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第二百二十九章 震惊的诸位族长!

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"Didn't the Celtic Tauren tribe have been attacked by large-scale warcraft?" In my heart, I suspected that a group of Tauren were puzzled.


Knowing that the strength of the Gongdao Kettle Tauren tribe is very good, but in the three tribes can only be placed at the end, should not be in the impact of the Warcraft craze almost unharmed.


"Several people came from afar, and the young and the old were greeted from afar." The elder Patriarch led the high-ranking members of the Celtic Tauren tribe and stepped outside the tribe.


Among the tauren, a middle-aged man with red horns smiled politely and said, "The elder clan is polite. You invite us personally. How dare we not come?"


"Brother Bloodhoof is still so humorous." The old patriarch smiled and waved his hand, but did not depend on his old age. After all, the middle-aged Tauren with blood-red horns is the head of the first blood-hoof tribe in the Tauren tribe.


The Tauren have always had a tradition, that is, the heads of the major tribes should give up their original names after taking over the head of the tribe. This is also to remind the head of the tribe to think about everything for the tribe.


The blood-footed tribes all have blood-red horns. As for why they are called blood-footed tribes instead of blood-footed tribes, in fact, it is not because of the blood-red horns.


The real meaning of blood hoof tribe is that blood splashes everywhere. The blood of the enemy will stain the foot and hoof of the tribal fighters red. It is a violent race.


The blood-hoof tribe has always occupied a large position in the Tauren tribe, but now the Tauren tribe is in decline. The blood hoof tribe has become the most powerful tribe among the tauren.


"Old patriarch, I don't know what's important for Gong Dao to call us here in such a hurry." Next to the bloody hoof, another middle-aged Tauren with iron shoes on both feet and a stronger figure asked in an urn voice.


This man is no one else, but the head of the Tiefei tribe, one of the three major Niutou tribes, who has reached the summit of the eighth class and is very strong, but has little patience for human beings. Perhaps because of this shortcoming. Strength has not increased slightly since it reached the top of the eighth level.


"Iron hoof, you are still so impatient, this matter concerns the life and death of our Tauren family. This kind of place is not suitable for conversation. Come with me." The old patriarch smiled solemnly. Take the lead in entering the tribe.


Blood hoof and iron hoof looked at each other and said nothing more, but their hearts were full of doubts about the words of the old patriarch.


The old patriarch was in the whole Niutou tribe. That is absolutely the oldest generation of elders, blood hoofs and iron hoofs should be respectful when they meet. Although they are doubtful in their hearts, they also trust the elders of the clan without any doubt.


Under the leadership of the old patriarch, a group of people soon came to the quiet courtyard in the center of the tribe, where the old patriarch was also located.


Invite the head of the Niutou tribe such as Bloodhoof. The elder head let Rezat and others guard outside the courtyard. No one is allowed to enter the courtyard without permission. The cautious attitude makes several head of the Niutou tribe more puzzled.


As soon as I came to the room and sat down, I took the lead in telling my doubts.


"Old Chief Clan, what are you calling us to do this time? How does it look mysterious?" The voice of the iron-shoe urn was puzzled, and the others nodded in harmony, focusing on the old patriarch with white hair opposite.


"All of you are the heads of our major Niutou tribes. I believe you should be very clear about our current situation. After countless wars and the loss of the last tribal strongmen, our Niutou tribe has fallen into a dangerous situation of near extinction."


Hearing the words of the old patriarch, the faces of all the people present were slightly dim. They were the patriarchs of the major tribes. Naturally, they knew the situation of their own tribes best.


"We know what the old patriarch said, but what can we do now? Even the Kobolds, who were deferential to us at the beginning, can bully our Tauren tribe now. Even in this wave of warcraft, the Empire did not send any strength to help us, completely forgetting my Tauren tribe. It's a chilling feat for the Orcish Empire. Blood hoof a pair of bull eyes stared big, eyes full of angry said.


Others are also emotional when they hear the words, but behind the emotional expression, they all reveal deep helplessness.


Nowadays, the Tauren are no longer one of the eight main fighting races at that time. The whole Tauren have no power to deter other races, even a saint.


"Are you willing to let my Tauren disappear into the long river of history?" Despite his old face, the elder patriarch's eyes shone with unyielding light.


"Is there any way that the old patriarch can't do it?" Blood hoofs looked doubtfully at the old people's long road.


The elder patriarch nodded, with a mysterious smile on his face, and said, "When you come here, you should have seen the situation of my Celtic Tauren tribe."


A group of tribal chiefs brushed their heads and nodded. The honest hoofs questioned, "Old Chieftain, your tribe does not seem to have been hurt by the wave of Warcraft. Is there any special way to avoid the wave of Warcraft?"


"There is no special way, if any, that the Imperial Capital will not be attacked by the same wave of warcraft. This time, the Warcraft attacking our tribe will not only have powerful swarms of Warcraft on the ground, but also the devil birds led by thunder Hawks from the air, and even one of the eight-level devil spiritual fire apes behind. He also devoured his companion's magic nucleus and successfully advanced to the Ninth level of the Holy Stage, becoming a genuine rank of the Warcraft.


"What!" Blood hoofs and other people brush together to make a cry of surprise, all show an incredible look, if only the ground in front of the demon beasts, and the thunder Eagle led by the demon birds, perhaps they will not be too surprised, the niche after the emergence of a promotion of the rank of demons, which makes them some incredible.


Knowing that Gong Dao's tribes had to flee through secret channels because they were attacked by warriors alone. If there were holy warriors, it would be absolutely impossible to say that the fighting capacity of these tribes is lower than that of the other two tribes, even the blood-hoof tribe and the iron-hoof tribe. Only the tragedy of the exterminated people.


"You're not kidding, old patriarch. There's an eighth-level Warcraft going up to Sacred-level, and your Cattle Tauren tribe can survive." Straight-minded iron hoof, the first can not help exclaiming, look full of doubt is not believed. (To be continued...