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第二百二十六章 白虎煞气!

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"Bombardment!" Li Batian burst out with all his strength, carrying the flame of the law and rushing down to the pyrotechnic ape in the center of the field.


Li Batian's attack just now is for this moment. If the pyrotechnic ape concentrates on the field of fire, it will be very difficult for him to break through the field and hurt the pyrotechnic ape.


Once the sparkling ape explodes the strength of the field, it scatters and gives him a chance. While the falling stars break through the layers of flames, the giant phantom of the stars reappears again. The sparks in the field are blown up with fists, and the explosion is continuing in the sparkling field of sparkling apes.


When the fire ape reacted and tried to block Li Batian, it was too late, and the full-blown Li Batian was like an irresistible star.


The explosive meteor fist is fully exerted, and without hesitation, a fist is bombarded on the pyrotechnic ape. Despite its powerful defense in the field, the pyrotechnic ape is still screaming with the imprint of the explosive fist, and its shape is crushed into the ground, which breaks a huge hole in the earth.


After a set of popping meteor boxing, Li Batian's heavenly body changed into four limbs landing on the ground, and the bio-destruction gun emerged with the flying of the sky-shattering wing behind him.


With the eruption of brilliant black pillars of light, devastating fluctuations erupted in the pits bombarded by the fire apes. The pits expanded rapidly at a visible speed, like black holes that could devour everything.


The whole process took place in an instant, no one in the place reacted until the expansion of the pit stopped, revealing a deep black hole, people suddenly awake.


The old patriarch who stood high and stared at the dark holes in the ground was stunned. I couldn't help shivering when I recalled the terrible destructive breath I had just had.


In the focus of the public's eyes, Li Batian calmed down for a moment, swinging his claws, a star whip flying into the black hole on the ground, pulling at the star whip, a fragmented figure appeared in the sight of the Tauren and the Warcraft.


The pupils of the elders of the old clan shrank sharply, and Rezat and others were stunned. The noisy battlefield, whether Tauren or Warcraft, was quiet at once. All eyes were fixed on the incomplete figure.


Purple-red hair. The ferocious half of the head, as well as the strong body, all prompted the presence of people and Warcraft, the body of this tragic death is just advanced to the Holy Level of the Spirit Ape.


"The fire ape is dead. The fire ape is dead." I don't know who shouted hoarsely in the niche first. The silent battlefield boiled instantly.


The Tauren of the Celtic Tauren tribe. Tears filled their eyes with excitement, and they were almost desperate when the Spirit Apes reached the sacred level. Unexpectedly, Li Batian, the honorary patriarch who had let them have some opinions at the outset, took the initiative at the crucial moment to kill the sacred pyrotechnic ape, which was a great surprise to them.


The old Patriarch on the high platform, trembling with the same excitement, looked at Li Batian with gratitude and piety in his eyes.


If we say that the old patriarch was because Li Batian was recognized by the gods before, then Li Batian was treated as a God envoy. At this moment, he recognized the God envoy from the bottom of his heart, and even produced a slight belief in treating gods.


Relative to the exciting tauren, the demon herd immediately exploded a pan of chaos after seeing the dead pyrotechnic ape, and even some of the demon beasts began to flee in fear.


"Well, it's too late to escape now." Suspended in the air, swept a chaotic swarm of warcraft, Li Batian's mouth spreads a sudden murder.


In a slight movement of mind, the magic nucleus inside the pyrotechnic ape was taken out. At the same time, a black hole was created on the ground by waving the paw of a bear. Several figures were thrown out of the black hole.


With pure white hair, a tiger full of angry breath, red hair, a giant robust ape, a small, golden-haired mink.


It is Li Batian who has been accompanying him to fight on earth, to the niche of magical civilization, and to the white tiger, the fiery ape king and the lightning mink in the biological space.


Out of the biological space, the three of them who had been asleep immediately wake up from their sleep.


"roar and roar!" As they wake up, the white tigers and the three of them immediately enter the battle state, making a fierce roar.


The breath of all kinds of Warcraft and Tauren around them stimulated their nerves. The white tiger was surging with a terrifying spirit. The King of the Fire Apes was ablaze with flames. The Mink of Lightning jumped on the head of the white tiger and was ready to launch its lightning-like attack at any time.


Looking at the white tigers who immediately entered the battle state, Li Batian nodded happily.


Despite the fact that white tigers have always been in the biological space, because they have swallowed up the flowers of spiritual growth, fused the flesh of some ancient stars and giants, and steadily improved in the biological space, their strength has changed greatly compared with before.


If Guanglun is strong enough, the three of them will be able to cope with Level 7 Warcraft, which is also the reason why Gongshi Li Batian calls the three of them out of the biological space.


