race, also came in succession.


It may be dangerous for them to do so. Once the Tauren fail, they will suffer retaliation from the werewolves, but it is also an opportunity for them to tie up with the tauren.


Besides gambling, they also know that there is Li Batian in Gongdao, such as the head of the Xiong clan, or even the identity of Gongdao's angel, which is why Gong died.


Two days later, when the army came under pressure, the big tribes such as the Tauren and the Bear also gathered their forces. The two sides met in a plain area a hundred miles away from the Tauren tribe and stopped at an opposite interval of 100 meters.


With the addition of the Xiong and other major ethnic groups, the strength of the Tauren is not small, but compared with the luxurious wolf army, the Tauren side seems to be somewhat unsatisfactory.


Despite the scientific and technological instruments and the enhancement of totem poles, half a year is still too short to allow the Tauren to return to one of the eight main fighting races of the year. Of course, compared with half a year ago, the present Tauren is enough to shock the Werewolves.


Especially some werewolves who have a better understanding of the tauren, after really seeing the strength of the tauren, all of them look shocked. The present Tauren clan is quite different from that of half a year ago.


"The news is true. It seems that the Tauren people must have got something valuable. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible for them to improve their ethnic strength so quickly in half a year." Seeing this scene, the werewolf patriarch's face was gloomy, and his eyes glittered with inexplicable light.


"Yes." The General of the werewolf clan next to him nodded and his eyes shone with cold light. "But this time, when the old man came out in person, he would certainly wipe out the Tauren clan. By then, the treasures that the Tauren clan acquired would be turned into our werewolf clan and would be completely ashamed of the past."


During the conversation, the figure of Li Batian appeared in the mind of the general of the werewolf clan, and a fear rose in his heart. For him, it was hard to forget the violent figure of Li Batian when he defeated the saint of the werewolf clan.


"No, I'm sure the wolves will win this time. There's an old man coming out, and the Warcraft is just a paper tiger." With self-comfort in his heart, the general of the werewolf clan looked confident and warlike.


In the werewolf army, a figure flew out. It was the werewolf saint who had been beaten unconscious by Li Batian before.


Once again, facing the tauren, the shadowed werewolf saint-class strong man's face is ugly.


"Let the Warcraft come out." The werewolf saints flew into the air and shouted angrily. (To be continued...

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