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第二百二十四章 圣级精火猿!

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At the same time, several other seventh-level devil birds, followed by their own magic, sending out a destructive breath, rushed directly below a group of Tauren fighters holding magic bows and crossbows. The breath of death made them feel desperate, and the next moment they would be harvested by terrible magic.


"Broken!" The old drunk suddenly sounded, and before a group of Tauren fighters came back to their senses, a huge palm appeared empty and patted up against the magic.


"Boom!" The thunder blade and fireball bombarded the huge palm, and the unbearable collapse of the huge palm composed of fighting spirit dissipated. The magic released by several devil birds, such as the thunder eagle, was also resisted.


Blocking the magic of thunder eagle and other devil birds, the elder clan leader's eyes flashed a definite color, the original body suddenly raised a surging fear like a mountain, the face emerged with a touch of flush, the figure rose from the ground and flew up in the sky.


"What, is the old patriarch a saint-class strong man?" The Tauren people who are concerned below are all shocked to see this scene one by one.


The old patriarch burst out with all his strength, showing horrible fighting power. Every time he waved his crutches into lethal weapons, he carried a terrible force. Behind him, he condensed a ghost shadow of bull and demon. He struck his fist and killed the thunder eagle. Several other Seven-level devil birds were also slaughtered.


Several leading devil birds were killed, especially the death of the thunder eagle, so that the air itself was bombarded by magic arrows frightened devil birds dare not continue to attack, circled in the high altitude for a while, and quickly flew to the distance.


Seeing the demon birds flying away, the elder clan leader breathed a sigh of relief. In mid-air, a staggering figure, pale face almost fell from the air, barely landing on the ground, breathing heavily.


"You have nothing to do, old patriarch." Rezat and others came to the old patriarch in a panic and asked with concern.


"There's nothing wrong with it. It's just too expensive. Don't leave your position without authorization. Be careful of the rebound of Warcraft." The old patriarch took a few deep breaths and shook his hand at the crowd.


"Yes!" Rezat and others nodded and returned to their respective positions.


"Ah!" The others left. The old patriarch sighed a long sigh. Originally the atmosphere of late evening became more intense, and even a breath of dead air leaked out between the eyebrows.


"Sure, it's almost impossible, but if I can keep the tribe, I'm dead without regret." Feel the change of your body. The old patriarch's eyes flashed a touch of unwillingness and reassurance.


No one knows the niche. In fact, the old patriarch was a real saint-class strong man long ago. But later encounter the enemy's siege, although escaping, but also suffered serious injuries, even their own condensed areas were completely destroyed. As a result, Xiuwei fell back to level 8, and branded a serious root of the disease.


Just in order to kill the thunder eagle and other devil birds, he spared no effort to mobilize his own niche, reluctantly in a short period of time to show the strength of the Holy class, but in this way he had already broken his body, some can not support it.


The Warcraft in the air was cleared, but the battle on the ground was also in a glued state, losing the oppression of the devil birds in the air, and gradually the Celtic Tauren tribe gained a slight upper hand.


Under the leadership of two tribal elders, a Seven-level Warcraft was slaughtered, and even the furious lion of two eight-level Warcraft was seriously damaged. It was on the verge of death. For a while, the situation was very favorable for the whole Celtic Tauren tribe. Watching this wave of Warcraft would be over.


Just as some Tauren breathed a sigh of relief, two Fire Apes from Level 8 Warcraft suddenly rushed to the side of the Furious lion.


Severely wounded and struggling furious lion, saw the appearance of the pyrotechnic ape, howled in horror, trying to hide but already unable to.


Under the astonishing gaze of the taurens, the primate claws pierced the injured body of the Furious lion. The flames burning on the furious lion could not affect it at all. After all, they are both fire-attributed warcraft.


"roar!" The furious lion growled sadly at the end of its niche, as if announcing its departure.


Blood splashed, and the fire ape pulled out a magic nucleus emitting red light from the lion's body, in which the rich fire attribute elements rippled.


With a roar, the pyrotechnic ape stuffed the lion's core into its mouth, and a fiery flame rose from its body. The flames seemed to be burning its body. Neither the Tauren nor other warriors dared to approach it.


"No!" The old patriarch, who had just seen the scene in his eyes, suddenly burst out a statement that he had heard before, and exclaimed with an ugly face.


Every wave of Warcraft is a cruel baptism for the orcs, and the same is true for the Warcraft family. There will be a large number of Warcraft die tragically. In such cruel battles, there will also be some Warcraft that will advance to a more powerful level.


In folklore, it has always been said that the emergence of the Warcraft craze is not the result of natural formation, but the increasing number of Warcraft tribes, resulting in the crowding of Warcraft's territory, so every time a Warcraft craze will break out to eliminate a part of the weak.