The white tigers have already possessed the strength of self-protection, and continue to stay in the biological space. It is very difficult to upgrade them. Only by fighting and fighting can they really become strong. After all, he can not always keep the white tigers in the biological space.


"Small white, fire, lightning, the rest of the Warcraft to you, who killed the most, I will reward it a rich dinner." Suspended in midair, Li Batian's spiritual voice spoke to the three of them.


Originally nervous white tigers, fiery ape king and lightning mink, looked up to see Li Batian in mid-air, had heard the words in his mind, immediately showed a ferocious side, turned fierce eyes to chaotic demons and beasts.


"Dad, look at me!" "Master, I'm sure I'll win the niche." "Squeak, I won't lose to you two."


The three beasts immediately shouted spiritually, and Li Batian shook his head somewhat helplessly when he heard Baihu's address to himself.


Since the white tiger's intelligence has increased greatly and he can transmit spiritual information, he has been calling his father. He has corrected several times but has no effect. At the end of the niche, he can only let the white tiger behave. What he did not expect is that the white tiger is a little female tiger.


The three beasts attack, just like the tiger down the mountain, in the biological space has long stayed tireless of the three beasts, all the energy burst out.


White tiger is full of desperate breath, just momentum makes some low-level Warcraft tremble, tiger claws waving constantly collect the life of the warcraft, open mouth white tiger roar shot out of the niche, condensation of desperate breath explosion, power instantly swept into pieces of warcraft.


On the other side, the King of Fire Apes, incarnated as the second pyrotechnic ape, burned with flames and waved purple gold sticks in his hands. It was almost like an unstoppable demon king. With the roar, one animal was shot out of the niche and the flaming flames spread everywhere.


Among the three beasts, the lightning mink's attack is the smallest, but also the most frightening. The incredible lightning speed makes these beasts have no time to respond. Lightning passes by, and the sharp claws of lightning radiate have pierced their lethal parts.


Li Batian suddenly summoned the three beasts, which opened the eyes of the tauren, and secretly marveled at the strength of the three beasts. At the same time, he launched a counter-attack against the demons.


With the help of the three beasts, the three beasts themselves had no fighting spirit, and were soon killed by the Cattle Tauren tribe.


By the end of the war, only one or two hundred Warcraft had escaped. Most of them had died in the open space outside the tribe, and almost all the bodies of the Warcraft were seen.


Killing the last Warcraft in the niche, there was a cheer from the Tauren tribe.


Despite the loss of dozens of ethnic minorities by the Katel Tauren tribe after the niche, it would have been an unimaginable victory for them. If it had not been for Li Batian, there would have been a danger that the whole ethnic group would have been destroyed.


At the same time, the Celtic Tauren people all focus their attention on suspending in mid-air, which is like the God of Li Batian.


Especially the corpse belonging to the pyrotechnic ape in his hand made the Cattle Tauren tribe feel awe and worship.


"Hey!" Seeing the end of the battle, Li Batian just prepared to fall to the ground, but his eyes in the unusual situation of the White Tiger made him unable to help but a little stunned.


The white tiger is situated in the center of the battlefield, surrounded by the corpses of Warcraft, but it has fallen into some kind of wonderful practice. With Li Batian's enormous spiritual power, it can sense that the diffuse evil spirit in the battlefield is rapidly pouring towards the white tiger.


"Yes, Xiaobai inherits the blood of the evil tiger and can absorb all kinds of evil spirits. The evil spirits produced by battlefield fighting are simply the best energy of its niche." With this in mind, Li Batian immediately let the Tauren return to the tribe to avoid affecting the practice of the White Tiger.


After the war of Warcraft, Li Batian's prestige in the Cattle Tauren tribe, and the old patriarch who had been at risk for the tribe for many years, faced with the order of his honorary patriarch, naturally no Tauren would object to it, and immediately all of them retreated to the tribe.


Let the King of the Fire Apes and the Mink of Lightning be around the White Tiger. Li Batian and the three of them are protecting the White Tiger. After all, there may still be Warcraft coming. Everything should be considered for safety.


With the passage of time, the motions of the white tiger's practice are getting bigger and bigger. A gray whirlpool appears on its head. The strong evil spirit gathers towards it. Even Li Batian feels a little chilly about the terrible evil spirit concentration.


Knowing that Gongdao is now in the period of Warcraft riots, not only the Kettle Tauren tribe, where Warcraft riots have occurred, the entire Orc Empire has been spread by the Warcraft riots, naturally condensed a large number of gathered but not dissipated.


White tiger's strength is not enough to gather the evil spirit of the entire Orc empire, but it can also attract the evil spirit of the surrounding areas, a huge amount of evil spirit converged, so that the white tiger's body shape began to suspend, rising with a terrifying breath. (To be continued...