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第二百二十三章 雷霆苍鹰!

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Of course, the number of wolves can not be infinite. The number of wolves began to decrease significantly after the killing of the Celtic Tauren tribe. Just when some people breathed a sigh of relief, four flickering shadows burst out of the wolves.


"Ah!" With the scream, four Tauren soldiers died in four twinkling lights.


"No!" The old patriarch standing at the top of the battle, his face changed slightly. From his eyes, it can be seen that the four powerful Wolf Kings have seven peaks. The ordinary Tauren fighters are not their opponents at all.


The old patriarch raised his crutches, and in the twinkling room, four strange-dressed Taurens appeared behind him, bowing their heads respectfully and waiting.


"Go ahead and kill the four Wolf Kings." The old patriarch looked indifferent.


"Yes, patriarch!" The four Taurens nodded respectfully, and in a twinkling position, they rushed down the fence at a much faster speed than the average tauren, heading straight for the four Devil Wolf Kings who were killing the taurens.


These four Tauren are the elite secretly trained by the elder patriarch. Everyone is the genius of the tribe. After these years of training, everyone has a Seven-level peak revision. The real fighting capacity is stronger than his own, which is enough to deal with the four Wolf Kings.


Four Tauren elites were dispatched. The elder clan looked at the distance with some worries. For him, the four Wolf Kings were nothing at all. What really worried him was the back.


Warcraft mania is not a playful family, if it can be so easy to resist, will not let the Orc tribes such as big enemies.


The interval between each Warcraft mania is decades. The old patriarch had experienced the last wave of warcraft, and he still remembers the impressive scenes. The attack of the wolves is only an appetizer, and the real tough opponents are still behind.


It seems that in response to the old patriarch's idea, just below the battle Celtic Tauren tribe showed complete repression of the wolves, the distant shrill hoarse sounded suddenly, followed by a group of tribal fighters horrified eyes, a devil bird flew from the distant air.


At the same time, there was a heavy roar on the ground. One by one, all kinds of Warcraft with strong breath appeared in the field of vision.


"It's the Wing Devil, isn't it? It's like a tusked mammoth. Or the Furious lion!!!


There was a cry of alarm from the tribe. As orcs who often dealt with Warcraft, they knew all kinds of Warcraft very well. Now these Warcraft appeared. As long as it can be named. They are all Warcraft with strength over Level 6. Among them, the seventh level of Warcraft are not a few, like the raging lion is the eighth level of powerful warcraft.


Not only are the Warcraft coming from the ground powerful, but there are also powerful Warcraft among the birds in the air. Several Seven-level birds and warcraft, in the air combat capacity is absolutely comparable to the ground level eight warcraft.


Know that the alchemists of the Gongdao can't Fly unless they reach the Holy Stage or have wings like Li Batian's, and the flying birds and warriors of the seventh level will threaten the Celtic Tauren tribe more than the eight-level warriors of the ground if they release magic skills in the air.


Faced with the invasion of these warcraft, the elders dare not retain any strength. Some of the remaining seven ranks of warriors in the tribe rushed to the Warcraft such as the Wing Devil Tiger, and even the remaining two elders of the tribe rushed to the front line.


These two elders are not too old, of course, there is still a big gap with the elders. They have always been closed-door training. They have reached the level of level 8 fighters. They are the two strongest men besides the elders.


Underground Warcraft has two elders, temporarily able to cope with, while the powerful devil birds in the air can only be faced by the elders themselves.


The devil bird circled in the air but did not attack immediately, and the old patriarch did not relax his vigilance, waving his crutches, the tribe emerged some Tauren fighters who had not done before, in their hands are carved exquisite, covered with magic lines of bow crossbow, bow crossbow with a full of magic. Rune, an arrow with a faint light.


Don't underestimate these crossbows and arrows. This is the most precious treasure of the goods purchased by Rezatt and his people. Whether crossbows or arrows are rare magic props, especially those arrows are engraved with powerful magic.


These magic bows and arrows, for the present Celtic Tauren tribe, are almost purchased with all their strength to cope with the once-in-a-few decades of Warcraft frenzy.


"Gaga!" The shrill calls burst out, and the original hovering birds seemed to have been ordered to dive in the slightest direction towards the tribe, and all kinds of magic were projected overwhelmingly into the air.


"Hum!" The old patriarch snorted coldly, and when his crutches were waving, a surge of vigor broke out and a raging wave swept over them, resisting these magic.


"Let it go!" While resisting these magic, the voice of the elders of the old clan sounded, and the warriors of the Tauren who had been ready for it all aimed at the devil birds in the air and fired magic arrows in their hands.


Driven by the magic bow and crossbow, magic arrows turn into a streamer one after another. The speed of magic arrows makes the devil birds in the air unable to respond at all.


"Bombardment!" Magic arrows hit one of the devil birds, and immediately burst into a violent explosion, some into a wind blade flying in all directions, some are bursting out of a hot flame, and even the explosion will turn into a piece of poison gas.


Just now, the fierce demon birds were badly damaged, and the bull-headed fighters kept releasing magic arrows below. The demon birds bombed had to fly to high altitude.


"Gaga!" The shrill cry resounded again, followed by a flash of thunder in the line of sight. The breath of awe filled the view, making the old patriarch's face slightly changed below.


"Thunder Eagle!" Gazing at the new devil bird, the old clan elder exclaimed solemnly.


Know that Gongdao Thunder Eagle is an aristocratic existence in birds. It inherits the blood gene of Thunder Eagle. At present, Thunder Eagle has the eighth level of cultivation, but its combat effectiveness is far from comparable to that of the ordinary eighth level magic instructor.


With the appearance of the Thunder Eagle, several other seventh-grade devil birds immediately flew to its side and swooped fiercely toward the tribe.


A group of Tauren fighters below fired magic arrows again. The magic arrows with amazing speed drew a stream of light in the air. At this moment, the thunder Eagle twinkled with eagle eyes and lightning flied with its wings. The magic arrows were cut off in mid-air, but they could not hurt the thunder eagle in spite of the explosion. A minute.


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