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第二百二十章 神像传承!

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In front of him, the old patriarch fell and stood on a dark scorched soil. Li Batian also stopped his figure and was on guard.


The ruins are full of weirdness, which makes him have to deal with it carefully. He always feels that there are some secrets in the ruins.


The standing elder clan prints quickly with his hands, and sprays a mouthful of blood between his mouth. A mark flaps his hands on the sprayed blood and instantly sinks into the void ahead.


Before Li Batian responded, a thunderous vibration suddenly sounded, followed by an amazing scene appeared in his sight, a huge and simple Temple emerged from the sky, exuding a magnificent Supreme majesty, as if the gods were born into the world.


"Is this the ancestral land of the old head of the Tauren clan?" Staring at the temple in front of him, Li Batian felt a sense of familiarity with what Gong Dao was, as if the temple in front of him had something to do with himself.


In the absence of his eyes, the starry pattern in front of his chest emitted a faint, obscure light, which flickered like a real starry sky.


"Sir, this is my ancestral land of Tauren. Please come with me to verify your identity." The old patriarch turned to respectfully with a tired look.


Out of his inexplicable familiarity, Li Batian did not refuse to walk into the primitive and dignified temple with the head of the Niutou clan.


When he entered the temple, his familiarity and courage became stronger and stronger. In addition, he felt the echo of blood, and it seemed that something was attracting him.


"Strange, is there anything I really have to do with this temple?" In my heart, I murmured that I was more and more curious about Li Batian. Thinking about it, he soon came to the temple hall and a huge statue appeared in his sight.


"This is!" Looking at the huge statue in front of him, Li Batian looked a little shocked. The statue in front of him made him look familiar. The star-like hair and the pattern of the starry sky in front of his chest were almost the same as him. On the surface, it was just a model carved.


When Li Batian was shocked and looked like a giant god in front of him, he was just a common sculpture-like God and suddenly burst out with a terrible awe like prison. The old patriarch who just stood. He fell to his knees under this awe, and the great pressure made him feel as if he was carrying a huge mountain range and could not rise up the slightest idea of resistance.


"The animal gods are manifested, and the animal gods are manifested." The old patriarch shouted excitedly. Hold your body up. The result surprised him. Next to Li Batian, it seems that he was not subjected to the prestige of God at all. There is no difference in standing there.


"Is he really an animal messenger, right? Only the messenger of the animal God can be unaffected under the authority of the animal god." The old patriarch's face was red with excitement, he thought.


Relative to the excitement of the old patriarch, Li Batian's mood at the moment is also somewhat agitated. The magnificent prestige not only does not make him feel pressure, but also has a sense of comfort. A wonderful sense of connection arises between the God and the image that exudes the prestige.


"Buzz!" The statue emits wonderful fluctuations, and bright stars emanate from the animal gods. Li Batian, standing in front, is shrouded in the stars.


Immersed in the starlight, Li Batian had the illusion of being in the sky. The wonderful feeling made the power of stars boil up in his body and echo with the starlight emitted by the gods.


The old patriarch crawling on the ground next to him flew upside down to the door under a tremendous force of repulsion and escaped from the pressures and the starlight.


Staring at Li Batian, who was shrouded by the stars, the old patriarch felt agitated and anxious. When he thought of his doubtful thoughts before, he felt a sense of panic.


For people in the niches of magical civilization, gods are the Supreme existence, especially for orcs such as Tauren, who have believed in animal gods for generations. For them, animal gods are heaven and earth, and have been deeply rooted in their pure hearts.


The old patriarch acted as guard and stood at the door to protect the law for Li Batian. Now he has identified Li Batian as the angel of God. This is a great good news for the whole orc, especially for the current tauren.


Three hours later, Li Batian, shrouded by the stars, still had no movement, and the old patriarch was calm and did not worry at all. As an old man who had experienced a lot, he had enough patience to wait.


Patiently waiting for the old patriarch to move, sensitive, he will look at Li Batian bathed in the stars, the stars gradually fade away, revealing the inside of the star wrapped Li Batian.


Looking from the outside, Li Batian has not changed a bit, but the real change is only his own understanding, for him, this is a great opportunity.


Since he got the blood gene of the ancient stars giant beast, he has been puzzled by a problem, that is, he only got part of the strength niche of the ancient stars giant beast, but did not get the inheritance memory from the ancient stars giant beast. There is no corresponding key in the empty treasure mountain, and it is not clear how to practice in the future. 。


This time, he came to the temple of the ancestral land of the Niutou Man, but he solved the big problem that had been bothering him for a long time. He felt an exercise method coming out of his mind. His whole exciting body was trembling slightly. For him, this would be the way to the strong.


In addition to the skill he has dreamed of, there is also a great harvest, which is also of great significance to him now. That is, a strand of stars'rule which is situated in the spiritual space. With the existence of this strand of stars' rule, his chances of becoming a saint-class strong person will be greatly improved.


Whether it is a powerful method of practice, or a trace of the rules of stars, it is extremely valuable for a practitioner. For Li Batian, the harvest is beyond his imagination. He secretly congratulates himself on his original decision, otherwise he will not have the present situation.


He got unexpected benefits. Li Batian looked at the image in front of him with gratitude and curiosity.


"Is there no connection between the so-called animal gods and the ancient stars and beasts?" In my heart, I guessed that Li Batian was not sure. After all, the image of the God in front of me was not the image of the ancient stars and giant beasts.


"God has made many adults disrespectful before, but also asked God to make a large number of adults." Li Batian gazed at the statue in a daze, and beside it came the respectful voice of the elder head of the Tauren clan.


Glancing at the respectful old patriarch, Li Batian shook his head and showed a smile on his face. If it weren't for the elder patriarch to bring him here, such a big harvest would be missed in vain. (To be continued...

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