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第二百二十二章 魔兽狂潮爆发!

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In another two months, the wave of Warcraft will break out. Now he is in the Celtic Tauren tribe and serves as an honorary patriarch. Naturally, he would not like to see the Kate Tauren tribe destroyed. He must improve his strength as soon as possible in two months.


I have to say that Li Batian's own conditions are so excellent for practicing the second star body. In the first stage, there are hardly any problems. It took more than ten days to absorb and condense a lot of stars and succeeded in concreting the second star body.


The success of the second stellar body condensation requires the second stage, but in the second stage of practice, it is not as smooth as the first stage.


In order to incorporate the star identity into the second star body, although according to his idea, it should be easy to merge the two stars when they are homologous, the result is not so simple.


The merging process of star separation and the second star body is too slow, and the existence of star separation can not be maintained for a long time even Li Batian because of the lack of body relationship, and soon collapses and dissipates.


Such a situation, so that Li Batian into a passive, can only temporarily choose to abandon the integration of the two sides, try to start from that strand of star rule.


The law of stars contains the meaning of the power of stars. Li Batian began to fully understand this strand of rules of stars, in order to find a way to integrate the stars and the second stars.


With the study and understanding of the rules of stars, Li Batian was surprised to find that he had really found the right direction. This strand of rules of stars contains profound meanings of stars, and gradually let him find a breakthrough.


Make a metaphor. The rule of stars is the main branch, and the power of stars is the spread of leaves on the branches. By understanding the branches, it is easier to understand the branches and leaves, and the control of the branches and leaves is more perfect.


In a twinkling of an eye, another month passed. The stars flashed in Li Batian's cave. This situation has lasted for more than half a month. It has been forbidden by the elder patriarch to come and disturb anyone.


In the Katel Tauren tribe, the elder patrols the tribe. Look at the direction of Li Batian's closed practice. There was a look of worry.


Of course, he is not worried about Li Batian's closed-door practice. After all, as a god, he does not need to worry about this aspect. What he is most worried about now is the upcoming wave of Warcraft.


Ever since he sent his men deep into the mountains, he found that the Warcraft had begun to grow more and more irritable. Small-scale Warcraft riots have emerged. Fortunately, it did not affect the Cattle Tauren tribe.


"Ah. I don't know how many people can be saved by my Tauren family after the end of this Warcraft craze in Gongdao. I hope the animal God will bless me. Let my Tauren avoid this disaster." The old patriarch muttered to himself, but he knew that it was impossible. Every time a wave of Warcraft spread to the whole Orc family, even the capital of the orc Empire would be attacked by the warcraft.


When the old patriarch lamented, a few shadows in the distance rushed to the tribe, panting, and each person's fur clothes had been torn out of shape, bloodstained by a lot of injuries.


"What's the matter? Was there a riot in Warcraft?" The patrolling elder patriarch quickly appeared in front of several people and asked with dignity.


He knows all these people, who are sent to the depths of the mountains to search for information. Looking at the panic of these people, it is not difficult for the elder clan leaders to guess.


"Huh huh, chieftain, no good. There's a riot among the demons in the mountains. They can rush to the tribe in less than ten minutes."


"At last it's here." On the contrary, the old patriarch's nervous mood abandoned a little, and his eyes flashed with firmness, so that he could escort the injured tribesmen back to the tribe and immediately call on the tribal leaders to deploy in the niche before and after the war.


Previously, they had made all the preparations. Just a brief talk, they immediately mobilized tribal fighters to their respective positions. For a time, the atmosphere of the whole Celtic Tauren tribe became tense. Even the children and the old women in the tribe were hiding in relatively safe places with bows and arrows in their hands.


In addition to the Celtic Tauren tribe, almost the same scenes have taken place elsewhere, whether in large or small tribes, or even in the capital of the orc empire. Every wave of Warcraft is a bloody baptism for the orcs.


Soon after the Celtic Tauren tribe was ready, there was a slight tremor on the ground and roaring in the distance, which became louder and louder with the passage of time.


All the warriors of the tense Cattle Tauren tribe could not help but tighten their arms and swallow a mouthful of water.


Li Batian's closed cave in the distance seems to have sensed the outside situation. The strong starlight begins to dissipate gradually, and a strong wave spreads from the cave.


"roar and roar!" The furious roar rang out, and in the sight of a group of Celtic Tauren tribal fighters, hordes of warriors rushed out of the distant woods and headed straight for the tribe.


