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第二百九十三章 再次得到传承!

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The old patriarch next to him, inspired by Li Batian, stepped forward with excitement and saluted Caesar: "God, the great emperor, has brought the great man down, which is the gospel of my Orc empire."


"What, you said he was an angel." Others were exclaiming and staring at Li Batian, who was instinctively unwilling to believe the fact despite the similarity between Li Batian and the angel of God.


"Yes, he is God's angel. Do you have any doubts or disrespect for God's angel?" An old patriarch with a humble attitude, a straight waist and a cold stare at the powerful tigers and lions around him, Li Batian is like a God to him. Anyone who dares to question him can't forgive him.


For a time, the strong people of both races in the hall were caught in shock and silence. This matter is actually a little big and nobody dares to speak easily.


After all, if the stars in front of the giant bear are really angels, their previous doubts are likely to be charged with blasphemy.


The Hall fell into silence, and Caesar, sitting directly above it, meditated for a moment, with a solemn expression: "This matter is too involved to be an angel just by saying a few words. I need to discuss this matter. Two of them go back to their homes and rest first. Tomorrow I will give two of them a reply."


Glancing at Caesar, Li Batian nodded. When he said his identity, he had already guessed that there would be such a reply, which was what he wanted.


"I hope the orc empire will not be smart, otherwise I don't mind making a scene." Returning to the old patriarch's shoulder, Li Batian's mouth was filled with a cruel smile.


The second star is at its last moment. It only takes a few days to complete the transformation after the niche, which will absolutely make the entire Orc Empire eat a pound.


When they returned to their residence, Li Batian kept on practicing. For him, no matter what decision the orc Empire made, he had a way to deal with it.


Relative to the calm Li Batian, the lions and tigers in the palace are lively. Originally, they can be said to be incompatible with fire and water. They are united. The saintly powerful and the high-ranking members of the clan gather together to discuss the matter of Li Batian, the divine envoy.


After half a day of discussion. Finally, I decided to test Li Batian's identity first. After testing the results, the niches are calculated according to the results.


For them, all the discussions are on the premise of guaranteeing the interests of the two communities, even if the other party is a divine envoy. They are also unwilling to give up their existing interests. For a long time, he was at the top of the empire. They have become obsessed with power and status, losing their original Orcish temperament.


In a twinkling of an eye, a special waiter came to preach. Caesar invited the elder patriarch and Li Batian to the palace.


The main hall is still the strong lions and tigers, but other races did not appear on the main hall, think about Li Batian can guess.


Before the corresponding measures are fully prepared, it is estimated that neither the lions nor the tigers want this matter to be understood by other ethnic groups. Otherwise, they will not be able to suppress it by then. Even if the niche subsides, the prestige of the two ethnic groups in the orc empire will be greatly diminished.


"Your Excellency, after our deliberations, we have decided to invite you to enter the ancestral land of my orcs to verify your identity." Caesar sat on the throne of Golden Ruan and said calmly.


Below Li Batian, his heart moved slightly. Last time the ancestral land of the Tauren made him gain a lot. Now he wants to enter the ancestral land of the orcs. This makes him more hopeful. Maybe he can get some unexpected benefits from his ancestral land.


With the consent of Li Batian, the people got up and went to a courtyard in the palace's backyard. In the spacious courtyard, there was an ancient and simple temple with vicissitudes of life. The patterns carved on it all contained the power of law. It was almost like the whole temple was a magic prop, revealing a mysterious atmosphere.


Step into the temple, the first thing you see is a huge statue, which is dedicated to the animal god. The pattern of the starry sky in front of the chest is almost the same as that in front of Li Ba's heavenly chest, but the pattern in front of the animal God on the statue is broader, as if it contained the whole universe.


Li Batian stood in front of the statue. Caesar and others worshipped the statue. Caesar raised his hand to shoot a streamer and fell into the statue of the animal god.


Almost at the time when Caesar's eyes were shining into the statue of the animal god, it was just a statue of the animal god, as if it had been alive all at once. A pair of sculptured eyes emitted light and looked at Li Batian standing in front of him. The strong power of the stars inspired him.


Bathed in the starlight, the pattern of the sky in front of Li Ba's heavenly breast also emits starlight. The two kinds of stars blend and fuse each other, resulting in a resonance.


"He, he's a real angel." Seeing this scene, one of the strong man couldn't help exclaiming.


Not only he, but all the people present were surprised. They had some doubts about whether Li Batian was an angel or not. Now the present situation undoubtedly confirms his identity.


The expression on Caesar's face was constantly changing, his eyes were still shining, and the temple came out of his spiritual surge, as if he were communicating with someone.


The rest of the audience were stifled by the sight and were unaware of Caesar's actions.


Immersed in the starlight, Li Batian felt as if he had come to the ancient starry sky. The message of the rules of the stars flowed into his mind.


Compared with the law of the moon of the early gods, the understanding of the law contained in the statue of animal gods is the real star avenue. Of course, it can not be a complete star avenue. But even the incomplete understanding of some laws has made Li Batian's understanding of the law of stars make rapid progress.


Originally stuck in the holy high-level revision, finally with the law of the animal God statue, break through to the top of the Holy Level in one fell swoop.


Because of the starlight from the animal god, the whole process did not cause too much reaction, so that other people outside did not notice this.


The time of starlight covering is not long, only a few minutes, the light completely disappeared, revealing the inside Li Batian.


Among the people present, only the elders of the old clan showed excitement and excitement. Others were all very complex, with joy and sorrow, and more of them were troubled. (To be continued...