In addition, there is another saying that the World of Warcraft craze is to promote the rank of the Holy warcraft, because every time the outbreak of the World of Warcraft craze, there will be several Warcraft stuck in the eighth level, successfully breaking through to the ninth level, becoming the rank of the powerful warcraft.


"Fire ape is trying to advance. Interrupt it quickly!" The old patriarch exclaimed, wanting to do it by himself, and nearly fell to the ground in a tumble. He was too weak to help at all.


Others had never doubted what the old patriarch had said, and some of the unsure clans immediately attacked the pyrotechnic apes, which were all covered in the flames.


Pieces of arrows rained at the pyrotechnic apes, but these arrows could not do harm to them at all. Even the steel arrows fired by the city bow and crossbow were still blocked by the flaming fire.


As for the Tauren fighters fighting on the ground, they are implicated by the crazy outbreak of demons. It seems that the demons also know the situation of the Gongdao Fire Apes at the moment. They are madly attacking the Tauren fighters, so that they can not spare their hands to organize the Fire Apes.


"roar and roar!" The furious roar rang out from the flames, and the flames around the pyrotechnic ape rose sharply, and the terrible fire swept over it. Immediately, several Warcraft and a Tauren warrior were involved in it, and the scream blinked and turned to ashes.


The rising flame began to surge violently, and a strong power spread around the original crazy fighting demon herd, in this power have issued a deep roar, showing a submissive appearance.


"This is the field of fire. Has the pyrotechnic ape advanced to the Holy level?" Think of this possibility, the elder clan feels only a moment dizziness.


Compared with level 8 fighters, the two sides have no comparability at all. Once the Spirit Ape is promoted, the whole Celtic Tauren tribe will be reduced to ashes, and no one can resist a level 8 warrior at all.


"Well, is it really only possible to plan for the niche after the niche?" There was a flash of despair in the eyes of the elders.


When preparing to deal with the Warcraft craze, the elder clan elders and others also left a way for themselves. If they could not resist the Warcraft craze, they could only transport the younger children of the tribe through secret passages to keep a trace of the blood of the Kate Tauren tribe. As for himself, they wanted to coexist with the tribe.


"roar!" The roar of excitement sounded and the blazing flame dissipated, revealing that the fur had changed into purple-red pyrotechnic apes, from which the powerful sacred pressures spread. Not only did the demon herd suffer tremendous influence, but even the warriors of the Tauren tribe felt tremendous pressure.


The Spirit Fire Ape, who showed his figure, glanced at it once with golden eyes, and locked himself in the body of one of the elders of the Kate Tauren tribe, who had fought with him at first and even suffered some losses, which made him hate all the time.


"Despicable human beings, accept the flame of death." Up to the Holy Stage, the pyrotechnic ape roared with grin and turned into a flame and rushed towards the tribal elder.


"Boom!" The tribal elder, who had no time to defend himself, was slapped and flew out of the niche, burning black smoke on his body and dealing a heavy blow with just one slap.


Fighting the tribal elder, the fire ape gave a fierce laugh, and a fire dragon roared out with its claws waving and ran straight to the tribal elder flying in the air.


The fire dragon released by Sacred Level Xiu is powerful enough to age the seriously injured tribal elders to ashes. Although all the tribal fighters are crying anxiously, no one can resist the roaring fire dragon.


"Boom!" A starlight flashed and the roaring dragon broke up just before the tribal elders were to be swallowed up by the fire dragon.


Suddenly, the situation made the people in the place be shocked. The tribal elders who were ready to die opened their eyes, and a figure floated in front of them. The magnificent figure emitted a strong breath.


"It's God who makes adults, and I know that Gong Dao makes adults don't abandon us!" Rezat and other Tauren fighters, who know the identity of Li Batian in Gongdao, shouted with surprise in their hearts that they were already desperate, but Li Batian's appearance awakened their inner hope.


The old patriarch in the distance had a sigh of relief, but he was not as optimistic as Rezat and others.


If it is the Spirit Fire Ape before promotion, the elder patriarch absolutely believes that Li Batian, as a divine envoy, can be easily killed, but at this moment the Spirit Fire Ape has been promoted to the Holy rank, and its strength has changed dramatically.


It's no joke to say that all ants are insects when they are not in the Holy rank. Even if Li Batian is a divine envoy, it's very difficult to defeat the pyrotechnic ape when he faces the pyrotechnic ape before he reaches the Holy rank.


Relative to the surprise of Rezat, the old patriarch, who was secretly relieved, had just been promoted to the rank of the Holy Family, and was in a good mood like a rainbow. A pyrotechnic ape with a sense of pride in the world was extremely angry. (To be continued...

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