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第二百二十八章 星辰法则!

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After this wave of warcraft, the Tauren have suffered heavy losses again, and have weakened to the point that even the hounds and other tribes belonging to the dependencies of the wolves are inferior.


Considering the old clan elder's eyes, he looked at the place where Li Batian practiced, and his eyes flashed with determination.


Li Batian was practicing in the cave, his heart moved slightly and his eyes opened to the direction of the cave entrance.


"Come in!"


The sound of footsteps came from the entrance of the cave, and soon the old patriarch, who was very old, stepped in.


The cave was excavated at a depth of 100 meters after his later excavation. Now it's only in the central area. There are magic arrays in it, so the elder clan leader can't find the ancient stars in the deepest part.


For his second star body, Li Batian does not want anyone to know the Gongdao. This is not a matter of trust and distrust. Knowing the Gongdao is of no benefit. Instead, he does not need to worry about leaking the Gongdao. After all, everyone needs to keep some bottom cards that only he knows the Gongdao, otherwise he will die miserably. 。


Looking at the old patriarch in front of him, Li Batian's pupils contracted. He just visited the three little snow tigers. He didn't pay too much attention to the old patriarch. Now he suddenly saw that he was slightly surprised.


Previously, the old patriarch only emitted a faint odor of dusk, but now with a stillness, giving people a feeling that life is not long.


"What's wrong with your body, old patriarch?" Li Batian asked in some surprise that with his super mental strength, he could feel that the old patriarch's physical vitality had been abnormally weak, and it was estimated that it would not last long.


The elder of the old clan shivered slightly when he heard the words. Shaking his head dimly, he saluted Li Batian respectfully: "Thank God for making the relationship between adults, my own body, I know that there is no longer much time to live. I only hope that after my death, the tribe and even the whole Tauren family can continue to multiply, and even reproduce the glory of my Tauren family."


Speaking of this, the old patriarch's expression is somewhat fierce, and he seems particularly excited. Just the fluctuation of simple mood makes him breathe deeply.


"What's wrong with the elder patriarch coming to me this time?" Meditate for a while. Li Batian asked with some emotion.


For the old tauren. To tell you the truth, he still admires and admires the whole tribe. He spends all his energy for the sake of the whole tribe. It's not long before he dies.


Hearing Li Batian's inquiry, the old patriarch fell on his knees. "God's angel, my lord," said the creeping excitement. Please save our taurens. In this way, our Tauren will disappear completely in the long river of history.


"Old patriarch, I think you should have some ideas. Speak it out." Staring at the old patriarch, Li Batian hesitated for a moment.


Since he came to the world niche of magic civilization and saw the power of magic civilization, his original idea has changed a little. Unlike the earth, where science and technology are developed, individual strength is not so good. In magic civilization, there are countless strong individuals. It is difficult to stand on their own strength unless they practice to God. The degree of grade.


Of course, after seeing the cemetery of the gods, he has not caught a cold for the powerful gods. The strength of individuals is far less than the strength of the community unless they reach the extreme.


It is because of this change of thought that he would like to come to the Tauren tribe and act as the so-called angel.


Now the Niutou tribe has declined, but it is also an opportunity for him. With the title of God's Envoy and the support of some Orc tribes, it is not impossible for him to build his own powerful niche and win a place in the Magic Land in the future.


Seeing that Li Batian did not refuse his request, the old patriarch's spirit was shocked, and he hastened to put his plan out in its entirety.


After listening to the old patriarch's story, Li Batian fell into meditation, which is a good opportunity for him, of course, it is also a hot potato.


The old patriarch's idea is to integrate all the Tauren and form a complete Tauren tribe, which can not only avoid the extinction of small tribes, but also enhance the strength of the tribe as much as possible.


"Are you sure you can bring all the Taurens together?" After thinking for a moment, Li Batian gazed at the old people's long road.


"In retrospect, God makes the adults, the old people also have some prestige in the Tauren family, as long as God makes the adults, other tribes will definitely be willing to gather together to form a complete Tauren tribe." The old patriarch looked confident and pious.


"You should know that Gong Dao is the God of Gong Dao, so you don't want to let more people know my identity for the time being. Now the orc empire is corrupt." Speaking of this, Li Batian stopped abruptly.


