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第二百二十五章 火焰领域!

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"roar!" With a roar, the fire ape turned into a flame and rushed to Li Batian, claws clenched into fists, waving like a roaring fire dragon.


"Hum!" Li Batian, who showed his figure, gave a cold hum and burst out with bright stars. He did not hesitate to rush straight to the pyrotechnic ape. His claws waved a huge axe of gravitational star light and chopped his fist at the pyrotechnic ape.




As the explosion surged, Li Batian, who was in the center of the explosion, and the Spirit Fire Ape were unaffected. After a brief encounter, they immediately continued to attack.


"Bombardment!" The sound of violent explosions is constantly sounding, and the warmongers and Taurens who were fighting around flee one after another. Nobody dares to approach the area where the two sides are fighting. The violent shock can only kill them in the aftermath.


The old patriarch, who was watching from afar, showed a touch of excitement and amazement on his face. Originally, he was ready to let the younger generation of the tribe leave through secret channels. As a result, he saw that Li Batian had fought with the spiritual fire ape, which was promoted to the Holy rank. How could this not excite him?


"It's God's emissary. It's so powerful." Staring at Li Batian, who was fighting in mid-air, Leizart's exciting body trembled slightly. In his heart, Li Batian's image rose a lot again, almost second only to the belief of animal gods.


Once again, with the reaction force, Li Batian quickly pulled apart the distance and rose to the top of the Spirit Fire Ape with the flapping of the sky-shattering wings.


"Crash Meteor Boxing." Staring at the pyrotechnic ape below, Li Batian's eyes burst with starlight, and a ghost of a giant star appeared behind him. With his roar, the Star Giant swiftly waved his huge fist.


The fire ape instinctively feels a sense of crisis, the whole body of fire soars, contains a trace of the law of the power of the flame around the body to form a flame shield.


Almost at the same time as he released his flame shield, meteor-like star-like fist prints poured down from the sky with the wave of the giant stars.


"Bombardment!" The sound of explosion is endless, and all the star-sparkled punches are like meteor showers. Every punch will explode horribly, and in an instant, the fire ape will be drowned by the explosion all over the world.


Dozens of punches in a row. Li Batian took a deep breath. Behind him the giant stars disappeared quickly, staring down.


Burst Meteor Boxing is one of the inheritance skills he got from the animal gods. Naturally, its power can be attacked remotely, needless to say. They can also fight close to each other. Each punch produces an explosive effect. Still belong to the scope of the skills, for the lack of scope of attack means of Li Batian, is a good choice.


If the fire ape has not advanced before. He was confident that he could kill him in half with only a set of popping meteor punches, but now he did not think that his attack just now could really hurt the pyrotechnic apes.


It seemed that in response to his idea, in the smoke of the explosion below, a surging flame burst out and burned everything.


"At last, the field of fire has been put on display." Staring at the circle of flames in all directions, Li Batian's pupils shrank sharply.


This is not the first time that he has faced the field. Although the pyrotechnic ape has just advanced to the Holy rank, its strength is much weaker than that of Utongtian who stayed at the holy rank for more than ten years, he is not sure that he can win the final victory.


The old patriarch, who had raised a ray of hope, glimmered with despair after seeing the fire field released by the pyrotechnic ape.


The reason why the saints are called the saints is that the existence of the field, once advanced to the saints activate their own field, then the strength will have a qualitative leap.


If the strength of the exhibition area is only five before the exhibition, then once the field is opened, it will reach the strongest ten.


"Howl, I'll turn you to ashes." The fire ape roared and rushed to Li Batian again. This time, the speed was much faster than before. The field has not covered Li Batian yet. One fire dragon has rushed out of the field of fire and headed straight for Li Batian above.


Faced with the fire dragon's attack, Li Batian seemed to be frightened and foolish. He stayed where he was and was struck by the fire dragons which contained the law of fire.




A fire dragon burst out, turning Li Batian's position into a blazing sea of fire, and the watching Tauren soldiers mentioned their voices with one heart in succession.


"Howl, go to hell." The pyrotechnic ape shouted excitedly, but as soon as its words fell, its face changed dramatically. The area of fire enveloped the place where Li Batian was, but as a result, no trace of Li Batian was detected.


We should know that the Gongdao area is completely under the control of the pyrotechnic ape, even if a mosquito enters it, he can easily sense, it is impossible to sense Li Batian of that size.


Unlike the reaction of the pyrotechnic ape, the originally calm field of fire was suddenly attacked fiercely, and the area containing the niche of the law had a violent shock.


"How could that be?" The pyrotechnic ape was astonished to release the strength of the field, trying to capture the image of attacking the field of fire, but only to see a constant twinkle of stars, so fast that he could not lock in at all.


Relative to the pyrotechnic ape, the elder patriarch who watched from afar could see more clearly. In his eyes, a starlight like lightning constantly attacked from all directions. Every attack made the fire field vibrate violently, and the whole circle field was torn open.


"Is that the real strength of God's angels?" Seeing this scene, the elder patriarch opened his mouth in astonishment. To know that the niche is the field of the saintly and powerful, and was thus torn open a gap. Although it did not do substantial harm to the pyrotechnic ape, it was enough to astonish the elder patriarch.


"To die for me." Li Batian can not be captured, only passively beaten Spirit Ape, howling furiously, although its intelligence is not weaker than human beings, the nature of the Warcraft is doomed to its violent mood.


The field of fire that roars around the pyrotechnic ape's body soars, turning it into a wave of terror surging in all directions, as if it could devour all the waves.


Seeing the fire ape erupt the terrible power in the field of fire, the Tauren people show their horror in succession. Even the elder patriarch secretly pinched a cold sweat and prayed that Li Batian would not be affected by the power of the field eruption.


However, beyond everyone's imagination, Li Batian's figure did not escape as they imagined, but turned into a falling meteor. The impact from the sky was on the surging flame of the law. (To be continued...