"It's the wolf pack. Prepare for a long-range attack. Kill as many wolves as possible before they get close to the tribe." Rezat, who is in charge of commanding long-range fighters such as archers, shouted.


A famous Tauren Archer has pulled the Tauren bow into the full moon. For the Tauren archers, their aim may be a little worse, but the Tauren bow in their hands is a special strong bow handed down from generation to generation by the Tauren people. It is powerful enough to let the arrows penetrate the head of Warcraft.


In addition to a group of archers, there are also several large crossbows around which people guard the city. Each big bow needs several people to control. Each arrow is more than one meter long with steel. Once launched with great power, these are all things Rezat exchanged from human territory.


The wolves soon reached a distance of 100 meters from the tribe and entered the attack area of the city crossbow. Rezat decisively directed the Tauren soldiers who controlled the city crossbow to shoot arrows.


"Voice!" Sharp to the horrifying sound of breaking the sky, a steel crossbow arrow flying into the sky, the speed is like meteors rushing to the moon.


"Ouch!" The scream was accompanied by the flying shot of the steel crossbow arrow. The powerful steel crossbow arrow pierced the first target in an instant, and then pierced the second target. It was not until the third devil wolf was shot that the devil wolf was weakly stuck in the body of the devil wolf.


In the blink of an eye, nearly thirty or forty devil wolves were killed under the bombardment of a large crossbow, but these numbers are not large compared with the large number of low-ranking devil wolves.


The death of his companions did not make the wolves cowardly, but aroused their ferocity, roaring more ferocious impact, in the blink of an eye came to a distance of forty or fifty meters, into the range of the bull's tendon bow.


"Let it go!" Rezat shouted loudly, and a group of Tauren soldiers, who had been ready for the war, raised their bows and tendons and shot arrows like raindrops.


Dense arrows and arrows were laid to shoot at the devil wolves. For a time, the first devil wolves fell on the ground with arrows. At this moment, the strength of the bull's tendons and bows was shown. Even if the devil wolves were not killed, they would be seriously injured.


The first round of arrow rain shooting, the second round of arrow rain followed by flying shooting, killing the devil wolves crying wolves, a piece of low-ranking devil wolves died in the sharp arrow rain.


Seeing a large number of low-ranking wolves die in the attack of the arrow rain, the Cattle Tauren tribe did not cheer, because they understood that this was just the beginning, and that if they were happy too early, they would only be very happy and sad.


With the killing of a large number of low-ranking wolves, new groups of wolves emerge in the rear. The colours of these wolves are different. They are blue, fire-red and khaki, which represent different attributes. This is the real fighting group of the wolves.


Huge arrows rained on the wolves again, but this time it did not kill them as easily as before. Fireball blades or water arrows shot from the wolves, and most arrows were defeated. Only a few of them shot on the wolves, but it was difficult to kill them with a single blow, unless it hit the key part, the general situation. It can only hurt the wolf.


Of course, the attack of the guard crossbow is still fierce. Every evil wolf that is shot is easily pierced, even magic can not resist it.


Facing the arrow rain attack of the Cattle Tauren tribe, some of the wolves still rushed through the arrow rain and roared out magic, trying to break down the walls outside the tribe and kill the Tauren fighters in the tribe.


"Brothers, follow me!" With a loud drink, a group of armoured, axe-wielding Tauren fighters jumped off the wall and faced the opposite group of devil wolves.


"War tramples!" In the roar of anger, a terrible wave of vibration sweeps towards the coming demon wolves. One fierce demon wolf is blown away in horror and scream, and even some body bursts directly. Half of the demon wolves that rush out of the tribal wall in a moment are dead.


Next came a fierce close-up battle. The warriors of the Kate Tauren tribe, with their high morale, showed the ferocity of the Tauren like tigers coming down the hill.


The killing continued. At first, the Cattle Tauren tribe completely suppressed the wolves. Over time, the suppression began to weaken gradually. More and more wolves rushed through the arrow shower. Outside the tribe, the space became a place of blood and corpse.


Tribal fighters have also begun to suffer casualties, and the battle has entered a brief white-hot period. Whether the Tauren fighters or the Wolves only want to destroy each other.


Initial battles also focused on long-range bow and arrow attacks, and gradually began to tilt to the front of the ground below the fight, a large number of Tauren fighters and groups of wolves struggle to fight, although there are many dead wolves on the ground, but there are also some dead bodies of Tauren fighters. (To be continued...