The old patriarch, who was very mature, flashed a sparkle of light in his eyes. The meaning of Li Batian's words was obvious. He was very disappointed with the orc Empire today. In his opinion, it was probably the idea of Lord Orc, which was a great opportunity for the Tauren people.


"God reassures adults that they only need to tell the elders of several tribes about their identities. They are all elders of the tribes. They will never keep secrets and let the identity of adults leak out of the niches." The elder patriarch quickly opened his mouth and said that he looked at Li Batian hopefully, waiting for his response.


Not to mention Li Ba's status as an envoy of heaven, but the strength of a powerful person comparable to a holy class, for the Tauren people who do not have a holy class to sit in town at present, it is absolutely a savior-like existence.


As long as there are saintly strong people sitting in town, even if the overall strength of the Niutou people can not be improved in a short time, at least there will be no tragedy of being destroyed.


Even under the protection of the saints, the tribes will become stronger and stronger. Just like the Ujin Empire, the whole empire can be called Empire only because it has the protection of Utongtian.


We should know that the niche in the magic continent, the name of the state is very exquisite, the general small country can only be called the state, that is, a country, rather than a public place, is the lowest level of the country.


On top of that is the kingdom. Such a country generally has certain strength, but does not have the ability to survive independently in the magic land. Either several kingdoms are united or depend on a powerful empire.


In the magic land, the number of Empires is countless. Each Empire represents a country with huge objects. In these empires, there are one or more saintly powerful people sitting in the town. Only with the existence of saintly powerful people can we call them empires.


In fact, the strength of the Ujin Empire is not enough to call it an empire. It depends entirely on the existence of Utongtian, which can be called an empire.


This is also for the reason that the Wujin Empire was so nervous after the death of Wutongtian that it blocked the news, because once the news of Wutongtian's death came out of the Gong, the Wujin Empire would face a terrible disaster of extinction.


"Well, I'll leave it to you. Remember my identity and don't let others spread the niche. Once it's revealed, don't blame God for ruthlessness." Li Batian's eyes burst with a silver ray during his speech, and his cold and heartless eyes, like gods, made the elder clan's heart tremble fiercely, and he quickly knelt down to the ground again and again to ensure that.


Within the cave, the old patriarch wearily wiped a sweat on his head, and remembered the silver-white eyes just now, still some palpitations still linger.


Li Batian in the cave closed his silver-white eyes. Just now he contacted the second star in the deep cave. The silver-white eyes were the second star, full of reason and cruelty. He was born with a deterrent pressure.


Being in a cave, Li Batian devoted himself wholeheartedly to practice. For him now, besides practicing star forging, there is also an important thing, that is, to understand the rules of stars and strive for an early promotion to the Holy rank.


The reason why he was able to kill the Sacred Fire Ape before is not that his strength has improved a lot, but because the Fire Ape has just made a breakthrough, the use of its own strength niche is estimated to be only able to display 67%.


If the fire ape had been familiarized for some time, the result would not have been so good.


Two consecutive battles with the saints made him more eager for the saints, and the second star did not live up to his expectations. By virtue of his rational mind and his own affinity for the stars, the understanding of the laws of the stars was very fast.


However, compared with other laws, the difficulty of understanding the rules of stars and the information contained are too much. Even with the Super-Extreme ability of the second star body, it will take a long time, a few years, and more than a decade to get a thorough understanding of the rules of stars.


If the practitioners of other magical continents were to know this idea of Gong Dao, I wonder if Gong Dao would vomit blood in anger.


It takes a few decades, decades or even hundreds of years for the practitioners of Gongdao to comprehend a law step by step.


Compared with them, Li Batian's training speed has been several times faster.


When Li Batian devoted himself to practice, the Cattle Tauren tribe began to be busy, and under the command of the old patriarch, it soon got in touch with several other tribes.


By virtue of the prestige of the old patriarch, the patriarchs of several other major tribes were all appointed to the Kate Tauren tribe. When they saw the Kate Tauren tribe after the wave of Warcraft, all the patriarchs of the other major tribes showed surprise.


They are not without the experience of the Warcraft Tide, in the Warcraft Tide of violence, the Celtic Tauren tribe can not be spared, but the Celtic Tauren tribe presented in front of them, but not much damage and destruction.


The tribe is not filled with sadness and despair, but gives a full sense of vitality. Every Tauren fighter is upright and looks heroic. (To be continued...